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    UFC fighter Anderson Silva wants to be an Olympian

    Old video, not current champ at any weight class. Also anyone can get KO'd by a high level champ of similar sports. Not much difference between the two sports (ITF vs. WTF) at the highest level. The movement is the same, the kicks are the same, only diff is punch to the head or not. Very poor...
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    My First ITF Class

    I don't think punching to the head and boxing style punches in general are a WTF vs. ITF thing. I think it is more of an instructor thing. I teach punching all the time from a boxing stand point and we do WTF sparring at our school. Punching is a big part of our test as we call it combat...
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    UFC fighter Anderson Silva wants to be an Olympian

    Silva would get killed. Would bring a big light to sport TKD but he would get KO'd. Simple as that. He is to slow and does not have the skills for this sport. I am sure he know this. He could not beat any of the serious Juniors (15-17 years old) that do this sport. It's just not that simple to do.
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    Kind of cool

    Thank you Sir. Last year was his first year as a Jr. He gave it his best shot and came up a little short vs. the kid that took it all. He will be ready this year.
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    Locks for SD?

    Here is a vid of someone defending himself with a wrist/arm lock and take down. Here is what the OP of this vid George Bell had to say about wrist and locks for SD.
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    Kind of cool

    He's the one in each clip landing a technique. The one in the USA dobok.
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    Kind of cool

    Kind of cool to watch techniques in slow motion. We don't always see the footwork and timing, but when you slow it down you really see the work it takes to get it just right. These are some highlights of my son at a recent event.
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    Has olympic Taekwondo ruined the reputation of the art?

    Only in the eyes of others that do TKD and want all TKD to look like what they do. I can tell you that anyone of us on this board would get pretty badly beaten up by all Olympic level TKD practitioners, no matter what our style of TKD.
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    More TKD as SD

    Pretty good techniques...
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    Poomsae world champion

    Below are clips from the USA Poomsae team. I have the pleasure of knowing many of them, and have one student that is also apart of this team and he placed at worlds. They are all great athletes and generate great power in their forms. Many of them were fighters before they chose to do poomsae...
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    USAT tournament questions

    Start here Become a USA Taekwondo Member Sparring gear for color belts can vary depending. Some event have color belts use Electronic Hogus so you should get the foot socks just incase. Can be worn even with regular hogus as well. But you need to check with each event. Color belts don't need...
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    Cool little video

    Poomsae techniques applied to fighting or SD. Pretty cool.
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    TKD Coming Out More and More

    More and more MMA fighters stating that TKD is there base. You always see Karate or Kickboxing as an MMA persons style but when I watch them it looks like TKD to me. And so far it has been the case more than not. Here's another one.
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    Youth Black Belts

    Crazy this thread is still going!
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    it's official

    Congrats. And don't get to worked up, you will do a great job. Art
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    Little help needed.

    Hello All, It's been awhile. Got a friend that is looking to get back in to TKD. She is on the east coast and is looking for her old instructor Ann Haberman that use to teach under Master Joseph Consentino. Anyone know if she or he is still teaching and where? Thank you.
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    Olympics and average age in TKD

    Yes because of the GP point system you will see more compete at the US. Open this year. Should be fun. Can't wait.
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    Zachary has a announcement, well daddy does

    Congratulations to your and Zach Sir. May they have many happy years together.
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    Will virtual training ever be possible?

    Yes and No. If you simply use virtual training and that's it, then NO! However if you are already versed in your art and you have a training partner then you can use a DVD to supplement your training with said partner. Not going to say much more than that as most of you understand what I am...
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    Who won???

    Yes she is clearly sport point fighting, but not sue how staged it was other than someone telling the guy not to just go crazy and kill the girl. But just from the standpoint of using some rules to compete vs. one another, the female clearly is the more skilled person. The guy did not seem to...
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    Who won???

    You be the judge. Who won this match. R3OgpLmtQuE
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    Picked on the wrong dude.

    Was this a demo or something?
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    Kept moving and stayed on his feet. Z-NAigzTh0U
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    Picked on the wrong dude.

    OK this guy takes on 4 bad guys and wins. Kept moving and did not let anymore than 1 attack him at any given time. Z-NAigzTh0U
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    Karate an Olympic Sport

    So is this what we should expect to see? DB57bw0m47E
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    Pretty funny.

    Not sure how real this is but it was pretty funny. OSWb3Uc2cUI
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    Karate an Olympic Sport Anyone have any more info on this?
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    Karate an Olympic Sport Anyone have any other news on this?
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    How long will TKD remain an Olympic Sport

    Well currently TKD is set thru 2020. 2024 is anyone's guess.
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    Preferred Kicking Leg

    Took all 3 rounds to figure it out and then set it up. We were down for the entire match until the end. Scored with 2 axe kicks then the spin hook. Sometimes you figure it out in time. Sometimes you figure it out after watching the video. Lucky we were able to figure it out that day. The guy was...