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  1. Zepp

    The Ultimate "Versus" Thread

  2. Zepp

    Self Defense when drinking.

    Really? When I throw drunken spin kicks, they come out awesome. :D Ok seriously, whether you are totally sober, slightly buzzed, or completely smashed, situational awareness is your first line of defense. If you're losing track of what's going on around you when you drink out in public...
  3. Zepp

    Tae Kwon Do: Sport or Art

    The martial art. I've never been particularly interested in playing the sport more than occassionally. But I do enjoy watching two skilled athletes play. Sure, it can be.
  4. Zepp

    Study On Street Fights?

    If a trained statistician had the time, money, and resources, they could collect the information from police case files involving assaults, and compile a study on the most common similarities. They could probably do something similar with videos of street fights as well. But the real question...
  5. Zepp

    Pyung Ahn Cho Dan Question

    I realize I'm a bit late replying to this thread, but I thought I'd point out that in the World TKD Assoc., where we practice the Pyong-ahn forms, we use a back stance for those knife-hand blocks. In fact, we pretty much never use a cat stance for anything. I'm told that that is because it is...
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    Did Savate invent the Roundhouse kick?

    Actually, from what I've seen of Savate, they tend to also kick with their shin in modern practice. But it could just be that the people I was watching have had their training influenced by Muay Thai. I've read that Muay Thai has it's roots in martial styles that are thousands of years old...
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    Apollo discusses how people fight

    I've got to wonder what those "observations" were based on. They just look like stereotypes. (Though some of them are kinda funny.)
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    Driving: Pet Peeves

    Too many pet peeves to list, but the biggest one for me is tailgating. Especially when I'm already doing 5-10 mph over the speed limit. Even more so when there's a car in front of me and it's only a one or two-lane road. I need a bumper sticker that says: "I don't swing that way. Please...
  9. Zepp

    Monarch of the Mountain

    Having been rescued from the clutches of the Tyra Banks clone and brought back to Earth by his army of minions (stupid minions!) Zepp bravely approaches the unclothed Someguy (he's seen worse). Pointing off in the distance, Zepp yells "Look! It's a bright shiny object!" Someguy frantically...
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    Did Savate invent the Roundhouse kick?

    Are you suggesting that French sailors were the first to think of throwing a kick at a 90 degree angle to their target? Here's the way I see Savate's relationship with the roundhouse kick. 1. The roundhouse kick is a hallmark of Southeast Asian martial arts (though these arts tend to...
  11. Zepp

    Thoughts and Suggestions on Kickstarting this Forum?

    What? You didn't like my third suggestion? ;)
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    Monarch of the Mountain

    At Zepp's signal, the alien mothership appears above elder999 and beams him aboard for a "probing party." The ship then enters hyperspace and appears in it's home system in the far reaches of the galaxy. Coincidentally, the ship's hyperdrive battery is exhausted, and needs to be recharged over...
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    Isn't this Precious?

    I've had a few teachers that I would love to go back and do this to, given the chance. The mom shouldn't have had to help them. One of the primary rules of a good prank is that you do your own baking. Shame on them.
  14. Zepp

    Thoughts and Suggestions on Kickstarting this Forum?

    As I recall, we used to have separate forums for boxing and fencing on MT, in which we had some very good discussions, but they were deleted due to lack of interest. If those old threads have been archived, maybe the more interesting ones could be moved here. That might spark some discussion...
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    How many of you Muay Thai folks do boxing as well?

    For about 2 months I was taking a "Kickboxing" class at a place that specialized in security training and law enforcement preparation. The kickboxing consisted mostly of Muay Thai and western-style Boxing, with bits of other things thrown in from the instructor's experience. The way it was...
  16. Zepp

    Hell has frozen over...

    I still don't see how any thinking person can actually say that George W. Bush is similar in any way to Bill Clinton. Is the mad cow disease in our beef causing short term memory loss amongst so many people already?
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    What is Free Style TKD?

    I've heard of freestyle sparring in TKD? Is that what you meant?
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    Honk if you like MT!!

    I'm a tad worried that this latest posting campaign may be chasing off potential new members. If it's turning you off, then read this, and remember, I'm not a moderator. Even though I may not make much use of the supporting-member-only features here, and even though I may not come to this...
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    Honk if you like MT!!

    Honk, honk!
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    TKD (er?) (an?) (ist?) What are we?

    If you're speaking Korean it's Taekwondoin. But most people I know in person use Tae Kwon Doist. Frankly, so long as you get the idea across, I doubt it matters.
  21. Zepp

    On the Alert!

    It doesn't sound at all like there was a reason for this event become physical anyways. Unless I'm misreading your post...
  22. Zepp

    If you couldn't practice your art anymore...

    I've been in this exact situation at least twice now. I've always tried to keep up with my TKD training on my own, but I also moved on to a different art with a different instructor. The quality of instruction, and the amount of fun I have, have always been my main criteria for choosing a...
  23. Zepp

    Good Pesach

    Ah, I knew there were some more Jews on this board somewhere. Happy Passover/Chag Semeach! Hope no one's sick of matza and coconut yet. :)
  24. Zepp

    An important lesson about improvised weapons...

    Chairs and stools also make decent weapons. You can use them to strike an opponent, but their also good for throwing at someone's legs and tripping them up. Which reminds me of my grade-school-playground days. I remember once seeing a kid throw a basketball at the legs of another kid running...
  25. Zepp

    MartialTalk Sold

    Holy !!!!! Is this for real? Don't keep us in suspense- who bought it?! Edit: Oh wait, I just checked the calendar and remembered your time zone is 3 hours ahead. Nice one. :D
  26. Zepp

    Extinct Kwans?

    Very true. Sometimes I wonder if we over-emphasize the sidekick, turning it into a weakness. But if an advanced student of CDK lineage hits you with a sidekick full-on, you probably won't be in condition to retaliate.
  27. Zepp

    Urgent Request for Prayer!

    I'll say a prayer for him as well. I hope everyone else in your family is alright.
  28. Zepp

    What is your training challenge?

    Right now my biggest challenge is going to be finding a new place to train, and getting myself to train on my own. I'm moving to new area in a few days, and I have no idea what martial arts schools and instructors are around there. Incidentally, does anyone have any personal recommendations...
  29. Zepp

    My Shoe is a Deadly Weapon?

    An instructor I know who trains security personnel and police officers told me that a shoe can be legally considered a deadly weapon if it is used to kick someone. He also told me that it is standard procedure for police to confiscate a person's shoe as evidence when they investigate an assault...