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  1. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Moving to San Antonio

    The Spirit Warriors Dojo headed by Shihan Jay Hardy teaches Budo Taijutsu. They're not part of the bujinkan anymore, but they still teach full on Bujinkan budo taijutsu.
  2. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Need help with a typical HS "bully"

    I think, if this kid hasn't jumped you yet, then you needn't waste your time worrying about whether or not he's ever going to. Around here, when somebody say they're going to fight you, they're usually not, instead opting to just duke it out. The best route to go is to turn your negative...
  3. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Successfully Passed My First Test!

    Thanks, everyone, I'm really proud to have passed my first test. And Scottie, no, I live in Texas, Austin to be precise.
  4. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Successfully Passed My First Test!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I had my first test in Kajukenbo (and indeed my first belt test ever, since my last school didn't have them) two weeks ago, and I passed with flying colors. I passed on to yellow belt, and am eagerly mastering all my material to do even better on...
  5. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Spirit Warriors Dojo, San Antonio

    Hi, Shihan Jason Hardy has a dojo in Austin Texas, I spent three years training under him until I switched to Kajukenbo. He is an excellent teacher and really understands how his techniques work. Moreover, there are two assistant instructors that are equally as capable of teaching, and have...
  6. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Fighting Stance

    for all you taijutsu practitioners out there, let me ask you this, do you feel that Ichi Monji allows for good punching? Granted, the lunge punch is the standard punch taught in the system, but how fast can you really strike in the ichi monji position? (and deliver with power)
  7. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Fighting Stance

    Everyone has one. Kick boxers (people who focus on kicks, not necessarily kickboxers, as in practitioners of kickboxing) have their hands high up to allow room for their kicks, boxers keep their elbows in and cover their face, pivoting on the balls of their feet, and so on and so forth. Every...
  8. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area

    Maybe I'm out of line here, but I can't help but notice your reffering to ninjutsu (or budo taijutsu) as ninjitsu, which not many students, or former students tend to do. That said, you also keep insisting that you are not discriminatory and would train in any style. would you mind enlightening...
  9. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    My Dojo Is Becoming Infected

    well I'm rather impressed to see that people opened up a topic that had died out in february (almost a year ago!) To wrap up, hopefully for good, then I will announce that I have since quit training with aforementioned teacher and began my journey anew in Kajukenbo with a largely secular...
  10. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Kajukenbo Clips

    I study under Sifu Tony Morel.
  11. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Kajukenbo Clips

    Thank you for your videos, sir! They're very helpful for a Kaju beginner like me.
  12. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    I met the scariest contial artist today.

    So back to the original topic...I don't even think you were conned. As far as I can tell, your story is a pretty light example of what can happen when you tell people you're into the martial arts. Also...carrying a pocket knife? Because of an experience with this clown? I know from your previous...
  13. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Who's Made It Through The Dragon Years?

    Just a quick thought, if you've only been training for two months, and let's say you've been training three times a week, and possibly doing some practicing at home, then you're probably proficient enough to name your base techniques and apply them in a fairly competent fashion. However, short...
  14. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Athletics in Martial-Arts

    Still_learning, I think what he's trying to say isn't that self-defense depends on athleticism, but that to be a true martial artist (not a martial <i>hobbyist</i>), one must be athletic. After all, if you're going to devote your life to something, you should do it right, and the martial arts...
  15. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    How A Real Man Fights

    Fistly, you don't need to double post so many times. Secondly, he's not talking about any kind of specific fighting style, he's saying that proper exercise will not hinder movement in any way. Not that "doing x-kind of exercise helps karateka and doing y-kind helps aikidoka." He's simply stating...
  16. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    what is ninjutsu?

    Basically what he's saying is that To Shin Do IS Ninjutsu because it traces its origins back to the original arts from Japan. If we're going to use the "different name, different location" argument, then none of the X-kans are Ninjutsu either, because the Bujinkan did not exist until Hatsumi...
  17. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    How A Real Man Fights

    Well...nevertheless, I would never want to fight a guy in a thong period.
  18. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    What are the martial arts to you?

    For me, martial arts is a way to perfect and express myself. I train simply because I love training, not for a black belt, not for competition, self-defense or even for a future job. I simply love the physical activity, the ohana atmosphere I'm in, and the way I get home and continue to perfect...
  19. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    How A Real Man Fights

    In my city, there is a man who walks his dog downtown every morning in nothing but a bathrobe and thong. Nobody messes with him.
  20. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    How A Real Man Fights

    That's why I gave the example of Andre the Giant, no matter how good of a grappler any of the Gracie family members are, they could never hope to beat him, simply because of his musculature. Fortunately, most people never run into a situation where there's someone with just TOO much muscle, so...
  21. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    How A Real Man Fights

    That makes Bill Mattocks the manliest of manly men!
  22. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    How A Real Man Fights

    I know you all have heard it at one point or another. Somebody finds out about your martial arts training, they're larger, muscle-bound and untrained, they laugh and push you back and say "I bet you kick in a fight! You can't fight like a real man! You'll never be able to beat my muscle!" I've...
  23. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Ninjutsu Good or Bad??

    Based on my experience in taijutsu, I'd say it's good for most everything except groundwork, but that was with my class, where the ground was almost our enemy. However, the training was initially very hard core, and flowed easily between strikes (mostly precision and technical strikes, not so...
  24. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    What I've Learned

    It's not a good idea to carry your weapons with you everywhere you go.
  25. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    why are people so tramatized about mcdojos ?

    I've seen you post several times about how McDojo's aren't that bad, and it is true that a McDojo is not necessarily a bad dojo, however more often than not they are, and truly it is rare to find one that isn't. I think the main thing people need to be aware of is that they should look for an...
  26. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    The Controversy of Cross-Ranking

    JKS made a good point about the closely related systems, but I think it boils down more to whether you're switching between organizations, such as the X-kans, that teach, relatively, the same art, or between actual arts themselves, such as switching from Hung Gar to Choy Li Fut. In situations...
  27. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Adding to age of promotions to Black Belts?

    To be quick, I think the requisite for becoming a black belt should be 18 years of age, a good knowledge of the system or style's basics and fighting techniques (simply being able to beat up other black belts doesn't mean you have skill in the style, such as a person with 20 years experience in...
  28. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Five year old is a first dan black belt...

    If your logic held true, ATC, then the martial arts would have gone extinct a long time ago. If all it took to be victorious was being bigger and stronger, then people would never practice martial arts to begin with. Think about it, naturally the bigger and stronger will dominate, and so people...
  29. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Five year old is a first dan black belt...

    Still_Learning, we all talk back and forth about how we don't care about ranking, but truth be told, and I think most people here on MT will agree with me, we DO care about ranking. Maybe not to the extent that we train simply to get the next rainbow colored belt, but the sum of our experiences...
  30. Shinobi Teikiatsu

    Five year old is a first dan black belt...

    I think the point that's trying to be made, ATC, isn't that a 3rd Dan should be untouchable, or that women have the ability to strike as hard or harder than men, but that a 3rd Dan should have the cunning to adapt to the situation and not rely solely on striking. Think of it like this, I'm...