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  1. Kwanjang

    Cleaning of 'Zebra mats'

    I have 2,000 square foot floor with Zebra mats. I am also fanatical about clean! Over the holidays we needed to deep scrub the mats and I didn't want to buy the machine on the Zebra web site so we hand scrubbed them. That was a piece of work! dirty! So I am going to invest in the machine...
  2. Kwanjang

    The knee is NOT the best target for self defense

    Interesting observation. I would concur! I think if you attack the knee it should be after you have deprived them of clarity of thought!
  3. Kwanjang

    Poomsae Gurus

    Tom, How would you know what I'm up to date on. You made an assumption and you know what they say about making assumptions. You don't know me either. However, My friend zDom does know me. zDom I am humbled an honored by your post.
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    Poomsae Gurus

  5. Kwanjang

    Poomsae Gurus

  6. Kwanjang

    KONNICHIWA! I'm new! Please say "hi"

    welcome to MT! ;)
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Hey! what up? Been a while! Hope everyone is doing great?
  8. Kwanjang

    Least favorite kicks

    Flying kicks....use to love them (still do) my knees hate them. its not the jump...its the landing. :)
  9. Kwanjang

    Respect in martial arts

    For me personally, I approach, speak and bow 1st every time I get the chance. I believe I must set the example for my students. I think the martial arts school should be as refined as possible. When I walk into my school (if there is a class going on) the senior students stops the class and...
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    New to the site

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    Presidential Motorcade

    Kinda makes me want to Salute!
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    Welcome to MT! Enjoy
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    Hello all.

    Welcome to MT!
  15. Kwanjang

    finally starting

    Congradulations on your decission!
  16. Kwanjang

    Losing the Fire

    I have had plenty of valid reason to jusify "just quiting" I do love the MA, however owning two schools can really keep you busy. Sometimes I long to be "just a student" in line with the rest. For example right now i have planter faciitis (not sure on the spelling) But I do know its painful...
  17. Kwanjang

    Creating Forms?

    Thanks Wade. The question is about creation of your own. Anyone can commment as long as they stay on topic! with a response to each question, :)
  18. Kwanjang

    Creating Forms?

    First, Hello everyone especially my TKD friends! Have any of you ever created a poomsae with or without weapons? I know there are some people- like me, that are OCD about form. If you have created a form, What was the pattern, Was it an H pattern or a + type pattern? I have created a couple of...
  19. Kwanjang

    Best of all

    I remember one time I was teaching doubble footed flying kicks on the heavy bag- I started off saying to pay close attention class. (haha) I took a couple of fast steps toward the bag, and when the moment I tried to launch.... I had enough momentum going to make the kick a high one, but I...
  20. Kwanjang

    Weight Training and TKD

    Just Do it! :)
  21. Kwanjang

    Dare ya go...Yeah!.....

    Dare ya go...Yeah!.....
  22. Kwanjang

    Another kick question

    I love to Kick! even those fancy jump an spinning kicks ( I liked them better when I was in my twenties) For SD I prefer the front kick to solar plexus. True, they prove difficult to use if some one is rushing you. As far as SD I prefer to use my hands to strategic targets to try stun them...
  23. Kwanjang

    Next Poster Game - 2.0

    Oh..No sorry Terry
  24. Kwanjang

    WTF TKD sparring hands down?

    I beleive because of the flight or fight instinct built into us all- when that second switch flips to the on (fight) position, any hard core training you have done should be of great benifit to you. A (well) trained (disciplined) MA'st has a better since of thiming, distance, and knock out...
  25. Kwanjang

    TKD anyone

    A great lesson for all of us to follow Terry!
  26. Kwanjang

    What kind of a fighter do you fear most?

    I would respectfully disagree with you on this one. An old martial art maxum says, anger blows out the lamp of the mind. I tend to agree. Just something to consider. :)
  27. Kwanjang

    Disappearing History...

    I have enjoyed reading this thread! I have not been on MT alot lately, as I have been busy with my studios and helping my students. Things I know all school owners can appreciate. It is great MT members have been discussing the "disappearing history" thing. I am a BIG fan of history- I do...
  28. Kwanjang

    Jackie Chan the New Miyagi

    I will watch it....when it comes out on DVD! Yeah....DVD
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    Welcome to martial Talk! Enjoy!