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  1. samurai69

    Your Personal Space

    I have to say i havenbt noticed that too much here so far, but will try and be aware of its nature .
  2. samurai69

    Your Personal Space

    In the UK i would reckon on two equual 3/4 arms lengths as the natural personal space for an adult conversation if you didnt know the other person and maybe as a natural prsonal space still of a good arms length, even in a fairly noisey invironment but here in portugal the natural personal...
  3. samurai69

    Aikido not practical?

    and a clip of Hapkido, which is closer too, to the way aikido would have gone if o sensai had not changed it as he aged, and now his sons have only taken the part they were taught O sensais aikido changed to suit his age and his change in moral standings, his sons only saw a part of it and...
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    Aikido not practical? i think this sort of clip doesnt really put aikido in a good light where as is a little better in showing the more practical side of aikido and here is a clip of tohei my sensais sensai...
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    Full Speed-Full Power

    i think its really about compliance when training if you put a lock on a willing (compliant) person then its easy, the more non compliant they become, the tougher it becomes obviously we cant take a lot of things to the extremes, but for example a bulletman is trained to react as close as to...
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    Hung Kuen f/ Hapkido or self defense

    hapkido is pretty good IMO
  7. samurai69

    Do you fight like a Coward?

    i fight more like a cornered animal
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    The StraightBlast

    i like the straight blast, i come from a wing chun back ground and we used it a lot in those days i have seen it used effectively in a few different arts and now in a SD use saw this clip of it and we have used it effectively...
  9. samurai69

    Breaking Your Fall (Ukemi)

    its a nice way to teach ukemi
  10. samurai69

    Keysi Fighting Method

    i think, from the stuff i have seen, that its exactly what it says, a "fighting" method as opposed to just self defence
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    Hair Pull defence

    we ran through it with some willing female students with long hair.............ok, they know its coming so may not have been 100% accurate on their responses.............and TBH it was a 50 50 split in the immediate reaction, depending also on the force of the attack and the size and shape of...
  12. samurai69

    Hair Pull defence

    During my last Womens Self Defence Course, i was asked about defences against the "rear Hair Pull" as the mojority of women here have shoulder length or longer hairstyles I have covered a few in aikido , but they are over complicated for a 4 day course Now if someone is attacked from behind...
  13. samurai69

    Tony Blauer

    theres a load more Tony Blauer clips on here i like some of his concepts and he was one of the first to use some of the base techniques (flinch, spear etc)
  14. samurai69

    Anger can you control it?

    I tend to be ble to control it, but there are one or two silly things that set me off, where control is nearly impossible (SOMEONE WAGGING A FINGER IN FRONT OF ME - often makes me see red, even friends and family) but i think these were things that stemmed from things in the past. But in general...
  15. samurai69

    Defense from a wheelchair video

    I like those clips I teachvarious self defence courses and its good to see and learn form these clips and instructors
  16. samurai69

    Aikido: Effectiveness on the street

    I would agree with that or train in it for the art it is, but dont depend on it as a SD skill in your first few years of study unless you choos eone of the harder styles (yoshinkan)
  17. samurai69

    RBSD Instructors

    in the uk we have as mentioned the great Geoff thompson along with dave turton, lee morrison, peter consterdine and many more all teaching a good rounded range of (RBSD) hard and soft skills
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    ISR Matrix!

    great clip
  19. samurai69

    Who is going to see 300?

    i plan on seeing it 3 people i know have and they say it rocks Its not accurate, and is based on the comic remember ........... ;-) .
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    Self Defense From A Seated Position

    we train punching from a seated position also some takedowns# we also practice scenarios car train table bar etc
  21. samurai69

    The Hammerhead

    heard there were a few problems with splitting at the handle
  22. samurai69

    Waveform and MFFS

    it still doesnt explain the concepts behind it
  23. samurai69

    Waveform and MFFS

    can any one explain waveform strikes and their application and also anything about the Multiplied Force Fighting System and russell stutley i cant seem to find out very much about these apart from a few clips on you tube waveform hits mffs...
  24. samurai69

    best style for self defense?

    all IMHO :)
  25. samurai69

    best style for self defense?

    i think yoshinkan is quitecombative..........but really any of them are ok once you understand the principles trouble is, from a self defence perspective, it takes a long time to get the techniques right I teach a self defence class and short courses as well as aikido and TBH i couldnt give...
  26. samurai69

    Advert in black belt - help

    thanks, i have seen a lot of different helmets, its just that the one in BB magazine looked new and different doesnt anyone have the last black belt magazine?? please post up the ad details if you do it was a full page ad and mentioned (maybe weapons use i think) full face coverage you...
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    Advert in black belt - help

    yeh thanks, i have seen most of the others, its just that the advert was for one that looked quite different and maybe a new model or style . any help still would be appreciated thanks .
  28. samurai69

    Advert in black belt - help

    we dont normally get black belt mag here and whilst glancing through a friends copy, i saw an advert for a fully padded and face protected helmet it was in last or thi months issues if any one knows the helmet i am talking about or has seen the ad for it would you pleas post up the web...
  29. samurai69

    Power slap and palm heel training vid clip

    a short clip of me a student and a visiting instructor was supposed to be an aikido class, but only one student so we decided to run through some other training this is only a short clip of a 2 hr session .
  30. samurai69

    Self Defense course

    just out of interest can you copywright words I use all three of them in talking about SD all the time..........???????