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  1. ShelleyK

    belt care

    I actually read in my training manual not to wash our belts, and to treat both dobok and belts with the utmost respect
  2. ShelleyK

    Feedback wanted: Salve Regina (indoors, no electricity)

    First 2 shots... kind of boring (to me anyway) Nothing exciting going on, photos are slightly on the flat side...I DO like #3 though! I like the light peeking through the open a feeling of movement and anticipation! #4, would be much better perspective if you had shot it straight...
  3. ShelleyK

    TKD and photography...really DO mix well!

    Ok I will...I have to finishing processing the rest of the shots from this shoot...I should be finished sometime keep an eye out!
  4. ShelleyK

    TKD and photography...really DO mix well!

    No filter used here! This is ALMOST SOOC, the only thing I did was adjust the coloring just a tad to bring out the color more and under exposed just a little...maybe 1 stop in lightroom, then added the power light flare in photoshop...
  5. ShelleyK

    TKD and photography...really DO mix well!

    This shot is of two sisters that are Jr instructors in my Dojang, I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot on them last month...I thought I would share this shot with you :) When I get the chance I might post more!
  6. ShelleyK

    Trash the Dress

    TTD has been around for roughly 3-4 years now, I myself have shot a couple of TTD sessions...some with brides (such as Bobs wife Susan) and some with models... Its a LOT of fun and takes a LOT of creativity on both the subject and the photog. Helps too if the bride or model is really good at...
  7. ShelleyK

    I made a preset! Feedback?

    Nice coloring Carol! I have made a bunch of my own presets as well!
  8. ShelleyK

    I got creative with smoke :-)

    I havent had the chance yet to do this :( Been kind of busy trying to get wedding photos processed :( I WILL do this though LOL!
  9. ShelleyK

    I got creative with smoke :-)

    Well if I used gels then it would definitely create a monotone color and make it more difficult to have a variety of colors to create on the smoke, if I used more than one light then it would kind of blow out the photo...there should only be one light source being used to create the hard edge...
  10. ShelleyK

    Keeping you motivated

    Hi Terry! My motivation is that THIS is what I have been wanting to do since before I even started Kindergarten! Knowing that I can finally achieve a lifetime dream is motivation enough for me! Other aspects that keep me motivated is that with the arthritis that I have....TKD is helping me...
  11. ShelleyK

    Average price of monthly lessons???

    For both me and my daughter its $250 a month ... pretty much unlimited classes....we can go to whatever class we want to provided that its in our belt and age levels :) So we both train around 9-12 hours a week!
  12. ShelleyK

    I got creative with smoke :-)

    I used incense sticks, the colors were done in post processing though.
  13. ShelleyK

    I got creative with smoke :-)

    Darn it...Now I gotta do this tonight! LOL
  14. ShelleyK

    I got creative with smoke :-)

    Ive always wanted to try smoke photography so I gave it a go tonight! Here are just a couple shots that came out!
  15. ShelleyK

    Wedding Photography... FAIL!

    Ive actually WASHED my CF cards before with no ill effects! I was actually wondering the other day after posting this on Facebook...if his Canon's were "1" series...which are pretty rugged and weather proof...I wonder how the cameras held up after taking that major dunking!!!
  16. ShelleyK

    The Chronicles of Lil' Tiger ~ Part 1

    Nope its ALL Anthony! I talked with his mom Sarah and she said HE is the one that wants to do this, she has tried to "tame" him so to speak, but its like he has this drive that she just cant put a damper on. He did try out for the Olympic team, but was out on the first round....they were using...
  17. ShelleyK

    The Chronicles of Lil' Tiger ~ Part 1

    I for one have very much enjoyed reading about lil tigers chronicles!! This seems to be working for LiL keep it up. Just because she is earning her tips and color on her belt doesnt mean she isnt worthy of a black belt in 4-5 years. I have a kid in my school Anthony, who has an...
  18. ShelleyK

    TKD injures

    1. pulled MCL Left knee 2. sprained foot right side 3. sprained ankles (?x) both feet 4. pulled hamstrings both sides 3-4x 5. sprained writs right side 6. pulled thigh muscle...femural something or other left side many bumps n bruises!
  19. ShelleyK

    A friend and fellow TKDer makes the Buffalo News paper :) My friend Tony Day Just became one of the local school districts Superintendent! Tony also just became a black belt in Taekwondo this past winter! He is a great guy and i have the utmost respect for him!
  20. ShelleyK

    Pin-up style photoshoot!! THIS was fun!!!

    Thanks everybody!
  21. ShelleyK

    TKD competition June 12 2010 You might laugh! :D

    So my daughter and I were in our annual World Class Taekwondo Festival on June 12 (more pics will come soon) These are a couple of the shots my husband took of me doing my spin kick...and the place I got :) Enjoy!!! Now THIIIIS Is how a spinning kick is done! Starting the spin... My Grand...
  22. ShelleyK

    Pin-up style photoshoot!! THIS was fun!!!

    Yah #3 is almost exactly how i wanted it to look, I think it needs a bit more pop to it though. But yes the faded vintage look is what I was trying to achieve :)
  23. ShelleyK

    Pin-up style photoshoot!! THIS was fun!!!

    (If this is on the wrong area...fell free to move it!...I just figured since there arent nipples a hoo-ha's showing it was ok?) And OMG I think it ROCKED!!! Here are 4 of the shots so far... I will have the rest up in about 2 weeks...Amie the "model" wanted this kind of shoot as a present to...
  24. ShelleyK

    Wedding Photography

    The shadows look MUCH better in these shots Bob! Tone down the flowers a little bit in the selective colored photo as well...and make sure you are mindful of your background...there is a tree growing out of Olivia's head and also one of her bridesmaids!! LOL
  25. ShelleyK

    Lights in eyes

    I always have 1 or 2 catch lights in the eyes, one always being smaller than the other for depth. I have never used a program to imitate catch lights either...though if I have a head tilted wrong and Im missing one...I usually just copy one catch light from the other eye and put it onto the...
  26. ShelleyK

    McKenzie Familiy Shoot

    Yah I agree....way too need a bit more separation with the shirt and background. The other photos...was the "glow" on them fully intentional?
  27. ShelleyK

    Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shoots Unarmed Marine

    Just curious but.... The article says it was over advances that the marine made over a woman that was with the officer....then later in the article it said that the Marine was married and his wife loved him etc....Now Im not trying to downplay the murder of the marine or anything but I think...
  28. ShelleyK

    Paeonia suffruticosa (Peony)

    What a gorgeous color!
  29. ShelleyK

    Damaged Lens?

    Check the rotation, if its smooth it should be ok, hold the lens up to good light you will see if it is cracked or has be sure take it to a reputable camera shop to have it checked out...I hope nothing is wrong with it...and good thing you had the UV filter on it!! It...
  30. ShelleyK

    I tested for Red Belt this past Thursday...and.....

    As far as I know TKD doesnt us this device, and with as much training as I do at the school I dont think I would have enough energy or time to use this device at home, I sure dont have anywhere to install it...