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  1. Seigi

    Modern Arnis Seminar Clips!!

    I've had the honor of training with Guro Ed, He's a great guy & excellent Martial artist. Peace
  2. Seigi

    Guro VanDerzee Arnis seminar Toledo, OH.

  3. Seigi

    A letter to Arnisadors all over the world

    Very nicely written, i'm impressed & moved! Peace
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    I attended a seminar in the Detroit area that had Capoeria & it included stick work. There is a dance similiar to the Jenga, but only done off of one side at a time, unfortunetly that was years ago & I can't remeber the name of the footwork. It flowed rather nicely & was pretty powerful. Peace
  5. Seigi

    Happy Easter

    Thanks, Happy Easter to you & to All! Peace
  6. Seigi

    Update: Manong Ted Buot

    Glad to hear sir, Thanks
  7. Seigi

    Some sad news

  8. Seigi


    I've done the same for my wife, When she has a Migraine I use Reiki & she feels better in a few minutes. It's wonderful. Though I haven't really tried it on Martial arts injuries, but I will now. Thanks... Peace
  9. Seigi

    Does your art involve Ki?

    We use Chi/Qi training in our arts as well, modern arnis, tang soo do & others. Peace
  10. Seigi

    Hatha Yoga OM HARE OM!

    I've practices Hatha yoga for several years, Now I am practicing Aeruvedic & Kirpalu Yoga traditions & I love it. They've help me immensely with my regular Martial arts training. Peace & Namaste'
  11. Seigi

    Five years Later, The State of Modern Arnis...

    I agree, there is definitely more Arnis & FMA available in MI. than when i started over 13 years ago. I'm excited to see what the future holds & am glad to be a part of it. Peace & Namaste
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    I'm a level 2 Reiki practitioner & in MI. the local hospitals are beginning to integrate Reiki, Qigong & Tai chi into their practices for patients. Peace
  13. Seigi

    this made my stomach turn

  14. Seigi

    MA in Michigan

    I'm also in MI. Located in Warren. I'll be sure to check out your site. Peace
  15. Seigi

    Happy Birthday

    Happy B-Day Rich, Hope you have a good one!!! :-partyon: Enoch
  16. Seigi

    IMAF, Inc. Michigan Summer Camp Review

    I had a GREAT time this year at camp. I am always impressed with the teaching of the Master's & Master Samuel "Bambit" Dulay. His Abanico drills & the speed he demonstrated was incredible & I am enspired by ALL the master's to work harder on my techniques. Master Guass did a great job with the...
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    Datu Kelly Worden Seminar at Modern Arnis of Ohio

    Awesome News... I hope i can attend? Peace :whip:
  18. Seigi

    What Are Your Favorite Knives -

    My favorite to collect are balisong (Wish i could carry them also!?!) Favorite to carry is my Columbia River, easy to open & a good grip. Hope to own, emerson ? Peace :whip:
  19. Seigi

    Arnold Classic??

    I'll be there in the Stick-Fighting ring. See you soon Guru Mike. Peace :whip: :whip: :whip: :whip:
  20. Seigi

    Jesus was a vampire?

    "10 sided Dice" Brilliant! Thats Hillarious, Good reply sir. Peace :whip:
  21. Seigi

    Lack of manners (response !)

    I Read threads to educate myself & times that i do not reply are when i feel i am not educated enough on the subject or feel that i would just be repeating what has already been stated over & over again. I try to focus on what is truly important in life! Peace :whip:
  22. Seigi

    Who here thinks Santana is the best music for Kali/Arnis practice?

    Santana is Good! I never considered his music? We usually use a Capoeira CD or An Indonesian Tape. Thanks for the suggestion. Peace :whip:
  23. Seigi

    Black Belt for cash?

    I've seen it alot where i live. Some places make you show up for classes & others You can just buy it from them. And of course the internet is a big source. Oh well! You can go to the store & buy one just as easy? Peace :whip:
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    WOW! Congrats!!!!
  25. Seigi


    Master Barkers correct. I teach Dumog as part of the Arnis Program, though Guru Woodruff has a complete Dumog program (From what i've experienced) I would enjoy training & learning a complete program. Peace :whip:
  26. Seigi

    Modern Arnis Seminar

    Rich is a great guy & KNOWS what he's talking about when it comes to FMA. I have had the honor of training in one of his seminars & recommend any & everyone to attend, Good-Luck!!! Peace :whip: