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  1. Bob Hubbard

    The WMAA Remy Presas 15 year Remembrance & Reunion Camp

    For anyone coming to the camp, I'll be there on Saturday shooting portraits.
  2. Bob Hubbard

    Martial Arts "Masters" Portraits & School Photos

    Now starting to plan out my 2016 calendar. If you're interested in student photos, event coverage, instructor pictures, advertising shots or your own Master's Portrait, lets chat and see about getting you on my calendar. (716) 771-0888 or
  3. Bob Hubbard

    Website cost

    Something to be aware of. Google is de-listing Wix based sites, meaning if you use Wix, you won't be found through Google. I've seen some suggestions this is intentional, Google says it's a bug and they're working on fixing it. Google temporarily de-indexes Wix sites - The American Genius...
  4. Bob Hubbard

    Website cost

    How much? Free to Quite a Lot. What's your budget? Who is your target market? Are you looking to recruit new students, or educate and inform current ones? Are you looking for a "fire and forget" site that is more an online brochure or something more dynamic that you can update over time? Are...
  5. Bob Hubbard

    Why is my post blocked from public view

    Policy was put into place because of concerns with copyright violations. Simply put, you can sell or give away your tape/cd/dvd no problem. As long as you also transfer or destroy all 'backups' as well. Otherwise, you're violating copyright laws, and with penalties in the tens of thousands to...
  6. Bob Hubbard

    Subforum description / questioning the supposed 2000 year old lineage

    I don't recall when we added the section, but most of the early art forum descriptions were based on available info in the rec.martialarts FAQ as it was at the time, or later distilled from Wikipedia entries. A few were updated, modified or totally replaced based on member input over the years.
  7. Bob Hubbard

    Looking up old threads

    Topish right corner, click on the Search Box. Type in your user name Hit Search. 1st round for me ended Jan 2015. But at the bottom or the results there was a link for 'Find Older Results'. You have to go to the last page of the current batch, then it'll show up. If you're looking for your 1st...
  8. Bob Hubbard

    Question for mods re: challenges vs meet ups/forum ettiquette

    There's a difference between a demo and a challenge. The challenge issues one that when it comes up is looked at by several moderators and mentors, discussed and weighed out. -I- might see a challenge but someone else see something benign. If the decision is harmless it's allowed, if it's...
  9. Bob Hubbard

    Threads going off topic

    Threads go off topic all the time. When things derail you can ignore the derailment, report the thread and the mods will review it and make the call to let it ride or redirect or split or in some cases lock the topic, or attempt to stay focused on the core point yourelf. If people are...
  10. Bob Hubbard Terms of Service

    Please Note: In April 2014 I sold MartialTalk to Forum Foundry. Any and all references to contacting me should be directed towards them. Forum Foundry P.O. Box 3503 Cedar Park, TX 78630 For Issues regarding MartialTalk please use the Contact Us link. Thank you
  11. Bob Hubbard

    Accessing online accounts

    Also if you know someone's a Star Trek fan, 1701 is a good 1st try for their pin #'s.
  12. Bob Hubbard

    Accessing online accounts

    Steve, More possible help: Submit a request regarding a deceased user s account - Accounts Help This also hits on several different services: How to Access a Deceased Loved One s Online Accounts Short version, proof of your ID, proof of the persons death, and some other legal stuff...
  13. Bob Hubbard

    Accessing online accounts

    Some possible help Reset your password Remove and reset passwords on Windows 8 and later If those don't work, there is software that can help you gain access. Reset Windows 8.1 password with the free tool ntpasswd - 4sysops I've used similar in the past to help a client regain access to...
  14. Bob Hubbard

    The Newbie Guide to Martial Arts Training (ver 2.6) - by Jeff Pipkins

    Depends. As a hobby, when you can. If you're serious, daily, and as long as possible.
  15. Bob Hubbard

    God Bless Texas

    Though I suspect we're heading across the political divide here. US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum ^------That's where Politics goes. :D
  16. Bob Hubbard

    God Bless Texas

    The -ONLY- reason to try and limit the right to record to a select few, is to try and control what is released. It's Censorship.
  17. Bob Hubbard

    God Bless Texas

    Legal carry has anything to do with the legality of a citizen peacefully recording. Something the US Dept. of Justice has repeatedly reaffirmed. Bluntly put if cops are afraid of cameras, those cops are looking at not being caught doing something. Department of Justice Warns Police Against...
  18. Bob Hubbard

    I'm having a(nother) senior moment

    Long way about..... Hover over your username top right. click on Preferences. Select Style. Theres a couple options there. 1 -may- help. R ight now I don't know if those features are user-editable on here.
  19. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    Ok, couple of points here. First, the site rules: I'm not sure what grammar structure you're using there, but I suspect it wouldn't meet the parameters of what passed for English in my old high school. Secondly, again I quote scripture here: Your comment which I have quoted above in my...
  20. Bob Hubbard

    Imperator Reductus.

    Imperator Reductus.
  21. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    I shoot hour glass figures. Sand's optional. LOL
  22. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    In that case, try your local craft store like Michaels, Hobby Lobby or AC Moore and ask for vase sand. Or use water. Nothing pours like water as much as water does.
  23. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    Don't you mean Organic Gluten Free, All Natural Holistic Himalayan sand?
  24. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    Spent much of yesterday arguing Net Neutrality with people who believe the hired spokescongressionals for the ISPs over the words of people who actually understand the issue (/rant: short version, the FCC ruling was right, Faux is wrong. Get the real facts, don't listen to idiots who make...
  25. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy Hoc Legere . Responsum est in te .
  26. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    Step 1 - pour dry sand in. Step 2 - use John Thomas as a water transport system. Step 3 - Pause to hydrate delivery system. Suggest ale as lager may be too foamy. Step 4 - When filled to neck, continue saturating sand in support system. If there's a problem, you may wish to see a man about a...
  27. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    Depending on where you buy it, it'll be wet. Big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes leave their sand outside year round, usually exposed. So it'll often be damp when you buy it. Given it's intended use in building or gardening it's not usually important. Play sand is usually cleaned up, and...
  28. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    I told you the answer. So have a few other people. You want this many:
  29. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    Assuming this is correct: "5,776 cubic inches for full, or 2,888 cubic inches for half." A 50 lb. bag of QUIKRETE Play Sand contains approximately 0.5 cubic feet of sand. 0.5 cf = 864 ci 2888 / 864 = 3 1/3 bags of sand. So 4 are needed. 5776 / 864 = 6 3/4 bags of sand. So 7 are needed. It...
  30. Bob Hubbard

    Bob central dummy

    *whistles innocently*