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    What protective gear do you wear while sparring?

    It depends on what type of sparrign we are doing and if it is in my school or one of my instructor's schools. My school: Juniors(5-12YO) wear shin, gloves, headgear, mouthpiece, cup for guys, with foot and chest optional. The kids spar using semi-knockdown rules. Adults and teens...
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    What do you think about chest gear for sparring?

    In my school, I allow the students the option of wearing them during sparring. 90% do not wear them and they deal with the contact better than those who wear them on a regular basis. We train full contact(knockdown style) 85% now in my school, with the other 15% being more of a...
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    Question for teachers, assistant instructors, and school owners

    By getting up early in the morning and by staying late after the students leave the school. I also train with my instructors between 2-3 times per week. I try to have a focus on a single area per workout: one workout on forms, one on basics, one on conditioning,..... It works best for me.
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    Paleo Diet

    I have been on it in the past, as it is pushed big time in the CrossFit circles that I hang in. I am currently on the Primal Diet setup by Mark Sisson. I like it much better, seems to be more "do-able." The Paleo can get you some crazy good results if you are strict with it. I am...
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    Shawn Tompkins.

    Head trainer at Tapout Gym in Las Vegas dies at age 37. A fighter close to Shawn Tompkins says the renowned trainer passed away this morning. Veteran lightweight John Gunderson today told ( that Tompkins "didn't wake up," but he was still unclear on the details...
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    Full vs. Part Time Teachers

    I wish I could teach FT, but I don't have the resources to do it. I rent space from a dance school and the time they are open to where I can teach is very limited. This on top of the fact that there are not very many people in my area and two other schools, makes it near impossible to...
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    Who has tried P90X?

    Crossfit is by far better than P90X, but I am very partial to CF. I have done P90X and I found it to be pretty good. Some great variations of pushups and pullups to draw from. If you want a FREE set of workouts, go to the CF mainsite and start with the basic programming. It is...
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    I learned M/A because...?

    You guys have it all wrong. I train because hot chicks dig bad dudes. They want a man that can kick the crap out of anyone who would mess with them. At least, that is what my wife likes. :)
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    I guess you could count me in with the bikers, but I am first and foremost a martial artist. I do not ride on the street very often and the vast majority of my riding has been off-road(motocross, hare scrambles, trail rides,....).
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    Desert Eagle

    I guess if you have nothing else on hand it could be used to stop a vehicle, but it would not be my first choice. If I had a choice in a handgun for stopping a vehicle, I would take the .500 S&W or a .454 Casull. That is, if I have to choose a handgun. If I have any choice, I would just...
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    Guy takes on rioters. Guess what happens.

    I know that some have stated that he should not have put himself in that situation, but he did. Yes, LEO could have dealt with it, but I am thinking that they were busy with the other rioters at the time. So, what is a guy to do? Lose his livelihood(assuming he owned the store or...
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    MA Instructor Arrested for hitting students

    I agree with the above statement and also with Bill's statement. I also bolded something I want to touch on. I use a shinai for instructional purposes as did most of my instructors that I have had(my TKD instructor did not) and I think it is a fine tool for making correction. I like it...
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    Reckless martial artists

    I have had to deal with them for all the time I have been training. The sad part is that they always seem to be naturally talented and always want to show their skills off. The only way for them to not be aproblem for the class is to seperate them or make them leave. Some of them, early...
  14. searcher

    how far have you strayed from what was taught originally to you ?

    Holy cow!! This is huge and would require me to take several hours to fill in the blanks. Short answer: I have changed about dang near everything. What I teach today looks very little like what I originally was taught. I have taken parts from about dang near every system I have...
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    What other options did this LEO have?

    She was walking away and most likely commanded to stop, which she did not do. The officer could have slowed and not flattened her quite that bad. She had just finished assaulting a school official and her mother. She was intoxicated and did turn towards the officer with the POSSIBLE...
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    Capoeira works

    I agree. I am willing to use it in knockdown, but a person would have to be completely mental to attempt it on the street.
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    Capoeira works

    I am gonna take a stab and guess it is Domawashi Kaiten Geri. If it is the one in question, I will shed more light on it.
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    Work Out Advice

    Your dietary is the most important part of your puzzle. As far as lifting goes I recommend the following: Stronglifts 5x5 Madcow 5x5 Starting Strength These will more than get you going.
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    Capoeira works

    Sorry, but I have not read the last couple of pages closely. I see we are on cartwheels?(help me if I am off a bit). Can a cartwheel be used in some martial manor? Yes, I have used a variation in a point fighting match(point fighting mind you). Would I try it in knockdown...
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    Your first form

    I believe the first form I ever learned was Taikyoku Shodan. Our was a turn to the left with a middle forearm block/vertical outward block. At the time I only thought of it as a block, but now I know better. It can be a strike, part of a lock, a parry,.....etc. I find it refreshing...
  21. searcher

    wow...a $3000 1st poom exam!

    And if you pay $3000 there is a guarantee? Please be joking!!! No chance of failure=not a test!!!!
  22. searcher

    Capoeira works

    I push My Wife just as hard as I push any of my fighters. The results are, that in a hairy situation, that I am not constantly worrying about her getting hurt. She will be right there pounding on someone and IF she gets hit, she will shrug it off and keep going. When My Wife received...
  23. searcher

    Capoeira works

    Sparring is highly important to myself, My Wife, and all of my students. We are a knockdown school and we find sparring to be as essential as any other part of our training. Kata, kihon, kumite/randori/rolling are our essentials. We have been called barbaric by some and we love it...
  24. searcher

    wow...a $3000 1st poom exam!

    I was trying to come up with some smart reply, but the high $$$ of the test made my brain shut down. I think some of us see who is teaching for money and who is not. Its kinda funny, I only charge $15 for a belt test and I get all kinds of slack from students and some parents. If I said...
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    My 2nd improvement...

    Keep banging Bill!! If it makes you take a step back and then two steps forward, then it is a win.
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    Capoeira works

    I guess until I see it used effectively in the UFC or Kudo or MMA, I will keep my skepticism of Capoeira's effectiveness. Funny you should ask, I alter my training routine directly after the Mundials this year. I have been wanting to compete in the Kudo World Championships for some time...
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    Capoeira works

    Then I take it that we will be seeing it in Kudo/Daido Juku, Vale Tudo, or MMA events here soon. I'm gonna go with.......NO!!!!
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    Capoeira works

    Taijutsu is not Tai Chi. Taijutsu is a Japanese based system and Tai Chi is Chinese. You might want to rethink your post there bub.
  29. searcher

    new sniper rifle, big hit in afghanistan...

    I am suprised as well that it is not a .338 Lapua. It would have been a better option. Even though I am still partial to the Cheytac .408.
  30. searcher

    tae bo, tkd dance, now anti bullying....

    I think we should all be happy that the "anti-bullying" classes/groups are taking place of the Stranger Danger program. At least they are learning that the bad guys are not hiding behond trees and wearing trenchcoats with wide brim hats.