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  1. TigerWoman

    Static Stretching vs Dynamic Stretching for kickers

    Dynamic stretching only gets you so far, and its better for a warmup to get into your normal range. As we have been having excessive heat with a index well over 100, our air conditioning once again failed. So we did our normal 15 rising front stretch kicks and side stretch kicks and pushups...
  2. TigerWoman

    I just gotta share this...

    Good for you! Next you can try the double spin heel, same positions or spin heel then jump spin heel. One of our black belt tests is to do a jump spin heel-2 boards then an immediate speed break spin heel to a board sitting on the ground. My problem with doing alot of these double spins is the...
  3. TigerWoman

    Place to get gear? Less expensive, and on shipping costs too. TW
  4. TigerWoman

    TKD demos

    We have a 1st dan who does a backhanded thumb strike to a concrete patio block --he's tough and built solid. The master a couple of years ago did a quadruple front kick to four balloons held alternately left and right. He had put powder in them so that the audience could see the puff of...
  5. TigerWoman

    Traveling by air in the US?

    I noticed that finger nail polish - acetone is not on the list. I guess that is okay to take on. Probably not. One time my husband and I were searched three times since we had changed our itinerary by getting off a plane which was allowing deplaning due to a broken engine. I had a small...
  6. TigerWoman

    Cortisone shots

    I missed the reason why he has had chronic pain... maybe if he were to stop doing what is causing it? I know simplistic but sometimes occupations don't allow you to just stop keyboarding or assembly. I had to stop reading books in contorted positions and stop breaking cement, least more than...
  7. TigerWoman

    When I'm 64 is here!

    I remember when I bought that on a 45 when it first came out. How depressing that he is 64 now, and I'm not far behind. TW
  8. TigerWoman

    Who're you?

    I am it, her, the one ~ holder of adoration for four eyes of dogs especially when I set them free in the back yard. But how exalted can I be when I have to pickup the poo, clean the poopy butts and keep them bathed, brushed, trimmed, fed, exercised and happy. Who's got who wrapped around their...
  9. TigerWoman

    Mosquito Ringtone Adults can't hear

    It just sounds like computer sounds or maybe I didn't hear it. But my puppy is practically sitting on my laptop half asleep and he didn't seem to hear it either, nor my other dog or my birds who always react. On the other hand, the high tone dog bark silencer gets their attention at the lowest...
  10. TigerWoman

    Cortisone shots

    I've had a few, separated by many years, for shoulder problems. It provides pain relief so that the area heals but is mainly to reduce inflammation. It prevented actually going into a frozen shoulder where you can't use anything with the arm. It is not meant to cure the pain or the problem. I...
  11. TigerWoman

    Age/goals question

    I started TKD at 46, got my 1st dan at 50, 2nd dan at 53. Most of the noon group (and some in evening) are 45+ men and women. I guess I'm the oldest at 56 since the 70ish guy stopped due to his back. I conducted a medium bag workout the other day, mostly 20-40 age group guys and they thought I...
  12. TigerWoman


    I guess I will be learning the Pal Gwe's too. I know the TaeGueks through Kumkang and the Chang Hon forms through Po-Eun, but now even though I won't be testing for 3rd, he is beginning to teach me with the now 3rd dan. Is there a manual for these forms? I would like a reference as I learn...
  13. TigerWoman

    Endurance class

    I call endurance class, kickboxing. Non-stop kicking combinations on the bag with minute breathers doing boxing combinations. Master asked, did I kill em. No, I didn't, since there were two yellow belts but it was an endurance routine. TW
  14. TigerWoman

    You know you're from Minnesota when...

