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  1. mrhnau

    the Urinal test!

    Bob, any good way to clear up the removal of extra spaces? that is totally unreadable!
  2. mrhnau

    the Urinal test!

    Men should ace this test ... women may have a little difficulty. There IS a code of "Restroom Etiquette" that MUST be followed. =============================================== The following is the urinal configuration in a sample men's room. An X above the number will indicate "in...
  3. mrhnau

    possibly getting a motorcycle

    Yes for both. Learned on a manual shift. Most of what I'm seeing is way costly. Can't dump too much into one. I'll keep my eyes open. I just can't stand the noise. I've got an old Willys Jeep. I see them periodically. I have yet to see a military bike. I wonder why? Heck, I've even seen an...
  4. mrhnau

    If The Election Were Held Tomorrow, Who Would You Vote For?

    Will they? Do you think there will not be those people claiming racism won, rather than McCain? What about the inverse? If he wins, people will say he won because he is black. I think it will be impossible to decouple his race from the results, whether it hurts or helps him. The polling freaks...
  5. mrhnau

    possibly getting a motorcycle

    Well, I'm contemplating it. I've not ridden before, so there would be a huge learning curve. Couple of concerns. For starters, I'm 6'3ish. I don't want a bike that's going to kill my back, so no shrimp-mobile. I'm not a speed demon by any means, so I don't really care for something that can...
  6. mrhnau

    World To End Wednesday

    You get a reprieve! well, at least a short one. Cherish the moments!
  7. mrhnau

    Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Form of Life

    you mean, you don't? I thought we all did! hehe The question about what is critical for life has raged for over a decade now. Nothing novel about that. Knockout expirements have laid some pretty good groundwork for what is "critical". Frankly, genomics has not clearly annotated all of the...
  8. mrhnau

    Which is more important socially?

    I don't think any Sec. of State would be upset with a woman stepping up. Umm... to be frank, have the golf links been filled up with blacks now because of Tiger? Has viewership among blacks increased? I honestly don't know. fair enough as well as Elizabeth Dole, Hillary Clinton, Rev. Jackson...
  9. mrhnau

    Capoeira Fighter Gets Owned (video)

    that was just awesome LOL
  10. mrhnau

    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Post how you enjoy Caribbean. I really enjoyed The Source and Alaska by Mitchner. Would consider picking up another of his books. I enjoy his style and thoroughness.
  11. mrhnau

    Obama not a US Citizen?

    Some are scared of a black president. Some are scared of Obama as the president. The latter does not require the former.
  12. mrhnau

    What's yur quirk?

    My man! I do that all the time :)
  13. mrhnau

    Science vs.? Intelligent Design?

    If I hear one more Occam's Razor plea against religion, I think I'm going to be sick.
  14. mrhnau

    New Olympic game?

    now, paintball might be fun... what about some kind of racing? IRL type perhaps?
  15. mrhnau

    New Olympic game?

    With the demise of baseball and softball, it seems there might be a need for a new sport. If you had the choice, what new game would you add, and why? I had thought MMA/Pankration might be a nice addition, but there are already so many MA related sports...
  16. mrhnau

    Can anybody recommend a good book on Ninjutsu (history / story, not technique?)

    awesome! thats the only reason I've not picked up that one yet :)
  17. mrhnau

    "Chupacabra" finally pictured in detail

    Did you hear about the large population of Mountain Apes found in Africa? Is it possible we were so unaware of 100k gorillas hanging out? Unlikely, but its possible...
  18. mrhnau

    China's Olympic Fake Out

    You know, I've been contemplating this... in a sense, they were "cheating" on their performance. However, if the IOC found an athlete "cheating", they would be banned and outrage would ensue. Especially if some big name was exposed. Wasn't this supposed to be some kind of "coming out" party for...
  19. mrhnau

    Your Password ain't Squat!

    I've toyed with those timed password generators. Rather than a static password, they get renewed periodically. In the case of the system I was working with, every 15 seconds. You get a device that is synchronized with the server and you can check your updated password. Then, there is always...
  20. mrhnau

    Your Password ain't Squat!

    What drives me nuts are the requirements for passwords. it seems everyone does it different, so you simply can't use the same password more than once. I've got about 6 I use and its annoying as heck to keep up with them!
  21. mrhnau

    Background Check Website: Just type in a name

    "so, you want to date my daughter? Fill out this form, with full name, zip code, city, and SSN if you don't mind" So, the Zip code... is this where the crime was committed? or where they live? what if they moved? or the crime was in another state? No one I know of really uses my middle name...
  22. mrhnau

    Background Check Website: Just type in a name

    Happen to have a common name? I'd hate to have someone query my name and get the results for someone else. I do know of one person with my first and last name that was convicted of some serious crimes... Would be bad to have a potential employer or potential girlfriend find that...
  23. mrhnau

    part time work

    I'd contemplate teaching, though I'm fairly poor with large crowds. Tutoring might be more up my ally. Ideally, I'd love to find some part time computer programming work. Every site I've seen that caters to that crowd has some form of pay service. In order to apply to these jobs, you pay a fee...
  24. mrhnau

    part time work

    I'm contemplating that. Most community colleges do not offer my degree, though I imagine they might be able to find something kind of close... I am exceptionally soft spoken (drives some people crazy), so I'm not sure how well my voice might carry... I have been looking at the county school, but...
  25. mrhnau

    part time work

    Over the next few months I'll be needing to pick up some part time work... anyone have any ideas? I've seen a few things online, but hard to tell which is legit. Seems if one person has a problem with an organization, they go out and bad mouth it online. Hard to determine the gems...
  26. mrhnau

    DHS Allowed To Take Laptops Indefinitely

    This reminds me of some of the stories my wife told me about communism. The only rich people were the politicians and border patrol. The BP would pretty much take what they want. They often had to have "gifts" on top of their "normal" luggage, just to make sure it got through. You were lucky if...
  27. mrhnau

    Remote Desktop

    umm... not interested in movies or music on my computers. I have always enjoyed programming in my living room, which houses our TV/DVD, and most of the time, my family! My desktop houses much of my business related work, and I'd prefer to keep it there (tired of porting junk around w/ jump...
  28. mrhnau

    Remote Desktop

    question... I recently found out that Remote Desktop Connection software is not compatible with WinXP Home Edition. Does anyone know a work-around for this? If not, suggest an alternative? I've got a small network at home, and really need to be able to use my desktop from my laptop. wanna watch...
  29. mrhnau

    Martial Arts school management software?

    Excel should be fine. Or you could venture into some simple database tables, if you are techie enough for that. MySQL is very simple, free and easy to use :) If you need some help setting it up, shoot me a PM.