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  1. Darren

    Do new people actually exist in BJJ?

    It seemed by the wording it was a joke question, so in my dry humor I answered accordingly.
  2. Darren

    At what point do you tap in a blood choke?

    This guy had his knee firmly in the side of my neck to where my neck was not aligned with my head if I had rolled out somehow was thinking since human beings are very competitive he would use more pressure to keep me there!! So I tapped out!!
  3. Darren

    Do new people actually exist in BJJ?

    Someone who is done putting up with BS down here and now is putting up with the afterlifes BS!!!
  4. Darren

    At what point do you tap in a blood choke?

    I already have mild cerebral palsy and dyslexia just did not want to push it! But can see what ya mean!!
  5. Darren

    At what point do you tap in a blood choke?

    Had this purple belt put his knee right on my carotid artery in one side of my neck once, since a artery is the biggest vein in the body and carries the blood to the most important organs in the body, heart, brain, etc, I tapped almost immediately as I want all the blood going to my my brain...
  6. Darren

    Why some people have strong hands?

    Used to use metal nail clippers to clip the exposed nails that came from nailing them into ply wood.
  7. Darren

    Tips for one on one BJJ session

    Some advice my BJJ instructor give me: Try not to use all your strength and energy. Try not to just hang on and not move around. Relax and move. It doesnt matter if you get submitted, swept or put in a bad position. Be comfortable and confident weather your on top or bottom. Just relax...
  8. Darren

    Do new people actually exist in BJJ?

    What are some of the many many numerous reasons people would not want to roll with you in BJJ? Thank you!!
  9. Darren

    Loud music and now tinnitus and sounds make it worse?

    I have had the problem for as long as I can remember, stay away from loud noises, wear ear protection, keep your ears dry, keep cold air out of your ears, on windy days keep the wind out of them, go to a ENT doctor to get them cleaned, dont stick anything in your ears, make sure you dont have...
  10. Darren

    The importance of real experience

    Its in how you train, taken karate have been in BJJ now for 3-4 months have unintentionally blended karate with BJJ but with no striking nor kicks thrown. So prepare and be prepared!
  11. Darren

    " Chinese Wrestling "

    Anything to injure your classmates is not allowed!
  12. Darren

    Taken Down a Notch

    I am 57 years old was out of the arts for 28 years, I am only as young as I feel baby!!!!!!!! I get out there and move and groove I roll with guys 17-20 years younger I take karate then after that I roll with the flow roll with with ladies I am all over the mat!!!!!!!! Then I come home and...
  13. Darren

    What should be my goal with bigger, stronger rolling partners that are at my skill level?

    I roll with guys that are at least 25 years younger then I am, make them work for it!!! Lay on your side, tuck your chin in to your chest, be like a arm on a clock but move faster, keep your arms bent, feel a arm bar coming use the other hand to grab your wrist, turn into the arm bar and flop on...
  14. Darren

    3 persons sparring

    One hurt is less likely to fight back, so breaking A wrists and/or using A wrists to throw into B take out C. If A wrists is broken then stomped on then your down to B and C. Of course there are many variables one has to think of before hand. Perpetual vision comes in handy! If possible never...
  15. Darren

    I think im going to have to stop strength training

    I started BJJ training just wanting to check it out and found out ya can build strength through that plus its a good workout and one hell of a blast and loads of fun on top of that even though I am a white belt and find my self on my side 100% of the time!!!!!!
  16. Darren

    Slap Competitions

    Oh hell no!! I would rather be slapped by a man any day!!!!!
  17. Darren

    posting pictures of students on Yelp/FB

    Can see the the logic in this!!!!
  18. Darren

    Slap Competitions

    Its stupid!!! We train to slap, hit, kick, elbow, stomp, rapture, etc. the head but only in self defense!!!! Never to intentionally kill, hurt, or anything of the kind!!!!!!!!!
  19. Darren

    posting pictures of students on Yelp/FB

    If its a good Instructor and he really wants to help me and other people that really wants to learn and he wants to grow his business and he seems to not be in it for the money and loves to teach! Then picture away!! Of course I can understand your desire for privacy too! To each his own!!!!
  20. Darren

    Do new people actually exist in BJJ?

    I checked it out and you can buy black belts on line! Just damn shameful!!!!!
  21. Darren

    posting pictures of students on Yelp/FB

    Thought about this often at my dojo you sign up with you agreeing to allow your picture to be posted which I dont care almost always you have LEOS training with you also, now take for example someone with a criminal background and/or some no good person that wants to learn martial arts to...
  22. Darren

    How were you taught to move in stances?

    Was taught you head should not bob up and down when switching.
  23. Darren

    Do new people actually exist in BJJ?

    I take kenpo class then after that take BJJ I would say I am new, of course took kenpo 28 years ago have been back at it for one year and a couple of months. Have been taking BJJ for 2-3 months I believe, then got pneumonia, Covid, and acute lung infection had my medication uped due to...
  24. Darren

    Would you consider animal handling skills to be a martial art?

    Martial arts does not have teeth, claws nor fangs! I will take martial arts any day!!!
  25. Darren

    Concrete Nouns, Abstract Nouns, and Verbs

  26. Darren

    Concrete Nouns, Abstract Nouns, and Verbs

    Taoism: Enjoy loving and being loved. Be peaceful with yourself and others. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Have few desires. Appreciating the feeling of contentment. You are as rich as the radius of your imagination. Appreciate the good qualities in yourself and others. Recognize...
  27. Darren

    Is it a consensus in the martial arts world that... BJJ is the best?

    Rolled with a guy that said he ran and lifted weights for 20 years, and BJJ was the best by far he ever got from running and lifting weights! I sure do love it but a 5 minute roll seems to last only 45 seconds!!
  28. Darren

    The importance of toughness?

    Never ever mean to be disrespectful sir!! But warning is very heeded!! Thank ya.