    Came across this list about the uniqueness of M'sota. Feel free to add your variation on your state. TW You know you're from Minnesota when.... The weather is usually 80% of your conversation. When you say "down south" you're referring to Iowa. Snow tires came standard on your car...
  15. TigerWoman

    Extremes of temperature when Training

    Yah, you betcha. In M'sota, it was 95-97簞 last week. This week 85, but now we have a cold front, 60-65簞 absolutely perfect training temperature. They have a saying here, that if you don't like the weather, wait a moment and it will change. We have heat and airconditioning but neither work...
  16. TigerWoman

    Summertime uniforms

    I like the cropped pants although most guys have these hairy legs... I like the idea of t-shirts and dobok pants. The pants we have are loose enough for airflow but the long sleeved dobok top is too much in the summertime. Doubt I'm going to change anything. My instructor wants everyone to...
  17. TigerWoman

    Best moments

    One was when I got all my breaking requirements done, for my rec. black, lst and 2nd. As others have said the best moments now are when someone comes up to me and thanks me for teaching them. TW
  18. TigerWoman

    Is a punching bag worth $730?

    Only if it were stuffed with $730. worth of currency. TW
  19. TigerWoman

    Pit-Bull dilemma??

    My now, 7 lb. poodle pup has an aggressive streak which I have to nip in the bud. He has gotten ahold of the Culligan's guy jean. He has gone after the mailman, the plumber, the electrician and all of my son's friends. No bites yet. He would lunge toward all the dogs on our walks but I have...
  20. TigerWoman

    Pit-Bull dilemma??

    I had a run in with a pit bull lately. I had taken my two poodles for a walk to the park. Ones a female, and the other a neutered male pup. The new park caretaker has a house on the corner of the park as I entered. While he was helping his wife, baby and stroller out of the car, here comes...
  21. TigerWoman

    Arrogance, and the Arts

    I have to deal with an arrogant person every time I show up for TKD class, my instructor. Yet he probably thinks he is very humble. Jokes slighting women I usually don't let slide. But everything else I usually let go in one ear and out the other. Your story reminds me of deadlines I had...
  22. TigerWoman

    Perfectionism - Help or Hindrance

    Actually a TKD black belt is supposed to have a mastery of basic skills. I don't know what you do in MMA, because you don't have tests, I recall. That laundry list of skills though is quite long. But, having tests shows progress of poomse, breaking skills, slow motion kicks, mastery of all kicks...
  23. TigerWoman

    Emergency Treatment of Dental Injuries in Sport!

    Wouldn't need any emergency care if you all wore a cage headgear. Plus it protectes the nose and eyes. I admit it took some getting used to though, maybe it was jsut that I didn't want to change. Sometimes change is good. TW
  24. TigerWoman

    school + ?

    I teach a 8AM TKD class for women. There is a M-W-F noon class--mostly black belts and upper rank now. Then at 2:30 is the 4-5 yr. olds, then two more kids classes. Then there is a women's kickboxing class at 5:30PM T-Th. then a regular TKD family class every night of the week, and on...
  25. TigerWoman

    First Grade Proverbs

    Some of these I've forgotten! Had to look up this one.. Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. ~William Shakespeare TW
  26. TigerWoman

    Certification advice requested

    Yes, I agree with Iceman. My daughter wasn't recognized as a BB in AZ until I got her certification papers. They didn't know our instructor/school. Get the Kukkiwon certs for national/international standing. TW
  27. TigerWoman

    Safety: Contact or no?

    It probably isn't as simplistic as that, safety wise. It's at whatever level the fighting is being done. I've seen some intense point matches...and then there's matches with just a lot of boxing and for some, less spinning. Our TKD class sessions and testing are probably where we get hurt...
  28. TigerWoman

    Gear question for my students

    The cloth instep would have to be bought by the students. It has to be washed all the time. If they have to buy it, then the Adidas foam two pc shin and instep is better protection but do get wear and tear. I've worn mine for years now and have just a few cracks. It helps not to leave it in...
  29. TigerWoman

    Never too old for TKD!!!!! :)

    I wonder what she had to do for her breaks. TW
  30. TigerWoman

    Belt so

    I was only a white or yellow belt when the master suspended one student for disrespect and took away her belt. She was red at the time. She finally got it together after more than a year and came back to achieve her black belt. Did her good. Otherwise, they usuallly just get their belts...