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    Fixed number of classes for a belt?

    I'm still unsure but I think they have a fairly reputable set of instructors and so I don't think they would mind if I posted the link. I already called them but they weren't there at the time so I left a message.
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    Reality-Based Pepper Spray Training - Jim Wagner

    Wow great video! Thank you for sharing that, it appears very painful but realistic and I believe the USMC has a drill just like this. One thing I would like to bring up is how often does the aggressor carry pepper spray instead of another weapon? Usually a potential victim would carry pepper...
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    Fixed number of classes for a belt?

    Yeah I do but I'm not sure if I should post it because that isn't fair to them. If I get more people asking I suppose I'll post it.
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    Fixed number of classes for a belt?

    I'm looking into a school for BJJ because it really interests me andI came across a school around me that is fairly reputable (I won't mention the name out of respect for them) yet while looking through their brazilian jiu-jitsu section I noticed it says "When a student demonstrates that he or...
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    Hahahaha nice to talk to you friend :)

    Hahahaha nice to talk to you friend :)
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    Does anyone use real front kick in sparring?

    I love my front kicks! They are great for setting up another kick or just unbalancing the opponent and you don't even put yourself in a vulnerable position
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    Hey, how are you?

    Hey, how are you?
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    Hey! How are you?

    Hey! How are you?
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    This kid is good!

    Fast for sure but he has to make sure there is adequate power within those strikes
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    Who is the best pound for pound fighter in MMA

    Hmm I would either have to say Fedor or Urijah Faber. Anyone who has seen Faber fight knows he is a beast and a force to be reckoned with and given sometime he could be the best but for now I'd still say Fedor is the best P4P fighter.
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    Hey all

    I've been on there before but for some reason my Spyware Sweeper is blocking it because of one the ads
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    So from the feedback I am hearing maybe it's best for someone to have a strong base and then add onto that?
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    I agree, I think he was likely just there to test his skills but come to think of it he might have mentioned Varsity wrestling which would explain his excellent takedown defense. Either way he was mainly a Boxer with possibly a bit of wrestling
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    Recently a nearby MMA gym had a smoker and I attended, it was a free competition just for fun. At one point in the night someone who trained MMA asked to be matched up with someone for a fight and a boxerfrom a different gym stood up and volunteered to be his match. Once the fight...
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    Crash accident!!

    Ah that's unfortunate but I hope you heal quickly and your car is repaired well :)
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    Thanks a ton for the advice! I just took down my bag and it's upside down now too

    Thanks a ton for the advice! I just took down my bag and it's upside down now too
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    Best Nickname in MMA?

    I always thought Spencer "The King" Fisher was original in it's context
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    Stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes

    Wow a white belt with a black stripe, that is a really neat idea!
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    Hey I noticed your mention about the hanging bag beng soft on top and hard on the bottom. This...

    Hey I noticed your mention about the hanging bag beng soft on top and hard on the bottom. This exact thing has happened to me and I was wondering you knew any ways to fix it
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    Students belt test

    You are a truly inspiring person!
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    Students belt test

    Congratulations! You must be an excellent instructor!
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    Why thank you! How are you doing?

    Why thank you! How are you doing?
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    Now it is done, now it begins

    Amazing! Great job!
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    hard V soft

    Not to discredit you but isn't a big point of BJJ to be able to conquer bigger opponents?
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    Spread Your Wings.

    What an inspiring story!
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    SHIN & ELBOW hard conditioning

    Wow that was an excellent answer to my question!
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    A decade of Rayners Lane TKD

    Yay! Great job on the 10 year mark!
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    SHIN & ELBOW hard conditioning

    Is it okay to continue training the next day if your shins are so sore? I often feel like this and then lose a day or 2 waiting for them to heal because I don't want a serious injury.
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    "inverted" outer block

    Although this may be a product of my master's not so amazing english he calls it an "Outside inside middle block"
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    I had this same problem when I first started taekwondo and since I strike with my shins I may be able to relate well enough. With me I ended up just having to turn my foot I was standing on a little more and play with the positioning of my hips. Since you probably don't chamber your kicks it's...