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    The Professor Schoolin Razzle Dazzle - Lone Kimono

    I don’t see any “schooling” but then again, I don’t assume that a fight will remain in my “ideal” phase either. So the schooling happens when someone’s response to possible alternative scenarios is to post the ideal scenario? That is just a little too...
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    Collegiate Wrestling- the american martial art

    I disagree with the posts that said wrestling isn't a useful for self defense as BJJ... I think wrestling is excellent in a self defense context for the following reasons; 1.) Is more effective than BJJ in terms of controlling where the fight goes (stand up or ground), due to emphasis on...
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    Kenpo Associations

    I've spent some time in a couple of the associations listed, but have been a member of the AKKI under Mr. Paul Mills for some years now.
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    When Would You Fight Back?

    I recognize that if I fight back things are set into motion that can not be reversed. As such, when I fight is started, someone may be seriously, permanently injured or dead. I have to live with that. Part of the choice whether to fight back or not is weighed against whether or not I can...
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    I've only been doing FMA for a year and a half, maybe two years. From my experience, your question is a lot like asking "is this a good example of Kung Fu" FMA's, and by extension panantukan, dumog, pananjakman, sikaran have as many flavors as any other art. I haven't yet come across panantukan...
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    Yudansha Fighting System/Association??

    Kirk, Thanks for following up. Disappointing information, but good to know none-the-less! 7th in 3 years.... impressive! :)
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    Yudansha Fighting System/Association??

    Tony, very helpful, thank you. My brother has about a year of BJJ and a few months of Judo. He is a decent boxer. He is looking for a place to get some sparring, and improve his grappling, both ground game and clinch/throwing etc. Sounds like, while it may not be the premier school, they have...
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    Yudansha Fighting System/Association??

    I appreciate both of your comments. Kirk, yes, please ask. One of their students apparently does decently in local grappling competitions, so there is a little Judo/JJ knowledge coming from somewhere. I had the same thought though... a 7th in Danzan and a 2nd in Judo? I ought to be able to...
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    Yudansha Fighting System/Association??

    Hey all, I'm posting a link here to a thread I started a day or two ago in the "general" section. I'm hoping since my question has to do somewhat with JJJ / Judo that I might get some help here. Thanks.
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    Yudansha Fighting System/Association??

    No one knows anything about these guys eh? Well, if any JJJ or Judo guys could look over the requirements, I'd appreciate that too... I'm curious how complete the system is at least on the grappling side!
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    Yudansha Fighting System/Association??

    Hey folks, I have a brother who moved and is looking into training again. There is a Yudansha Fighting Association club nearby, and I told him I would help him look into it. So, who is familiar with this association? The founder/head is Mike Veros. Bio page says: Yudansha Fighting System...
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    Plastic/Aluminium Training Knives?

    I like the Sharkee, and the I often carry a small fixed blade in a kydex sheath, so the the practice sheath works well for me. I do have an Emerson folder that I carry as well, depending on situation and clothing, so I may have to look into that other trainer you mentioned.
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    "I Am Bruce Lee" - Movie

    I went and saw it tonight. My experience was about like the experience SPX shared. I enjoyed it for the most part. There were some good quotes I hadn't heard, some interview clips and film clips I hadn't seen, and a couple of small facts I hadn't known. There were some very good interviews, and...
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    Plastic/Aluminium Training Knives?

    Blindside, The "tactical open folder" is what I ended up with. My instructor showed up to class with a bunch of them and the sheath to go with it, in case any of the students hadn't found their own yet. I bought two and they have been great so far. Lots of great recommendations from others...
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    Can Knife Fighting Be Learnt Alone and At Home?

    Using a knife against an unarmed attacker, but specifically knife on knife and defense against a knife requires more precise and stricter timing, control of distance, angles, pressure and understanding of energy/checking/immobilization etc than empty hand combat, IMHO. As such...
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    "I Am Bruce Lee" - Movie

    Has anyone seen this yet? My brother is wanting me to go see it tonight, just curious if anyone had a review, and also wanted to post the link so that those unfamiliar had a chance to check it out if they wanted. I hope they do a great job with it.
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    Venezuelan Garrote (stickfighting)...

    I hope it went well! I'm disappointed I couldn't be there, had to leave town for work again. You'll have to fill me in later.
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    Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun

    You are correct, there is definitely some irony here. A lot of my life was spent with a love hate relationship with LEO's. I admire what a lot of them do and what they stand for. I believe in the notion of civil servants meets warrior class who stand guard against violent, dangerous criminals...
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    Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun

    Training that officer's receive may well need much improvement, but I don't think that is the crux of the problem. I think this sheds some light on it: This is simply how our legal system and political system works. There is no absolute truth or fact, it is all subject to high amounts of...
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    Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun

    Just like with any confrontation, disagreement etc it would behoove all parties involved to try and see it from the others point of view. The officer needs to know the laws much better, especially ones as significant to his everyday interaction with citizens and criminals as the state's...
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    President Obama: "Bill Cihak is the greatest post writer on the study!"

    On the contrary, a fascist.
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    Help me choose a grappling art

    I would suggest you read my posts a little more carefully. I never suggested that one shouldn't be able to work in this context, or that one can avoid that context in all situations. In fact, I said the opposite, I merely clarified "how" a female should learn to work in that context.... there is...
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    Ohio Bar Security Guard Shoots 2

    Agreed, given the information presented, it sounds like he had more than enough reason to shoot. I'm glad they didn't lose retention of his firearm. Sounds like he may have waited to long to bring it into play.
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    Help me choose a grappling art

    Agreed about Sambo. I have seen the lapel chokes etc in Judo as well as JJJ etc. Never in my life have I seen or found a small female who could execute submissions with high percentage against a non compliant and committed man, especially when being attempted outside "BJJ" rules. Many times I...
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    Help me choose a grappling art

    As per usual, more than the art, I would make the instructor and the school the more prominent deciding issue. If you are looking for SD, I would personally avoid sport oriented grappling classes. You don't want to be conditioning and learning how to stay on the ground and roll around hunting...
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    Neat Inosanto vid from 82

    Pretty enjoyable if you haven't seen it.
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    Rick Tucci Demo

    I'm usually impressed by his stuff. He has some pretty good ideas, and a very broad range of exposure and experience. two guys just opened up a new school here in my area. One trained for many years with Rick at his Princeton academy, and the other trained for a long time with Inosanto at...
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    Memorial Day in the USA

    My thoughts on memorial day;
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    Plastic/Aluminium Training Knives?

    I have some rubber ones, but would like to pick up some hard plastic or aluminum training knives. Google brought up a ton of options, but I'm curious if anyone here has a particular website or online store that has good prices and shipping. Would like a something smaller, 3 1/2 inches or less...
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    I wonder what Billcihak would do if.....

    The only question I have is... which one came first, Satan, or the Socialists?