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  1. Grasshopper22

    Post-training Cuppa VS. Post-training Beer

    Which do you prefer?
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    Kung-Fu Panda - Yes or No?

    It's by no means a bad film, but I think the first one was better.
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    Wing Chun Forum

    Hi, I don't have any experience in Wing Chun but I would really love to. There are no Wing Chun classes near where I live but when I'm old enough to move out (I'm 15), I hope to move to a city (I currently live in a pretty remote little town) and start Wing Chun there if I can. This is simply...
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    Japanese Jiu Jitsu Forum

    This forum is dedicated to Traditional Japanese Jujutsu (sometimes spelled differently), anyone who either wants to find out more, anyone who is a practitioner, a sensei or anyone who is just interested in the history of the art. Please ask and answer questions, share your thoughts and feelings...
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    Kung-Fu Panda - Yes or No?

    If yes, did you prefer 1 or 2? Personally I thought the second one was a bit of a let down.
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    Which Belt Gave You the Biggest Sense of Achievement (Except for Black Belt+)

    I'm glad you recovered, wow, quite a trooper. And a dedicated martial artist too.
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    Martial Art Debates

    Other than 'Traditional Martial Arts vs Mixed Martial Arts' and 'Chinese Martial Arts vs Japanese Martial Arts', what other (common?) martial art-related debates are there?
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    By 'dojo' I meant a big wooden structure specifically built for martial arts training and I just wondered whether there were any in the UK or whether they were all in Japan and other countries where martial arts originated. Nothing more, I just wondered.
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    Yeah when I say 'dojo' I think of a big wooden structure built specifically for martial arts training. I'll delete the green belt question now and make sure not to let him use my account in future :)
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    My Dad just trained from cleared out gyms to sports halls. As for my belt rank, I am a white belt, the green belt question was from my cousin who is a green belt, he doesn't have a MT account of his own and just asked if he could use mine. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Which Belt Gave You the Biggest Sense of Achievement (Except for Black Belt+)

    Just out of interest, excluding black belt or anything after black belt, which belt did you feel the most achievement when you earned it? Did you get more of a buzz the higher belt you went up or was it your first ever belt? :)
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    Martial Arts on CV Hobbies

    Hey, I'm going to write my CV this weekend and under 'Hobbies and Interests' I'm going to put 'Ju-Jitsu' because that's the martial art that I do but how could I expand on that? It shows that I like to keep myself in good health. I like to socialise and meet new people? Any ideas are welcome...
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    Awesome video of 5th Dan Ju-Jitsu grading

    Well I just thought, although most of it would be highly impractical in a real fight, it looked pretty cool to be honest. I know that's a bad answer and now you're going to tell me why I'm wrong but I just thought it was good to watch.
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    Getting Better at Martial Arts = More Enjoyment?

    Would you say that martial arts are something you tend to enjoy more, the better you are? Like if you think back to when you first started at white belt (or equivalent) and then now, do you enjoy it now because you know how to do more techniques and are better?
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    Awesome video of 5th Dan Ju-Jitsu grading

    Well on the video it says 'Minna Ju-Jitsu'
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    Taking a Student as Your Martial Arts Apprentice

    My dream (and I know it 99% won't happen but as I said, it's a dream) is to later on in life, become a sensei of martial arts and move to Japan and own a dojo. I was wondering (and please excuse my ignorance), you know in Kung-Fu films where the Sifu takes a particular liking to one student and...
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    When does rank become meaningless?

    It depends what you mean by 'meaningless' but if you mean when the person of that rank doesn't really think about it/care what belt he has, then I think it depends on the person. Obviously if you're a 7th Dan or something and you've been that belt for 5 or 6 years then you'd probably be so used...
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    I feel uncomfortable training?

    I don't have any experience in other martial arts, thanks though. I'll just give it time!
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    Learning to roll.....

    Or you could statr off by rolling sideways and then gradually decreasing the angle of your roll until eventually you just end up going straight over backwards :-)
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    Brown Belts Seem To Be Cocky

    In my Ju-Jitsu class I find that the higher ranked belts (not the high ranked Dans, mostly the brown belts) seem to not want to train with lower belts, they are cocky and quite frankly they think they're much better than they actually are. Do you have this problem where you train?
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    Learning to roll.....

    Your instructor is right, just relax and go with the flow. For the falling breakfalls, start off in a squat position and practice from there, then get higher and higher until you can do it from a standing position. For the rolling ones, you can't do yousrself any serious injury from these so...
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    Professor Robert Clark

    Hey everyone, my Dad gave me Professor Robert Clark's White Belt to Green Belt Jiu Jitsu book but now I am wanting the next one, Blue Belt to Brown Belt. The only problem is, there's nowhere near me that sells it and I've looked online and I can't seem to find it online for any less than about...
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    What to do - new and clueless

    You can and most probably will learn a lot even by watching. If you're back is so agonising (and I hope it gets better very soon by the way) that it hurts to walk, then don't go, but if it's only painful during strenuous exercise and you'd rather watch than sit at home, then go. It's entirely up...
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    Promoted to Gokyu tonight!

    Congratulations! :D
  25. Grasshopper22

    I was promoted to Ikkyu last night

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    comon injures in judo

    Considering it's a martial art, a surprising amount of injuries occur (I mean LESS than you would think just to clarify) but because you have to be flexible to do Judo (or you'll become flexible from training in Judo), I would probably say pulled muscles.
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    MA for Self-Defense?

    Krav Maga is the best self-defence martial art in the world IF taught properly! A lot of Krav Maga schools don't teach properly because most people don't actually know the original techniques that were taugh so be careful there. Other than that I would suggest either Aikido or Ju-Jitsu (which I do).
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    When Would You Fight Back?

    If there were more than 2 of them (especially if they had weapons).
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    Be nice

    I agree, people like that will eventually get what's coming to them. I also agree about what you said about martial arts, they should be used to focus on one's journey and personal growth.