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    HUH!!! Who is this??? Someone I don't know!!!!

    I remember hearing about him back in the late 60's. How's that for dating myself? :boing2:
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    Iron Palm Training

    Yes, authentic iron palm training is not something you should attempt without the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher...
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    All have internal and external elements

    It should be noted that the majority of neijia schools do not promote the regular practice of "meditation", per se... Taking advantage of the "gaps in consciousness" and skillfull use of angles and such are by no means the exclusive property of the neijia. Such concepts are to be found...
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    Does anyone know

    George Ling Hu (who now resides in Texas) used to live near Chicago back in the 70's. He's best known as a Taijiquan teacher but also teaches northern Shao-lin. I think he's now in Big Spring, Texas. Is this the gentleman you're wondering about?
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    What is your take on Jow ?

    Absolutely. We use a number of medicines but the "hit medicine" we use is an excellent recipe.
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    Iron body Training Head to Toe

    Tigron- The truth is that you cannot achieve genuine iron body kung-fu without the guidance of a qualified teacher. It is not possible. The first requirement is...patience.
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    Focus or Definition In Forms

    You're absolutely right. Moreover, the fellow whose form is actually incorrect undoubtedly has students who will learn to move as he does...and when it all aflls apart they'll shout about how forms are useless.
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    Iron Body Video Clip!

    It can be extremely harmful!
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    Iron Body Video Clip!

    Yes - !!!!!
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    On Power

    Pick up a copy of "Martial Mechanics" and let me know what you think. This subject is exactly what the book focuses on...
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    What martial arts book are you currently reading?

    Okay - I'm going to recommend "Martial Mechanics."
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    Iron Body Video Clip!

    He's actually supposedly doing Marrow-Washing chigong...but I never heard of hitting your privates like that... I wonder what intellectual collosus ever came up with this stuff?
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    Stay the same or change

    Yes, I would have chosen the same art(s)...
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    Fingertip push ups fact or fiction....

    I've been doing fingertip push-ups for about 50 years now...and I still hit the striking post several hundred times a day. I've never had any problems with my hands - if you train correctly, you'll be fine. Those who suffer from arthritis and other ailments either trained incorrectly, or...
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    It's Raining Grand Masters.

    Yes, I received a letter from an organization that started out, "Dear Friend..." and they went on to inform me that I'd been nominated to the woopedy-doopedy "Hall of Fame"! Good Grief. They didn't even know my name! Oh, yeah...I only had to fork over something like $200 for the title. How...
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    Kung Fu Books

    Okay - I'll put in a shameless plug for my new book, "Martial Mechanics", although it isn't style-specific and the principles it presents can be applied to any percussive form.
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    Yihemen Quan

    My understanding is that the founder, Sho Doshin, visited the Shao-lin Temple and modelled much of his art after the postures illustrated on the frescoes that adorn the main hall...
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    The Beer is Cold in Valhalla, Michael Monsoor

    "No greater love hath a man than this; that he give up his life for a friend."