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  1. blackknight7891

    Why do Japanese arts use the Japanese language?

    So far in my experience, the literal translations from Japanese to English are about as meaningful as the Japanese terminology. their are some simple words that seem to translate like Ken (punch) doesnt just mean to punch. could include an elbow strike\headbutt, but is generally translated to...
  2. blackknight7891

    Are modern ninjutsu schools frauds?

    So far i don't recall having been taught any technique that required pain compliance, but "softeners" certainly helped against the larger more stubborn students, and i've learned a few new "softeners" being stubborn myself. So, these two videos seem to show the same technique, + their...
  3. blackknight7891

    Non-Shall Pass

    Not really sure who was in the school 10 years ago. Ive only been around 2 years. You'll probably recognise a few faces though. Long story short sensei decided he needed to run the school differently from his instructor not majorly but enough. As such should change the name. Their still on good...
  4. blackknight7891

    Non-Shall Pass

    we were sakushin but yeah based on bujinkan. same techniques, The schools simply run a little differently.
  5. blackknight7891

    Asking Sensei to be paid?

    Your Sensei, may have come to think that you enjoy teaching on his behalf, and is unaware you feel a bit used and things have changed. We all occaisionally need a kick in the pants or to be woken up to something everyone else can see. Always best to have a conversation, but go into it...
  6. blackknight7891

    Ninjutsu and Chinese Styles

    The School Gyokko Ryu taught in X-Kan Dojo's has a lot of chinese based names in it, it also built around circular movement. comparatively Koto Ryu is much more Japanese in just the language, and changes movement styles to linear. The Combat Style in each of the schools is dramatically...
  7. blackknight7891

    Non-Shall Pass

    Tendo Bushi Ninjutsu were in the south east.
  8. blackknight7891

    Hot head rolling partner

    If he struggles with emotions that much, theirs probably something going on there more then ego. if it were just ego, and he was getting submitted that often, you would likely see a change in attitude even a negative change like refusing to roll with you. A member in my Dojo has Autism, and can...
  9. blackknight7891

    Are modern ninjutsu schools frauds?

    Bunjinkan has spread quite quickly around the world, no doubt you could find poor instructors or frauds acting under the Bunjinkan name. Hatsumi does claim to the schools he teachers under Bunjinkan. Does it work, I presuming you interested in Ninjutsu as a self-defence school, if you've ever...
  10. blackknight7891

    Non-Shall Pass

    howdy folks, Only just found you, saw some interesting discussions and figured why not. Previously trained in karate as a teenager (who hasn't) currently training with a Ninjutsu school in Melbourne Australia.