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    Commonly misprounced words

    People pronouncing "wash" as "worsh" is something that's bothered me since childhood. Is it a regional accent? I'm from the West. To me it sounds as if the "r" is being strongly emphasized, more so than it should merely from the effects of an accent. Also maybe somebody can explain about the...
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    %^%& Plantars Fasciitis

    Update: I went to a specialty athletic shoe store (Snail's Pace, a chain in my area) on the advice of another MAist and described the problem. It seems they are familiar with PF and had a lot of experience with prescribing shoes and insoles to customers with PF complaints. They had me stand on...
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    YMCA is an association for various community activities. There are YMCA buildings in practically every town in the country. It was originally founded decades ago and it stands for "Young Men's Christian Association" although the religious aspect has been dropped for quite a while now. And...
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    %^%& Plantars Fasciitis

    So now my right foot has been officially diagnosed as having Plantars Fasciitis. My doctor prescribed a series of stretching exercises but was useless beyond that. He said if it gets worse I should make an appointment to come in and get X rays. People I've talked to have said their PF has...
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    Pole Dancing Lessons For Toddlers And Up

    In a way, that would be even more horrifying.
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    Just passed my Deep Tissue Massage Mid Term

    ^5 So are you studying to be a masseur?
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    new captain america trailer

    Forgive my ignorance about comics, but since Spider Man is part of the Marvel universe will he be worked in to the Avengers?
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    Freedom in the 50 States

    Why am I not surprised, the Republik of California is #3 from the bottom :rolleyes:. Interestingly, the darkest blue states are all coastal. The lightest ones are "flyover" states, with the exception of NH. I assume all that sour cream is laced with something.
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    60 Worst Countries in the World

    In other words, as long as human beings still have human nature.
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    Most Important Safety Items in the Home

    Phone Smoke detector A Really Big Dog with a Really Deep Bark--which doubles as an alarm system and an all-around deterrant. A well-stocked first aid cabinet. A good quality Safe.
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Under the Dome by Stephen King. This one has future film written all over it.
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    Best and Worst Superhero Movies

    [Puts on her PBS turtleneck]: Honestly Steve I thought Thor was a great example of space-operatic mythology. Repackaged for modern eyes and ears, but kept the essence of the story intact and provided classic father/son conflict and brothers conflict drama, a la Joseph Campbell. Well that...
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    Green lantern updated trailer from convention

    GL looked good from the trailers, but the RT score gave me hesitation. Perhaps Ryan Reynolds is disliked by critics? Honestly, those of you who saw the film, did RR's acting or presence in any way take you out of the movie so that you thought "That's Ryan Reynolds in a green suit"?
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    Best and Worst Superhero Movies

    Best: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Spiderman 2 3. Thor 4. Iron Man 5. Kick *** Haven't yet seen Xmen First Class but it's on my summer movie list Worst: I pretty much agree with your worst list except that Daredevil would be in there somewhere. I always thought the Superman movies were passable...
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    your memories

    I've never done it but it's not a bad idea. If you plan to do this, take pictures while you can of the relevant people, places, etc. Each one is worth 1,000 words ya know.
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    Woman stabs rapist with pocket knife

    My inclination is to say he'd be discouraged from trying to assault altogether. But I'd like to see some hard data on injured attackers and their likelihood of repeating the attempt.
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    super 8: Military the bad guys, again?

    The main reason behind me never speaking up till now, is getting a triple dose in response. Well at least my psychic powers are intact.
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    Need advice...

    OP I am sorry you have to go through this. As to why somebody would lie, there are a lot of possibilities there. What first came to my mind was perhaps he felt he would lose you as a student and so made up a fake Hapkido credential so he could keep you training with him. My best wishes for...
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    Pies and glitter, left wing silliness?

    A pie would piss me off but glitter would be like a badge of honor
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    super 8: Military the bad guys, again?

    I'm glad I didn't have to be the "bad guy" to say it first, thank you TF.
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    Guy takes on rioters. Guess what happens.

    One thing I'm unclear on--was that man the store owner? Speculation--how differently things might have turned out if this had been Texas!
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    Guy takes on rioters. Guess what happens.

    Winning or losing, they still need to grow the hell up.
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    John Carter of Mars

    Been a few years since I read the Martian books but I recall there were a lot of near-naked people in them. Could it be that is the big reason we've never seen an adaptation?
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It's a fictional account of one woman's slow decline into early onset Alzheimer's disease. Very poignantly done. I couldn hardly put it down and finished it in two days.
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    super 8: Military the bad guys, again?

    Bill, while I am against the idea that the US military is "the bad guy", this is hardly a new trend in cinema. Any kind of institution or authority is distrusted in our times. There are some good reasons for this. Vietnam--both the reality of soldiers with problems like PTSD and the way they...
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    21 Reasons To Hate The Airlines

    I wonder how long it would take from LA to NYC on the hypothetical bullet train? Anybody know about this?
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    5 Year Old Girl Faces Murder Charges

    Maybe the water thing hadn't come up yet. As a mom, I never thought to explicitly tell my older boy every possible thing he couldn't do because it would hurt his baby brother. Some situations of course were teaching moments when questions would come up, but how could anybody think of everything...
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    Raiders Of The Lost Ark 30 Years

    I love fedoras. That's one fashion I wish would return.
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    The Silent Treatment as a punishment for kids?

    I feel a lot of concern for this girl. From my limited knowledge I have no way of knowing how often she and her sibs have had the Silent Treatment punishment, but the article suggests it's likely a pattern if it has been used at all. I wish I knew the dad well enough to bring this up, but like...