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    Google+ ?

    I'm there:
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    I Left My School Today

    That's a hard choice to make, and I'm sorry you had to make it. Integrity of that nature is becoming rare as people take the easy course rather than the right one - but that doesn't make the decision any easier.
  3. Kacey

    Staying true to one's principles

    That's rough... but honestly, I've never been patted down. I follow the guidelines for packing my carry-on, wear easily removable shoes, wear no jewelry (I put it in the carry-on) - I've never had a problem with it. There are costs for all kinds of things, and all kinds of costs - only you can...
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    What would you do?

    Honestly? I had a high school student (at the school where I was teaching English, not in a training situation) tell me he was learning Karate and offer to show me a pattern as part of his year-end portfolio, which had to include something from an outside activity. To my surprise, he did...
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    My kicks video plz critique

    Control is not "easier" - it means being able to hit exactly as hard as you want, and no harder. Focus is the other piece, and it means hitting a specific point in space, regardless of what is behind that point (like your friend). Hit full speed, full power - but learn to hit a point in space...
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    Regisitering yourself to the authorities

    I agree. I think your seniors (if that's where you're getting this) are having fun with you. Schools may give out IDs for all sorts of reason - access to the facility, membership discounts, etc.
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    Is "Bigot" Still A Meaningful Word?

    In this age of "political correctness", the word "bigot" is used more and more by people who want to see changes in the way people talk, to remove words that are objectionable in some fashion. That is, in itself, a form of bigotry, often with a heaping dose of self-righteousness on top of it...
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    More bad news for my son

    I'm sorry to hear that Zachary's injury is worse that was thought - I hope he heals well and completely, and without the need for surgery.
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    I Lost Two Students Tonight

    One of the hardest part of being an instructor is that students leave. It sucks, no matter what the reason. I've had students leave because of college, because they got old enough to start dating, because they reached black belt and, despite all the information they received to the contrary...
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    Woman Faces Jail Time For Growing Veggies In Front Yard

    Sheesh indeed... I was expecting an HOA problem from the title - but this is just silly. Do any of these people know how many "decorative" plants are edible? What if she was harvesting dandelion greens instead of putting down weed killer? Or harvesting iris bulbs? My local nursery...
  11. Kacey

    Need MAJOR help!

    My motivation comes and goes. There was a time when, if I hadn't been teaching as well, I might well have quit and never come back. Also, knowing people were expecting me helped me show up - and even when I don't want to go and force myself, I always feel better having trained.
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    Seriously. Take a shower.

    I teach middle school in addition to Taekwon-Do, and we get kids occasionally who don't shower. One, in particular, was homeless (he and his mother were living in a car) - his problem was based on lack of access, so we let him in early, and he showered in the locker room and washed his clothes...
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    Women Are Better At EVERYTHING? Hmm...

    This isn't news... just newly admitted to by men!
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    Helping out the dojo

    Honestly, I started my class with nothing - and yes, I understand that it's not your class. The "minor markup" is less than $5 per item, which mostly covers the shipping, and while the adults buy their own gear, most of the kids start in gear that other students have outgrown and donated back...
  15. Kacey

    Sad Story of Christian Choate

    Because if they plead guilty, their sick minds would have to admit what they did went beyond "discipline". :dalek:
  16. Kacey

    The College Scam, Higher education isn't worth the cost. - John Stossel

    The only difference between a BA and BS at the university I attended for my undergraduate work was 2 years of a foreign language... which, incidentally, was required for the BS, not the BA. Bill Gates is wealthy, he never finished college... My grandpa ran the largest lemon packing house in the...
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    I finally did it !!

    Congratulations! Welcome to the wider world that begins to open at black belt!
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    The College Scam, Higher education isn't worth the cost. - John Stossel

    As a teacher, I am tired of being told that all students need to be prepared for college. There are too many students going to college because it's "expected" who don't want to go, who want careers better suited to on-the-job or trade school training, who end up with a useless - or worse, only...
  19. Kacey

    Helping out the dojo

    You could also contact Masterline - I have an account with them as an instructor, and the prices are considerably lower. I buy gear for my class (uniforms, belts, sparring gear, focus pads, etc.) through them, charge a minor markup for shipping, and use any profit (some students pay retail as...
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    Sparring tonight, I kicked a guy below his red belt.

    Like everyone else, I have to say groin kicks happen. Juniors just learning to spar are dangerous because they lack control and are generally not predictable, because they are still feeling their way (so to speak) into what they're doing in sparring. If you hit a senior... then you taught the...
  21. Kacey

    Star Wars Tai Chi with Lord Vader

    Clearly, someone has way too much spare time - but fun to watch! :knight:
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    Site Update - July 3 2011

    It's not a problem I'm having - I had to log in once on each of the computers I use, but that was it.
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    Back after an extended hiatus

    Welcome back, and thanks for your service!!! <bows>
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    Melvin The Machine

    That was my thought - the camera operators were often at the wrong distance, and they anticipated some of the movements to the point that some things weren't shown. Still interesting, though.
  25. Kacey

    Meditation as part of a Taekwondo class

    That's pretty much what we do also - the instructions at the beginning of class are to clear your mind of the events of the day so as to be ready to learn during class, and at the end of class to think about what you've learned to help you remember it.
  26. Kacey

    Pet Insurance Experiences?

    As noted in a recent post, I adopted a dog recently from a shelter. My last dog died of spinal cancer after some very expensive treatment, which extended his life but was ultimately not able to cure him. I've been considering pet insurance for my new dog, but every plan is different, and...
  27. Kacey

    Actually, that's not in the Bible

    What concerns me as much - if not more than - the people who misquote the Bible to include things that are not there, are the people who pick and choose which quotes to follow... while stating categorically that they are "true believers" who live the way the Bible mandates. The following quote...
  28. Kacey

    White belt Sparring and Separated Rib

    I agree. Martial arts are contact sports, and bruises are to be expected... but not injuries requiring doctor's care. We also pair the newest students up with the most experienced, specifically because the seniors should have the focus and control to not injure the juniors, nor to let the...