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    The deadly Handshake!!!

    Haven't you ever seen somebody try to crush someone's hand with a handshake when trying to intimidate them? Or using a handshake as distraction before punching the other person in the face? That's why they are trained.
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    Survey for STEM/Tech folks who participate in martial arts

    Done. "When did you start practicing the martial arts and why?" "How long have you been practicing?" These two questions may be a bit redundant.
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    Sports vs Traditional in terms of Self Defense

    But not in everything. World renowned experts can be wrong about things.
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    TRIGONDO - new martial art against multiple attackers. NEW NEW

    If that's all they have, then you can.
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    TRIGONDO - new martial art against multiple attackers. NEW NEW

    What did I just watch part of?
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    Does kicking itself improve flexibility?

    Depends on how high you kick.
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    Different Kind of Sidekick

    It's a bit like a front push kick or front thrust kick, depending on the impetus. The thrust is usually performed with the heel. I once had to kick in a door at a train station (It was stuck closed and some security guards were trying to kick it open, so I volunteered). Definitely had to use the...
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    Different Kind of Sidekick

    That was a front kick, not a side kick, but OK.
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    Different Kind of Sidekick

    And how hard.
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    Different Kind of Sidekick

    Kicking with the ball of the foot with a side kick, with any serious amount of power, is a good way to damage your ankle.
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    Just ask question, don't draw conclusion

    I would say about 24 degrees.
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    Does punching vertically really decrease the chances of breaking your hands? How do you do so when you hit that way?

    I think it has more to do with the conditioning bare knuckle boxers had of their hands and that boxing gloves don't allow one to clench their fist as tightly.
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    Need actual help. Truly need some Knowledge / Input...

    If you don't want to waste your time here then I suggest you try growing up first.
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    Top ten signs you've got wrong Doctor

    When your oral thermometer tastes funny.
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    Martial Arts Pet Peeves

    Or some bizarre form of twerking.
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    Why do people say to never kick air?

    Unless you train in a vacuum, you have no choice but to kick air. :)
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    Nails, screws and screwdrivers

    Holding screws or nails between your fingers is a good way to tear up your own hands.
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    Looking for Peoples take on being avoided in class

    The fact that you refer to the way you look and are angered by the girls avoiding you may be a clue as to why they are avoiding you. Maybe you should look within before you look elsewhere.
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    Old Martial Arts techniques.

    They're quick.
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    Can i replace cup with socks?

    If you use socks for impact absorption you can also use them to impress the ladies. :)
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    Most obscure martial arts?

    Joe Son Do; it had only one practitioner, and he wasn't very good at it.
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    Instructors, how do you defend against Sensei Seths side kick criticism?

    The side kick after the chamber in that video seems weird to me. The way I was taught was more like this:
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    Can you learn spinning aerial kicks in your 30s?

    I'm 49 and I can still do them. Just not as high and not as often.
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    Article on Krav Maga

    That explains why you have to hit someone 5 or 10 times in the same spot in order to finish them, instead of just once (too much aggression, not enough technique).
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    Article on Krav Maga

    This should be interesting.