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    Another Global Warming claim Down the Drain

    The argument of the centutry can now come to an end. I'm going to buy some rubbers...shoe covers...just in case Ohio gets flooded.
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    Strange or Different Names of People You have Met

    A co-worker's name is Harold (Harry) Johnson. Local news reporter Mikaela Hunt: And a guy I know at Fort Gordon was PFC Sample. There is a reason he went Army and not Navy.
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    Note to self: No Graven Images!

    Damn those pigions!! "And stay off my head!!"
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    Your Life Story: SIX words ONLY

    Contentment in all situations...and!
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    Old, fat, out of shape guys needs advice.

    I was in the same "boat" as you when II started back. Everything does comback quickly. I can't really add much to what has been said other than loosen up your joints by rolling them around first before warming up and then once again at the end of a work out after stretching. I start with my...
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    I hate the casual Mac user

    Yeah!! I just made MT blue belt! Now back to the subject.
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    I hate the casual Mac user

    Gee...I just looked at a Mac at best buy last night. First off let me tell you I don't know much about computers. I don't want to have a computer hobby. Other than my 3 kids, my hobby is a Fiat (Fix It Again Tony.) anyone who has owned one will realise you can only have one hobby when you own...
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    What would you like to find under your tree

    I'm past the age of caring anything is just fine for me as long as its not a half used bottle of ball powder!!
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    What I don't want for Christmas

    The in-laws came out last year for Christmas. All the kids had a good time and we opened all our presents. I opened my gift from the in-laws and was appreciative. It was a basket of stuff I would use in the bathroom. general hygene stuff. (I don't think I smell that bad) but I smiled and said my...
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    Training music?

    In the car on the way to class or work outs its heavy metal. On the way home its usually classic rock 60,70,80's. Occationally I put on a (dare I say ) country station. Classical stations if the traffic is getting on my nerves. I have a wide range when it comes to music.
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    new couple to the arts

    I agree. Good luck.
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    20,000 post and counting

    I'm not worthy I'm not worthy
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    English in the US

    Guys back off the Japan thing. I lived there for a while. And yes you can get around the country without speaking a word of Japanese, and the Japanese do go out of thier way to cater to your needs, generally speaking. I did run into a few people who refused to talk to me because I'm obviously...
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    Hi all

    My condolences to you. To paraphrase Linda Lee in refference of Bruce Lee: I choose not to remeber how he died, but rather how he lived.
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    Fast Advancement

    Don, I saw the humor in it too because I'm a guy. But I wouldn't want the Mc Doctor checking out my pregnant daughter-in-law either. There isn't much left for me to add to this conversation. But would Wrestling fit the bill? You wont get rank but you will have the bragging rights. I'm not a...
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    "Enthusiastically" recruiting new students

    Just a couple thoughts off the cuff. Not sure if this is what your talking about. A local Dojang has after school programs. They also have BB start classes at their churchs offering a discounted rate to the members until they reach a certain rank then they must go to the main Dojang. by then...
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    T-Day parade on NBC...not (a rant)

    Most video is edit in 3-5 second shots, because of the attention span of the general public.
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    I didn't know how big they were....

    I like Wal mart also. As for as I can see the local stores (riding WM's coat tails) that have built up around the area like them too. I haven't seen one go out of business since Walmart moved in. The local manager of a O Charlies claims business is good (friend of the family). He gets alot of...
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    Strange Behavior

    Not sure if this counts. Being more flexable than my jeans I've torn the crouch out of a few pairs climbing up on equipment. I often have urges to remove my shoes.
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    Sparring training alone?

    Ask your class mates to see if anyone would want to get together with you to do some sparring throughout the week. A big mirror is good. I have teen agers I "beat up" while I still can (the oldest one is starting to win though and the younger one just flipped me on my back the other day)...
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    Hops Shortage

    Spening a couple dollars more on a premium beer wont affect me a bit. I'll spend $10-$11 on a four pack of Celebrator or $4 on a bottle of Holy grAil, buying Samual Adams 12 packs for 18-19 bucks wont bother me at all. I agree that the mass produced beers out there lack flavor and full...
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    I had one in the spring of '94. The lady Urologist assured me it was a rutine operation. And it was for the most part. I dropped my pants to me ankles and I layed spread out on the table in all my glory. Once I got the local shot the Interns or residents or what ever you call them showed up to...
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    Founder of The Weather Channel Slams Global Warming "SCAM"

    Bummer I was hoping the saunna like conditions of global warming would solve our ever growing obiesity problem. Every generation has had a "the sky is falling story" from eugenics to climate issues to nuclear fears. There is hugh money in fear. What is next? Good old mother Earth will take...
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    Society to blame for Obesity

    Well you are in luck...Beer is healthy for you. The average beer has no fat, no cholesterol, and around a 150 calories. Beer has vitamins and protien and carbohydrates. And it is mostly water. Guiness' had an advertising campain a while back that proposed that you "drink it for health". New...
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    Handleing all those know it all.

    K.I.S.S. Keep it simple ...sensei...:). I would simply say "this isn't youtube this is my class you have come to me for instruction so you can eventualy do the stuff you see or read about now will you let me teach you?" Eventually he will get the hint and either comply or quit. Either way you...
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    I see. Yeah, in that case I would tell the person to commit or don't come back. I would be a little more understanding if he wanted to supliment a style with another, but in this case the student is either taking advantage of the schools or has problems with testing be it phobias or social...
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    Who Inspired you?

    I lived a life of tourment being a skinny late blooming red head until my sophmore year of high school. I tried basketball but never got the hang of it. Gymnastics caused me a lot of knee pain. Parents wouldn't agree to let me play any other sports. Although I excelled in Boy Scouts (Eagle '84)...
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    I don't know if I would be classified as a "tourist". I've been to several schools over the past 20 years. Most of the schools I've left because of military transfers, but since I've settle down in one location I've taken class at three different schools and visited a few others. The reason I've...
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    The two hand "X" block against a kick?

    IMO The "X" blocks to me are something that leads to another technique. I believe the forms / patterns are there to develope muscle memory, among other things, to help you react instinctively. Let's face it you won't drop into a straddle stance to punch someone on the street. The formal "X"...
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    Beginner from Massachusetts, looking for advice

    Kanichiwa!! No I don't know Japanese although I lived in northern Japan for three years. Welcome to the martial arts!! You said you plan on moving to Japan in a couple of years. Why not use the next 2 years to try out a bunch of introductory classes at local Dojos/ Dojangs (usually free)...