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  1. Sarah

    Getting Lost in Kiwiland...

    OMG, you would Loooove Rotorua then (although it smells bad), but also has the best walking tracks and mountain bike tracks going for it.. Also Auckland is built on an active volcano, but if your not in to big city life id stay away, plus its filled with JAFAS (just another ****en...
  2. Sarah

    Getting Lost in Kiwiland...

    I'd personally pass on Otago, as that is a BIG TIME collage town, they are called scaffies, and they totally own Otago. Although the cost of living there is very low. North Island has just as much outdoors stuff as the south, just on a different scale (ie; weekend hiking where as in the...
  3. Sarah

    Getting Lost in Kiwiland...

    Hamilton... :) From Hamilton you can find just about anything within a 2 hour drive, beaches, snow sports, walking tracks, biking tracks...if you like walking/biking Rotorua is the place to go, about an hours drive from Hamilton. There are also a few small hikes pretty close by, and...
  4. Sarah

    Can you change Fate?

    I believe in fate..I dont think every min is planed, but i believe we are meant to learn certain things, have certain experiences. Often people have 'themes' following them around because they are just not getting the message. The same message will keep coming along, it may just be wearing...
  5. Sarah

    One Day Poll ~ License Plate Again

    For sure, that rocks!
  6. Sarah

    new to this

  7. Sarah

    At what point do you quit and accept defeat?

    He does not need to 'give up' his dream, but maybe he needs to look at going about it a different way. There is no shame in admitting ones current course is not working out and adjusting it to work in the here and now, but continuing to look down the road and working towards that goal! Its...
  8. Sarah

    Nerd Test

  9. Sarah

    Baa Baa

    Welcome, I loved your opening post. Look forward to reading more from you and learning more about you.
  10. Sarah

    So, I am 39, single (Divorced), no kids, and over weight, ....

    I have not heard starter marriages referred to in that way before, I thought it was a reference to the fact most married people now days are on the second or third marriage, Meaning that younger people are not taking marriage as seriously as the older generation in this 'have an argument get a...
  11. Sarah

    Having a tough time with getting hit. Advice?

    I do enjoy taking good hits to the body as well...but face...not so much :)
  12. Sarah

    Having a tough time with getting hit. Advice?

    I would imagine the weight loss would effect in several ways, firstly you obviously dont have as much padding, and there would be a period of time to get use to your new frame, realize that you may get pushed back more that you use. That being said I agree with everyone else about not...
  13. Sarah

    Dog training-obedience, agility anyone do it?

    I do actually agree with you to some point, and with domesticated animals it is usually a mix of both view points. ie; the family unit is still similar to a pack but of course has some different dynamics as well.
  14. Sarah

    Dog training-obedience, agility anyone do it?

    The Family unit has replaced the pack but is still the same thing, there are still positions in the unit a pecking order. Everyone of course is entitled to there own beliefs, and mine is that you can take the dog out of the pack but you cant take the pack out of the dog, even after hundreds of...
  15. Sarah

    3,000 mark

    woot Grats on hitting to big 3 0 0 0
  16. Sarah

    Dog training-obedience, agility anyone do it?

    Another excellent book you may want to look at is: Why Does My Dog..., by John Fisher
  17. Sarah

    Rate the Avatar above you!

    10 *Sticks tongue out as far as it will go*
  18. Sarah

    So, I am 39, single (Divorced), no kids, and over weight, ....

    lol, Dont worry I took it as it was :) And you can feel asured that it todays world the "norm" is not really the norm anymore!
  19. Sarah

    So, I am 39, single (Divorced), no kids, and over weight, .... "Some researchers say that men can have 'women's brains' and that women can think more like men." One of my closest friend has more of a male brain, ie thinks more like a man etc, its true to a point, she is very competitive and not...
  20. Sarah

    So, I am 39, single (Divorced), no kids, and over weight, ....

    I guess you wouldn’t fit into the stereotypical 'norm' and that’s just fine, there is also nothing wrong with being emtionional, I am driven by my emotions and feeling, it’s not a weakness, it makes me and extremely loving caring person. What I was saying earlier about...
  21. Sarah

    Rate the Avatar above you! going for a 10 here,, plus gotta love the big guys, (who is he, looks like a wrestler or something?)
  22. Sarah

    Hidden weapons in case of home invasion

    I keep one of my sticks beside the bed, and have a 6 foot 6 boyfriend, which I could hide behind ;) , Also have 3 dogs that bark at the slightest noice and if needed im sure I could turn almost anything into a weapon.
  23. Sarah

    Explain to the dumb Canadian...can everyone carry a concealed weapon in America?

    How would this retailer know the above if the person does not disclose them? Does America have some kind of database of people in treatment?
  24. Sarah

    Explain to the dumb Canadian...can everyone carry a concealed weapon in America?

    and isnt there a waiting/stand down period when you buy a hand gun but not when you buy a shot gun??
  25. Sarah

    Dog training-obedience, agility anyone do it?

    Great advice..and I Love Leonbergers :) Effectively what the dogs thinks when you pick them up and carry them around, im the shall bow to my presence!! A really good book that I recommend a lot of 'The Dog Listener, by Jan Fennell" She talks a lot about dog behavior and why...
  26. Sarah

    Dog training-obedience, agility anyone do it?

    I use to Instruct Domectic Dog Obedience, from 3months up. I also did competitive obedience and agility with all three of my dogs, and my late husband did sled racing with the 2 huskies. I stoped when I started MA as I just didnt have to time to do both. I have done clicker training with...
  27. Sarah

    very important info-

    Good on you Geo, I applaud your efforts as a parent. Too many kids grow up these days with parents that do not take an active interest in what they are getting up to all day long. This will let your daughter know that you care about her well being and that she is important enough to you that...
  28. Sarah

    So, I am 39, single (Divorced), no kids, and over weight, ....

    I agree, but what you may not take into account is the emotional ups and downs us ladies tend to have. I consider myself an open honest person, but it is sometimes hard to verbalise exactly what it is we want, because sometimes we just may not be sure. I remember telling my boyfriend that...
  29. Sarah

    What have you learned from a white belt lately?

    From a slightly different angle, I have remembered what it is like to be a white belt after looking at new arts recently...the excitement, nerves, anticipation, feeling clumsy and awkward, the rush of learning something new and going home to show someone.....
  30. Sarah

    So, I am 39, single (Divorced), no kids, and over weight, ....

    It has never been said that it is not ok that men wants to fix things, that is your natural reaction when someone comes to you with a problem. The difference is that a lot of the time woman just want to vent, to talk through a problem so as to solve it them selves, when a man lets a woman talk...