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  1. Chronuss

    Your first car

    I had a 1988 Corsica...what a piece of junk that was for $400...had that until I got t-boned the day after my eightteenth birthday. then I got my '88 Accord, dropped it two inches and had 2.5" stainless off the downpipe to the three inch coconut shooter I liked to call a muffler...hehe. damn...
  2. Chronuss

    Lies people tell to save the marriage ...

    didn't like my calc teacher in highschool...we were always correcting her when she tried to show us how to solve a problem on the board...very frustrating.
  3. Chronuss

    Lies people tell to save the marriage ...

    ...I'd rather write Java than do calculus......
  4. Chronuss

    Lies people tell to save the marriage ...

    been there...done that...never returning.
  5. Chronuss

    Lies people tell to save the marriage ...

    PEBCAK. problem exists between chair and keyboard. :D
  6. Chronuss

    Lies people tell to save the marriage ...

    that's just the solar panel for the love machine.
  7. Chronuss

    A money-sucking, time-vacuuming thing...

    I love eBay...I have gotten many, many things off eBay. accoutrements and performance parts for my car, Christmas presents, audio/visual equipments, martial arts items, books, anim矇, lord can you find deals on anim矇...the list goes on. you just have to know how to win the auctions. ;) another...
  8. Chronuss

    Lies people tell to save the marriage ...

    if he starts calling it his tool shed, then you have problems...
  9. Chronuss

    Boob tube favorites

    everything FX makes turns out to be a hit...only got two more episodes of Rescue Me for the season... :wah:
  10. Chronuss

    Delete files, have bad day.

    never had to recover a whole drive, but many cd's and zip disks have crapped out on me. I have used Bad Copy Pro and Recover My Files for data recovery, and Bad Copy Pro was the better of the two.
  11. Chronuss

    What is your all time favorite fighting game? (video game)

    it's a toss up between Soul Calibur II, Virtua Fighter 4, and Tekken Tag, each has their strong points and characters that no other game has.
  12. Chronuss

    How to Turn A Woman On...

    don't want a bumpy some cases, yeah, you do.
  13. Chronuss

    How to Turn A Woman On...

    everyone make sure to examine the under carriage for obstructions.
  14. Chronuss

    Boob tube favorites

    and as for your sig...that lines from the Humanoid Typhoon.
  15. Chronuss

    Boob tube favorites

    no ones said reruns of Whose Line Is It Anyway? I absolutely love that show.
  16. Chronuss

    How to Turn A Woman On...

    that key strangely resembles the one that starts my Honda...coincidence...I think not. ;) however...I would like to know what the accessory position on that ignition does...:D
  17. Chronuss

    Boob tube favorites

    you watch Bebop and're worthy. :D
  18. Chronuss

    Boob tube favorites

    ...a female that watches cartoons, and anim矇 no less. why can't I find one of those... goodies have already been mentioned, but I love watching Smallville, Nip/Tuck, The Shield :fanboy:, Rescue Me (two more episodes!!), and I'll watch almost anything on G4 (the geek channel, hehe).
  19. Chronuss

    Victoria Beckham

    ...that's insulting to the carrot.
  20. Chronuss

    Need some help here.

    very stupid idea, but also the thing that worked when I had three PC's connected to my DSL. when I first connected the three, each wanted to use the same IP that the original PC was using. try releasing the IP's of the computers then renewing each seperately. in Win95/98, use winipcfg to view...
  21. Chronuss

    Best Storyline of Video Games you played?

    Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, the original PS1 game. holy Jesus, was this a good game. it had a day/night cycle, certain powers would be affected by the time including the werewolf/full moon thing and the armor/weapon combos were just great. and the fact that it spawned three next-generation...
  22. Chronuss

    My new sparring partner!!

    ...only thing that was connected to him were shackles.
  23. Chronuss

    My new sparring partner!!

    ...always said I wanted a woman that could kick my ***...but not one that possibly has more facial hair than I do...
  24. Chronuss

    My new sparring partner!!'s a female version of Vin Deisel...or possibly is Vin Deisel...
  25. Chronuss

    The New Batman Movie

    not particularly magical, he kept reviving himself by soaking in Lazarus pits, allowing him to keep his youth, but eventually wittle away at his mind.
  26. Chronuss

    Grill Season..

    my family is addicted to beer butt chicken...they now sell the beer holder at wally world so the chicken won't fall over and more importantly, so the beer doesn't spill.
  27. Chronuss

    Favorite movie fight scene?

    we've all mentioned movie and TV show fight scenes...what about some of the animated ones for us much larger dorks... D vs. Meier Link? Kenshin vs. Shishio? Vash vs. Knives?
  28. Chronuss

    What do you miss?

    if it weren't for the 80's...I wouldn't be here. :D
  29. Chronuss

    I need 85k...

    as long as it runs Linux and I can use Nessus to look at the packet headers...and as long as there's no SSH and I don't have to read hex, I'll be fine, but if you guys make me use are so on your own...think Cain and the MS Word dictionary file'll be enough? I mean...come
  30. Chronuss

    I need 85k...

    maybe we can pool our cash together then divy up months out of the year each of us get to have it in our garage...