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    Tan/Bong Gerk Not In Some Lineages

    Yeah, I'm not convinced of that, but it's folk history, so it's tough for anyone to know. I had a guy visit my class before COVID who had trained at the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong. He told me that Ip Chun had removed all of the kicks from the system and didn't want them taught...
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    Training Wing Chun?

    Being really good at a few foundational things is way better than skimming the surface on a bunch. Sit in your stance, hold a pad between your knees. Simple turning, if you don't remember the sequence your sifu taught you. Good idea working with a mirror. In addition to punching a heavy bag...
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    Best wing Chun Instructor?

    Yeah, but that wasn't the question. He asked about teachers. The teacher who has the thing that I need and a way of reaching me may not be the best teacher for someone else or someone starting out. If the student is all in on a specific lineage they may not be open to someone teaching outside...
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    75 videos ip on you tube

    Welcome. I started with a Moy Yat sifu before finding my way to Duncan Leung's lineage. Respect for your background, I'll look forward to hearing more from you.
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    Opinion on school's pricing plan

    I guess I'd like to hear more from the dojo about their policy. I (and most places) allow at least an observation if not a trial class, but traditional martial arts are not a modern convenience subscription. Personally, I don't sell training gear or uniforms or anything like that. Our...
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    Kali level 1 test highlight reel

    ...or e) calling the attacker's girlfriend to arrange dinner.
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    The current state of various Wing Chun/Ving Tsun/Wing Tsun groups after the pandemic and in the modern age of MMA?

    I've resumed up here in Seattle. Lost a few long term students during covid and are open to a few new ones to take their spots. But, we are back at it. I have not stayed particularly active here because Wing Chun threads get relentlessly trolled and who needs that?
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    Bil Gee-Finger Strike to the Throat

    My thought about most wing Chun techniques is that they start with a certain degree of ambivalence. They start as covering space, looking for a bridge, taking center. What happens next depends on what you run into. I never think about a biu jee finger strike as something to commit to from a...
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    Bil Gee-Finger Strike to the Throat

    Just to offer a contrasting perspective - where this goes against my training is the idea that from that unbridged position (or any position) that I want to execute a particular technique that is unavailable, so I need to do things first to change the circumstance, so that the technique will...
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    Too old?

    No. You are not too old...unless of course, you believe that you are.
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    Wing Chun and Wushu

    @Yanli I think it would help us if you plainly explained your background, then it would be easier for us to engage on where you are going with your training? Which style(s) have you formally studied? Which lineages and for how long? I'm neither for nor against what you are claiming right...
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    My son had a funny thought that I wanted to share here: "What if every country has Ninjas, but Japan's are really bad at it and that's why we know about them?" His logic is pretty sound!
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    Goju Ryu books....

    I reccomend searching Amazon for books by Kris Wilder and see if the descriptions/reviews seem to speak to you.
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    Reopening in Seattle

    Yep. It's all good, we're coming home.
  15. ShortBridge

    Reopening in Seattle

    We've done very early as well, but still.
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    Reopening in Seattle

    We've done a bit of that, but I really don't like the attention that usually attracts. It is an option. I wish you had let me know! Would welcome you with open arms or least meet you for a pint. Lots of outdoor places for local beer here.
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    Reopening in Seattle

    It's been over a year since we shared our responses to the initial news of the pandemic. I have a small group of adult students and don't do a lot of outreach and promotion. I have been blessed with a steady trickle of interest over the years which has been all that we need to keep going. But...
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    Why do Ip Man's sons do Chum Kiu different?

    I don't have the "truth", but I think we look at those videos and say "this is how Yip Man did it", but we don't actually know that's how he did it his whole life. It is possible that he had more than one iteration of each form and he was just filmed doing one of them. I know a very senior sifu...
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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    I agree with you on this. The best school is the one that you learn the best in and that is dependent on a lot of things. Some of those things will have to do with the style, some with the club, some with the teacher, and some have to do primarily with the student. There is a modern, western...
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    "Your way of WC/WT/VT is so stupid..."

    I spent several years training as a boxer and then in Muay Thai before I settled into Wing Chun (with some other things in between). I was never a prize fighter or a contender of any kind, but I put a lot of time and effort into it. One of the things that I used to do when I was a senior...
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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    The people who we train work very hard. Impressed that we made it a page and a half before someone turned this into an MMA/BJJ discussion. That might be a new record.
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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    I think that it's all training. When I used to look at some more, say esoteric kung fu systems' forms, I would think "that would never work in a fight!" Sometimes now I think "they did the flip (or whatever) and then landed in their stance, because they're training themselves to find that ground...
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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    I think it's an error in logic to assume that "better" is the same as "more original". I also think that the concept of "original" is flawed and perhaps western. CMAs have forms and sometimes other things that distinguish them from other CMAs, but I don't think that whenever these systems...
  24. ShortBridge

    Why do Ip Man's sons do Chum Kiu different?

    He told me about the fake stuff he was going to give you in dreams, it's different. I have the exclusive real-real. With me, after that first, in person visit, it more like post-mortim Obi-Wan Knobi in the swamp.
  25. ShortBridge

    Why do Ip Man's sons do Chum Kiu different?

    I was the first to get the old footage. Yip Man heard of me and flew to Texas in the late 60s to personally deliver it to me when I was 3 years old and though he didn't speak English and I was in the yard playing with Tonka trucks, he bestowed upon me the real secrets with his eyes.
  26. ShortBridge

    Black Belt Exchange Program?

    I have been invited to display my rank when visiting other clubs, but I have never once done it. It's a personal decision and agreement between the involved parties. But it does make a statement either way. You can guess where I come down, but as long and everyone involved agrees, I see no issues.
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    Why do Ip Man's sons do Chum Kiu different?

    Yeah, there are lineages that are just ... different ... for sure. And you're right about the Baat Cham Do. The staff forms I've seen all have the same basic stuff, but the sequence is different. I see different expressions in everything, but if I'm being honest, I express things differently...
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    Why do Ip Man's sons do Chum Kiu different?

    Interestingly enough, I feel like the biggest differences are in Chim Kiu. I don't know why.
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    Black Belt Exchange Program?

    I'd say that this fairly normal in a certain segment of TCMA, anyway. It is build more around IRL relationships with other teachers and I wouldn't say it happens at scales, but I've arranged for a senior student to spend time with another teacher, sometimes in another system and I've hosted...