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    Taken Down a Notch

    I really can't even begin to understand this kid's misconceptions/attitude. I don't see why anyone can't be great at all of those things and more. I also see no shame at being competent or even mediocre at dozens of more things! This kid would have a blast if he talked to me. I also happen to...
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    Taken Down a Notch

    People really don't get generalists. They're either in disbelief, or highly suspect of their competence in the beginning. I'm speaking as a generalist myself. I'm quite similar to the guy in the example you give, though I don't get quite as much teasing because I don't usually talk mention the...
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    Hands at the midsection when kicking

    This is the correct answer. In Wing Chun, we pretty much only do low and mid-section kicks, keeping our body vertical. The hands are kept high to protect the face and upper body, and to continue the attack the moment the foot lands. A kick often concludes with the foot landing, taking a step...
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    What is your mantra?

    That book has been on my radar for a while now. While I haven't read it, the message appeals to me and is something that I've chosen to live by for the last decade or so. I think the way I was introduced to this concept was via a quote from someone famous -- I forget who -- but it basically...
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    How do I get personal training when I cant afford it?

    For what it's worth: One of my best teachers (albiet, I only trained with him for a short time) was Dave Gould -- someone who would be considered, easily, one of the best Filipino Martial Artists in the United States, foremost authorities on the Lameco Eskrima system, and by far the "toughest"...
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    3 persons sparring

    Ohh, I see what you mean. Sorry, my imagination was off here. I forgot that C can attack either party. You have a valid point. Maybe it would be better if C can pick which one to attack, but must stick to that target rather than it just being a free for all. An additional consideration would be...
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    3 persons sparring

    Umm, that argument works in reverse too. How about not even being able to face a second threat because you're used to always having tunnel vision and focusing on just one guy? How is that better? And why do I have to turn my back to one guy just to fight the other? Part of the game is learning...
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    3 persons sparring

    Honestly, I think this is a great idea if you spar to learn rather than compete. I'd love to see more schools address things like multiple opponents and actually pressure test it. I always like putting myself in unfamiliar or disadvantageous situations, and seeing what I can learn from it.
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    martial arts as an enlightenment

    This is probably one of the most profound things MA practice teaches. That, and habits of self-motivated study / practice / hardwork.
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    What weapons do you train in your FMA?

    To be fair, that's probably how a lot of weapons that entered existing FMA systems from abroad were incorporated anyway. As long as it's clear that it's your own approach, I see it as totally valid and legitimate. Maybe even more practical than a method that has been passed down many generations...
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    What weapons do you train in your FMA?

    I'd absolutely love to train Kalis Ilustrisimo. It's my favorite FMA system. I had some exposure to it during the relatively short period I studied Lameco under Dave Gould. It just made sense to me and seemed to mesh really well with my Wing Chun background as well. I still practice what I...
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    What weapons do you train in your FMA?

    I really want to know who can teach me how to use the kampilan! I feel like it deserves its own art, even. It would really be cool to see more FMA systems spend time with less common weapons like this. Same for staff and sibat, or even sword and shield! Then we can start sparring with HEMA groups ;)
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    What does it mean if someone "can fight" or "can't fight"?

    You sure it's not that 6% of them carry a gun and rightly think that should at least give them a fighting chance? Or did the survey specify "in empty hand combat"? Are improvised weapons allowed? Have I been charged unprepared or do I have time to grab a large stone or stick? Am I carrying a...
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    Buying heavy (close-quarters) weaponry and practicing at home?

    Just thought I'd chime in here... If you want to build some skills that translate into weapons, you had better practice a weapons based art. FMA might be up your alley. HEMA is also great, as are some Japanese arts (there are suburito also -- heavy wooden swords just for swinging). The...
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    MMA is the most traditional martial art

    Only when you and your opponent are wearing a toga. Erm, I mean, butt naked.
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    The main reason you can't shot a handgun accurately

    I'm trying very hard to imagine how that would happen. Were they practicing some drill where you fend off an attacker with the left hand and draw the gun? Why would the left hand be in front of the muzzle?
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    GERD/Acid reflux

    Oddly, tea doesn't affect me much, whilst coffee really affects me. I've since substituted coffee for tea... Makes me wonder if I should try decaf coffee though. My theory is that acid is the bigger trigger for me, and tea is less acidic than coffee, whilst caffeine is largely irrelevant, but I...
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    GERD/Acid reflux

    Note: I drink my coffee black. Maybe those who like to dilute it with a lot of milk may find it affects them less.
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    GERD/Acid reflux

    Hey, I just noticed this thread. First off, awesome thread! I also am eager to hear everyone's input because I'm still struggling to get over my GERD this time around. Secondly, I'm really glad my suggestion helped! I think doing this on a regular basis for maybe 15-20 minutes a day will help...
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    Normalcy Bias and Salman Rushdie

    Was there no-one else on stage with him? Those are the only people I think one could judge. I kinda agree with regards to the crowd. They're probably too far away to climb up on stage and help within a realistic time frame, as well. If there was anyone else on stage nearby though, I think the...
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    Do you use technology to improve your Martial Art's skills?`

    Sounds like there would be a strong market for them indeed. Honestly, I do not think there is much use in general training for technological gadgets. I'm sure you could come up with a few useful ones, but the problem is that Martial Arts, like many things, just as much art as science. Many of...
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    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    Oh god... I'm pretty sure athletes would have the highest mortality rate of any profession in either of those scenarios.
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    Is there a market for custom hardwood training weapons?

    I totally agree with all of the points you made, especially with regards to durability. I too noticed a lot of training swords are very poorly made, and of low quality red oak or what have you. And, often times, because they're mass manufactured, pieces are made of sawn boards with very poor...
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    Is there a market for custom hardwood training weapons?

    Hi guys. Being a traditional woodworker, I make a lot of training weapons for myself, and in the process, I can't help but often wonder if: 1) Others would enjoy custom, hand made hardwood training weapons. and, 2) If there is a large enough market to make it worthwhile. As well as 3) How to...
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    Wing Chun Core Concepts - Video

    As hunschuld says, it is basic. But I think that's what it's meant to be -- an introduction to the basic concepts and theory. And in that regard, it's very accurate. All of the principles discussed here, and as well as the techniques and interpretations, are pretty standard across all lineages...
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    Help with diaphragmatic breathing?

    One thing is to make sure you are exhaling all of the air, especially that in your stomach. If you only exhale the air in your chest, you'll only be able to fill the chest up. Also, a question for you: Do you have GERD/Acid Reflux, and/or any sensitivity right under your chest where your ribs...
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    Active shooter self defense

    You mean regular force on force airsoft games? I've done it. Many might laugh because it's super nerdy, and Airsoft guns are obviously nothing like real guns, but I found that it really does validate a lot of what I learned with regards to actual gun fights.
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    Active shooter self defense

    Wear goggles. Also cut away the trigger guard.
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    Foolish Behaviour and the Dunning-Kruger Bias.

    The Dunning Kruger effect is real, and very observable recently. But, I want to emphasize a number of things: 1) Expertise does not have any correlation whatsoever (surprisingly) to being right, or having good judgement. Humility does. 2) Beware information bubbles and "artificial realities."...
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    The current state of various Wing Chun/Ving Tsun/Wing Tsun groups after the pandemic and in the modern age of MMA?

    I was wondering about this as well. It seems these forums have become extremely inactive as of late, and I get the impression that TMA's, and especially the arts that I practice (WC, FMA) have been hit hard by the pandemic, and associated regulations / divisions within society. In fact, I was...