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    No medical after retirement... so... yeah. Add to that a youngster... so "retirement" means job change not "sit around and play with cars and dive gear" like someone who probably deserves a good shunning... ;)
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    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    The Violence Project. (The Violence Project Book) Research seems credible, information is good.
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    Lack of LEO training needs to be a thing of the past

    Those interested in the political discussion are referred to our sister site at US Message Board.
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    I feel you... I've got less than 2 years for "full" retirement at 50%. Or I can go anytime I want to pull the pin for a slight reduction (2% per year)... Yeah, some days that's a lot more tempting than others.
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    Loud music and now tinnitus and sounds make it worse?

    You're asking some pretty specific medical questions. I'd strongly suggest an audiologist and hearing doctor rather than the internet. Ears are like eyes -- you only get one set for life. You really should take care of them.
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    Who strives for original intent?

    You'll have to figure that out for yourself -- but analysis of the form should give you a clue. What's happening? What story can be told? What does your art tell you about the origin of the form?
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    Who strives for original intent?

    Some forms are verbatim records of proven fighting principles and tactics. "This is how you stop a punch and hit them back." But some forms are methods of passing along movement principles or how to connect things. "This is how you move your body to generate power." Other forms are simply...
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    How important are belts?

    Why don't you ask your instructor and coaches what level you should compete at? They know how you're performing on a regular basis -- and how that should fit into a competition. At a guess -- I'd say go with intermediate levels. After your first competition, you should have a good idea where...
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    I see your frustration...
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    Can this be real?

    Bullfighting is VERY real -- and the toreador doesn't always dance out of the way. There's a lot to it, and there's definitely some ethical issues to discuss - but the art is in goading the bull, and slipping out of the way at just the right moment. The bull is most certainly not compliant...
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    Where did MartialTalk go? :)

    Well, folks... Some of you may have noticed that MartialTalk went AWOL for a bit on 3/4/2023. No worries, just a power failure where the server is actually hosted. No power, no server. No server... no site! All is good now, but I wanted to put out a quick explanation.
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    Maslow's hierarchy of needs and your dojo....

    Maslow's a good map for a lot of things... and might work for the social structure within a training hall (why are people there? what shapes the relationships?) but I think you're making a stretch to rate training halls against training halls on that model.
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    Collecting Training by the Famous

    In my opinion -- there are two basic types of seminars. One type is an "exposure" class. It's a chance to see something that you haven't done, or don't do often, or just get a flavor of it. It might be firehose experience with a lot of material dumped out for the attendees to try to pick up...
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    A hypothetical exercise question

    Weight loss would depend more on diet and other activity throughout the day. Fitness would plateau; their body would adapt to the 20x4 routine. Unless they placed a different stress on it, like faster, or more reps, or more weight... they'd hold there. But it would be an improvement on doing...
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    File a report with your local police or sheriff's office. It likely won't go very far, but if he is this persistent and this pervasive, there's more involved. Also go to the FTC's website on identity theft, cleverly at this link: As a note -- this is not how the police or...
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    Collecting Training by the Famous

    I have a very small set of teachers -- people that I have trained under regularly and (I hope!) would identify me as a student. I have a larger set of colleagues -- people that I have learned from, trained alongside, but would not place into that same category as "teacher." The ongoing...
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    I'm glad she's an authentic Chinese person; I'd hate for Ms. Dr. Xue to be an inauthentic Chinese person!
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    Mat burns and diabetes

    That's a discussion you should have first with your medical provider, and then share information with the instructor, to inform them of the limits or concerns.
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    It's Gotta be the Hips

    It's really easy for people to say "just do this!" or "twist your hips." I bet you're finding that it's not that easy to take the explanations into the real practice. As was said above, the classic reverse punch, sometimes called a lunge punch, where the punching hand is opposite the stepping...
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    Proper etiquette when you accidentally pick up your opponent

    I've been holding back... but been very tempted to make comments like "let them down gently, and communicate better next time" or "don't tell your significant other... or theirs."
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    You do not need expensive gear to be a serious martial artist

    Thrift or frugality is about spending money where it matters. Whatever the endeavor -- learn where the money spent on the items will have a meaningful impact. Things not to go cheap on -- safety gear, and things that will become dangerous should they fail. Get that quality cup and mouthpiece...
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    I know somebody advised that it wasn't a smart idea... Who could that have been? If only you'd listened...
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    Most of us could have told you that...
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    Question about Jo staff diameter/thickness

    Proper body mechanics and stances. Something you may actually have to be taught properly and corrected on in person.
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    Question about Jo staff diameter/thickness

    I find that many of the so-called quality sticks at martial arts stores are rather lacking... They're mass produced, with more of an eye towards appearance than function. Many have poor grain... and you have to pay for the pretty stain they put on it. A closet pole is often cheaper to learn...
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    Question about Jo staff diameter/thickness

    Diameter and length of sticks are all very dependent on the specific style, and the type of wood.. Skipping over the pure demonstration/performance XMA and tricking stuff -- there are basically aout 3 broad ranges. Short and very short run from about palm size to 24 to 30 inches or so, about...
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    Hell, I KNOW I'm brain damaged... but I'm still not thinking that an egg and peanut butter sandwich is a good idea!
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    You get yourself treated for whatever brain damage caused you to think that might be a good idea!
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    Feeling bittersweet 23 years ago today, I started in my career as a police officer. It had taken me years and many attempts to finally get hired. I was excited, proud of my new agency, and looking forward with a little nervousness to the academy and my career. Well, I got through the academy...
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    Old-school martial arts books, like what Matthew P. Lynch translated?

    I'm cautious about "free" (or even not so free) PDF scans of books. Many violate copyright. @lklawson, I know, is careful about this, and I trust his scans, but some folks just scan a book without any regard for copyright. Others aren't nearly what they promise -- they're poor quality...