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  1. Carol


    There's a service called "Cairn" that offers something similar for hiking gear. A few of my friends have subscribed, and love it. To me it just screams "Pay us to send you stuff that hasn't sold elsewhere!"
  2. Carol

    Martial Arts Weapon Possession Can Be A Felony

    Been away too long! Missed my friends. Good to see you too!!
  3. Carol

    Martial Arts Weapon Possession Can Be A Felony

    I noticed this as well. Ran the first guy's name through Google as a curiosity -- the guy has quite a few priors, including previous arrests on weapons charges. The law does seem a little over the top. But I can see how this guy probably didn't come across as a fellow driving home from...
  4. Carol

    Sneak Preview: The Smithereens

    BF bought us second row seats to The Smithereens last night. The venue has generally been gracious enough to allow cameras, so I brought my P&S along for the show. A couple shots from the evening: Jim and Severo with Andy Burton by Carol, on Flickr The Smithereens haven't traditionally...
  5. Carol

    Mom shot while breastfeeding son -- and shoots back!

    Just found this.....things look very positive for Mom. Wounded Mom Who Survived Home Invasion Speaks Out After Attack
  6. Carol

    Mom shot while breastfeeding son -- and shoots back!

    Xue!!! Been doing great. Pretty busy for awhile with work stuff...but missed you and missed a lot of folks here. Great to see you too! (Do you still distrust me with maglites? :droid::p
  7. Carol

    How fast it goes bad

    Was reading this and typing something I read a couple days ago from a friend. She works at a of the big ones. They have been running MACTAC training and exercises with the campus PD. She says that the Chief was very graphic, and that many staff left the room crying. She...
  8. Carol

    Happy Veterans Day

    Salute to all who served! Loved seeing all the photos on Facebook as well. Plus there were some very touching stories that were very touching...even amusing. These were two of my faves: "My dad joined the Army for, you know, freedom and stuff. Actually I think he enlisted to get the hell...
  9. Carol

    Mom shot while breastfeeding son -- and shoots back!

    Nerves of steel -- she's a combat medic in the Guard. Son was unharmed. Mom is badly hurt and remains hospitalized. Scumbag perp arrested. Mother fends off intruders while breastfeeding 4-month-old son
  10. Carol

    More stuff on Glocks

    Centerfire pistols are typically going to be easier to conceal and easier to limp-wrist. That's just physics.
  11. Carol

    Professor Title

    Just for a little more detail, as Steve said the term profesor or profesora means 'teacher'. The term is used as widely as 'teacher' is used among in the English speaking world. Literally, it means "one who professes", as in one who declares (something) publicly. The term for an academic...
  12. Carol

    Leg stretchers

    I've heard similar numbers, to hold for at least 15 seconds, and holding for 30 seconds is even better. Another overlooked component to flexibility is strength. Proper training with weight-bearing exercises can do wonders for flexibility.
  13. Carol

    So congratulations to the newest addition to the royal family!

    They are in NC again. Or more accurately -- Charlotte's current NBA team is once again called the Hornets. Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets Team News
  14. Carol

    Dry feet cause slipping

    I train anything -- martial arts, kettle bells, jogging -- barefoot whenever possible. That means managing the associated issues whenever possible. And I hike 10-30 hours a week in all conditions....dry, rainy, muddy, icy, snowy. If you fall during training, what happens? Maybe you mess...
  15. Carol

    Dry feet cause slipping

    Agreed. Strength and balance. Shoes matter little, by the way. I see this on trail all the time, esp in winter. Two people in identical boots walking an identical path, one can walk the path assuredly while the other slips or cannot do it without traction.
  16. Carol

    Want to start a career in law enforcement with a great department?

    A hiker friend of mine in Colorado is scrambling up and down all kinds of rocks in hopes of testing with the Nashua PD in August. Will you be joining him? Starting pay is $49K+ The Official Website of the Nashua Police Department - Nashua NH - Careers NH RESIDENCY IS NOT REQUIRED. The...
  17. Carol

    Militarization of the police...

    Thanks for the correction! I was wondering if that was correct, I've seen them used interchangably but didn't verify. Chalk this up to one of many times I learn by opening my big mouth :)
  18. Carol

    Militarization of the police...

    A fair amount of controversy over the last 3 years has been focused on the MRAPP vehicles (ie: the Lenco Bearcat). Before the controversy blew up, a Lenco YouTube promo showed SWAT teams drills in camo and a town official in NH proclaimed "We're getting our own tank!" This caused both...
  19. Carol

    Teaching at summer camps to gain experience?

    A friend of mine is an assistant instructor at a school in New England. She also an adjunct (part-time) professor at a local college; With the blessing of both her head instructor and her college boss, she'll be taking the summer off from both jobs and teaching at various youth summer camps...
  20. Carol

    Militarization of the police...

    I think that's the case in all Spanish-speaking countries. Its no easier to delineate when doing business with them either.
  21. Carol


    So my takeaway from this is Instructor B is on a bit of power trip. B wants to by C's school. B wants authority over who can test and who cannot, and appears to be forcing C's hand B may think he can run the show and put bodies in the school better than C (and perhaps he does. You don't have...
  22. Carol

    So congratulations to the newest addition to the royal family!

    So that's why the NBA team was named the Hornets! Always wondered about that.
  23. Carol

    Lightsabers are ********!

    May the Fourth be with you all
  24. Carol

    Don't tell them you know martial arts

    Martial arts skills of the defender have nothing to do with use of force. This is a dangerous misconception. This is what gives rise to the Hollywood-addicted people wringing their hands and whining at peace officers asking "Why can't the cop just shoot the gun out of the teenager's hand?"
  25. Carol

    Don't tell them you know martial arts

    Brandishing sai at your own backyard barbecue might be fair game. :D
  26. Carol

    Vintage Nunchucks

    Yes! As unintuitive as it sounds, it is the same thing - a surface layer created by a chemical reaction over time. Stonework can have patina as well. Its said that the White Mountains of New Hampshire got their name from the snow, or their light color, or both. The light color of the rock...
  27. Carol

    Vintage Nunchucks

    They are indeed, patina refers to many types of metal reactions. If the Statue of Liberty were rusted copper, she would be red in color. However, she is out in a body of salt (NaCl) water (H20) This reacts with her copper (Cu) to form hydrated cupric chloride (CuCl2*2(H20)) -- which is...
  28. Carol

    Aaron Cook to compete for Moldova

    Bloody insane that he is not representing the UK! I look forward to watching him compete, regardless of country. *heads to google to pull up a map*
  29. Carol

    What do you think about Toso Kune Do?

    SDlively, what sort of thing are you looking for with your training? Are you looking to earn a black belt, hopefully as soon as possible? Are you looking to try your hand at competitive and/or MMA-style fighting? Are you looking for something with a rich history? Something different...
  30. Carol

    This is stunning! Is this a Lion Dance or a Dragon Dance?

    Gaaaahh! Sorry! Here is the link *blush* - Amazing DRAGON Dance in Competition - Please SHARE Facebook