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    Muay Thai Move + Form

    Looks like a bad cut and paste job to me. :(
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    Phil Baroni on Anderson Silva - That would be my dream fight and I would beat him".

    Phil Baroni would simply get embarrased by Anderson Silva. I can't believe he thinks he would win. I understand confidence in yourself but there is a big difference between that and stupidity and I think Baroni is stupid.
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    Muay Thai for MMA/Pankration striking game

    What everyone has been saying makes sense so far - joining an MMA gym to train to fight MMA and to answer your question; in my humble opinion Muay Thai is the best striking art to bring to MMA, but a good knowledge of boxing as well as MT is even better. The thing you have to ask yourself is...
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    Should you show off that you know muay thai?

    I started Muay Thai so I would know how to protect myself, my friends, family and girlfriend. I'm not a fighting person, I rarely even get angry or aggressive but I felt extremely useless because I didn't know how to fight, or defend myself aside from running away. I've been doing Muay Thai...
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    Weaknesses of Thai-Boxing.

    Depends on where you are really (on the topic of dropping your hand with round kicks) as it is taught both ways in Thailand as well as over here. Dropping the hand gives you a lot more power because you get the full movement PLUS the momentum from swinging your arm down whereas keeping your hand...
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    Muay Thai Diet?

    Aye, cheers for helping me there. Like I said I know what a good diet is but some of the facts behind it are forgotten sometimes. lol. yeah, I think it is sesame seeds that we cannot digest then. I'm sure there are more though but again they escape me. one thing which you need to remember...
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    Old Muay Thai

    The only stuff I know about older styles of Muay Thai is what's in my Panya Kraitus book. Found this site as well which might give you some style names to look out for: The styles on that page can also be found on the muay boran wiki...
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    Muay Thai Diet?

    I'm just basing my facts on studies done on indiginous tribes which are not living a "westernised" lifestyle who eat to survive rather than just live but I can find a lot of what I am saying in sport science and nutrition books in the college where I work. Without wanting to sound like I'm...
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    Setting up the low kick.

    We were drilling something last night. Kick the outside of his lead leg but make it obvious so he blocks it, when he does the whole of the inside of his leg will be open and waiting to be kicked!
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    Muay Thai Diet?

    But... the point I'm trying to make is that the bacteria in your mouth and how the act is influenced by the foods you eat and the liquids you drink. To be honest what I'm saying is redundant because it's only been proven over two generations, not a change in one person's life span. :)
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    Muay Thai Diet?

    Why? your breath wouldn't smell. It only smell because your teeth rot because we eat junk food. Same with sweat. Sweat only smells bad because of what we eat...
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    Two Muay Thai Questions

    Fighting Muay Thai is like a chess game. A lot of people see it as an art and a science.
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    Muay Thai Wirst Wrap

    I'm not sure what 130" is but I use 3m wraps and I'm sure that's the correct wraps under thai rules.
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    Ladies in the clinch...

    It's good because you can see how they train clinch in Thialand. I'm not sure how much clinch work the girls have done before though. If none, it looks like they are the beginning of their training.
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    The Contender Asia - Muay Thai Press Conference

    yus! been looking forward to this!
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    Muay Thai Diet?

    I'm working on becoming better, for the moment I will have to hypocritical, but brushing your teeth isn't natural at all. If you have eaten a natural diet all your life then you won't need to brush your teeth. Fruit is your most important friend if your are training a phyisical activity...
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    Benefits of "Skipping"

    3x3 min rounds? train 3x3 min skipping.
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    Muay Thai Diet?

    Eat as muchy fruit as you can throughout the course of the day. Don;t stack up and eat loads in one go though, you'll be sick. Try to graze on Fruit throughout the day. Have something on top of fruit to fill you up at breakfast time (toast or cereal maybe) and have vegetables/meat/fish for your...
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    Poor MT in MMA

    This is what I mean. The things you outlined above are part of Muay Thai and are now part of MMA but the way in which they are executed are rarely the way a Nak Muay would throw/use them. I understand some thing have to change and the way you fight muay thai will not be the way you fight MMA but...
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    Poor MT in MMA

    ah. good point. IN Mt I would be watching for my kcik to be caught or for my supporting leg to be kicked but with people shooting and and whatnot, it becomes different. That makes sense. cheers. :)
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    Poor MT in MMA

    Thanks for the link tez, looks like a good event! Andrew - I'm nowhere near an expert on either but I would have thought that good Muay Thai striking would render the opponent unable to continue the fight, be it either a KO or a stoppage because the other guy's legs are too messed up to...
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    Poor MT in MMA

    haha, I guess your right. No, it's just people who say they have been doing muay thai for years then I see them in the ring and they don't appear to be at the level I would expect them to be. wow, cool, who is that?
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    Poor MT in MMA

    I was really talking about MMA as a whole, but yes, mainly American I guess. I've noticed this in IFL, BodogFight, Cage Rage, UFC and Cage Warriors FC. Maybe I'm just comparing everyone with too high of a standard? (Anderson Silva!)
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    Poor MT in MMA

    I've never understood the low guard either? Is that taken from the grappling arts? It is most certainly the reaon for more than a few knockouts!
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    Poor MT in MMA

    Has anyone else noticed the poor Muay Thai skills in MMA? Through all the promotions I always hear someone say they do muay thai and have done for x years (x = big number usually) but when you see them fight they show little or no muay thai technique or even skill. For example, I was watching...
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    Second Muay Thai fight on the 4th of August.

    170? You in my weight class ;) Good luck mate. :)
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    Man, that's so bad! I'm sorry to hear that. I was also accidentally injured while sparring and I'm now not sure if I can have my first fight! (mine is only an interclub but it still stands. haha) As hard as it may seem, you have to look on the bright side and remain positive. You have...
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    The Norm' For Muay Thai Classes?

    I've only been to one camp but we alternate between making up our own combo's and getting them from our Kru.
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    do you think it'll be alright to do it yourself?

    You would be best to take a few lessons (at least) from someone first of all I think. Mainly for the reasons you outlined yourself. I think it would be quite hard to learn yourself. I've been training for almost a year and I'm only just getting into more advanced techniques now, my basics are...
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    Ring Experience?

    It'll be a Muay Thai fight, but with pads. Hopefully once I've got a few interclubs under my belt I will be confident enough to compete in a professional bout! :D Was sparring a lot last night. Done about 7x2 rounds of sparring, rotating opponets with 3 other people. It was brilliant although...