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  1. Rich Parsons

    What Is Your Martial Art Worth To You?

    It will take some for me. It has saved my life and worse injuries. So I do PT & work to target where I was before. (* Never going to get there *) Yet it is a target.
  2. Rich Parsons

    Double Promoting

    I expect you have higher rank in B Double E Double R U N :D ... Side note: WWW has nine syllables Would Wide Web has three. :o
  3. Rich Parsons

    The importance of real experience

    Just because some one is a LEO or in the military does not mean they have pulled a weapon and actually used it. Many do use hand held and their own hands and limited training ( in my opinion ) , on the job. . Just because someone is someone in the military has an assignment or designation for...
  4. Rich Parsons

    Doxing yourself

    I do this occasionally. I also have details that are difficult yet not impossible to find. Even using a valid company discount site, while working for the company their third party that searches for details for one to verify, would provide me details about other people with my name. Even if I...
  5. Rich Parsons

    Taken Down a Notch

    I am confused as to who the current enlistment process affects current Veterans. Can you bring these two points together for me? I am missing something. To be honest, @Bill Mattocks , posts crayon jokes more than once a month . This to me is a way to tell people without telling them. And also...
  6. Rich Parsons

    Need help choosing between schools

    If Cost is not an issue (* Delta $20 / month *) then one needs to look at your goals and other factors. . The one that s 5 miles away will be much easier to get too as it will be on the way to some other task or near some other thing you can do before or after the class. The one that is 20...
  7. Rich Parsons

    Double Promoting

    Good for you for wanting to complete learning experience. A few things to understand: 1. GM's can do what they want. 2. You and your instructor if not GM could discuss with him your issues / concern. 3. If the average time for the first couple of belts is 2 to 3 months so 4 to 5 months...
  8. Rich Parsons

    General advice on baseball bat combat?

    Yes try to avoid using the the two handed swing, / power swing. I cannot remember the number of bats, gold clubs, tire irons and other items I took from people who thought they were in sport shape and knew how to use their tool. . Carry it around one handed. Choke up on it so it feels a...
  9. Rich Parsons

    General advice on baseball bat combat?
  10. Rich Parsons

    Taken Down a Notch

    I know Bill, He knows what he knows. He presents it as just that. . If he doesn't know I have seen him and heard him say so. . As stated young buck looking to make points from the laughter at someone older than him, and not likely to be his boss in the near future. . Personally, I think...
  11. Rich Parsons

    Maslow's hierarchy of needs and your dojo....

    I started for a variation on Problem Solving, I really enjoyed the solving the problems, be they new techniques or training to be better than I was the day before. . I also help those with problems who show up and have specific problems. Yes it keeps my student level down to a handful. I don't...
  12. Rich Parsons

    Collecting Training by the Famous

    Bill, I prefer the lets train part. If they have something I am interested in learning then cool. If not then the test allows me to review and move on. . I have met some, who have been in TV and / or movies, and they were not fun or nice to be around. They were rude and dismissive and...
  13. Rich Parsons

    I need help in writing my thesis.

    I am assuming it is martial arts related. Can you provide the art and any other critical content or topic that needs to be discussed? Can you provide an example of what you have done or have an issue with?
  14. Rich Parsons

    What is the lowest age you except for your adult classes and why?

    Yes, It is only the first step . Legal fees are out of pocket, unless one can bring counter suit. And yes Liability Insurance is required and used by the site / company .
  15. Rich Parsons

    What is the lowest age you except for your adult classes and why?

    Traditionally 16 as they can be tried as an adult in our state. I have gone below that , and that limit is 12, yet one the parents has to be present for all classes , the complete class. Also if married, then both parents must sign waiver. If divorced, then both parents, and step/bonus...
  16. Rich Parsons

    Dungeons and Dragons, a return

    Make it a reaction, and if they hit they return the damage. Make it a minimum threshold to trigger such as 10 / 12/ 15 etc. The Reaction is provided free even if the character does not have a reaction (used in 5th or not the correct class in 2nd Pathfinder)
  17. Rich Parsons

    What does it mean if someone "can fight" or "can't fight"?

    Hi Windwalker, . One does not need to be Military, or LEO / First Responder to have seen violence or lived through it. . It is difficult for those who have never seen, done, or lived through it. Peace with what you have seen, use your network of those who have also seen / done what you have...
  18. Rich Parsons

    Anything about the WKA Wing Chun System?

    What are the purpose of thee drills? Is it targeting and practicing getting hip and body placement with each strike? Is it sensitivity? . If the purpose of the drill is lost then people will not understand. . I mean no disrespect to the MMA and BJJ, yet when they say people not just stand...
  19. Rich Parsons

    Calling Somebody's Dojo A McDojo Is Offensive

    I remember the term Mc-Mansion for the housing expansion and housing growth in large sub-divisions in the 90's. At the same time, Mc Dojo was also being used, and it applied to strip malls / plazas and mull on Malls where a Training facility was located. ... They all looked a lot a like, Walk...
  20. Rich Parsons

    What weapons do you train in your FMA?

    In Balintawak , it is Single Stick Dueling , and it came from Stick and Dagger so one can go back insert the Blade in the left hand easily and then also make the stick a blade. The Blade body and footwork is different then a blunt or impact weapon. The attributes of the weapon will dictate...
  21. Rich Parsons

    Hello , I am new here ...

    Welcome to Martial Talk :D
  22. Rich Parsons

    Hello Everybody!!

    Welcome to Martial Talk :D
  23. Rich Parsons

    Comparing kid ranks to adult ranks

    A sanctioned Sporting event is a Sanctioned Sporting event with rules. They might be skilled. They probably (Most likely) have better cardio than me. So not attack on their physical condition. And not disrespect meant to their skill. Now that being said, I do not go around telling people NOT...
  24. Rich Parsons

    Dungeons and Dragons, a return

    Before 5th was rolled out they play tested "Next" at Gen Con and Origins and other places. It was also rolled out online for some basic information . They have kept their online material for play testing - Unearthed Arcana - is the area they use for this material. I would like to play, only...
  25. Rich Parsons

    Last Poster #7

    Hi Buka, My point was not to tell you how the weather was around you, yet to point out that I thought Vegas was bone dry and the San Diego had humidity and I could detect it after the dryness of Vegas. Flying from Michigan to South Cali is not as easy to detect. Colorado and the elevated...
  26. Rich Parsons

    Comparing kid ranks to adult ranks

    A fight is no rules. A fight is anything goes. A fight means I am trying to go home. If I end up in the hospital I hope you have good insurance as I would expect to give as much as possible. This includes improvised weapons and environment. ** RELFECTION is what you are getting from what...
  27. Rich Parsons

    Is it a consensus in the martial arts world that... BJJ is the best?

    Hi Drop Bear, When I read "Bolos" I first thought of the weapon used in the Philippines. I then immediately thought of "Be 'On-the' Look Out" for --- :D I guess I could use some more rounding to this point.
  28. Rich Parsons

    Last Poster #7

    Michigan is about 72% and sees mid to high 80% as normal in the summer. A friend and I took a trip (in college) to San Diego and to save money we flew through Vegas and it was summer time. It went from about 85% Humidity to Teens or low 20's even though the average is in the low 30%. Upon...
  29. Rich Parsons

    Last Poster #7

    I drove roads like that on my way to Winter Park
  30. Rich Parsons

    Comparing kid ranks to adult ranks

    I thought you ignored me And would not be responding top me anymore Do you have to have the last work. If so then quote and post last word and it will be done for this thread. That being said You have your point I have my point. I really don't think you want to learn or listen to the...