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  1. wowzer77

    Did anyone watch "Fight Science" on the Nat'l Geographic Channel?

    I thought that show was unfair. You can't measure the strength of techniques when the guy doing a kung fu punch is half the size of the guy doing a boxing punch. Weapons portion was kind of stupid too. I think to thouroughly examine all that stuff you'd need a five-hour special.
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    Jujutsu Michigan

    Thank you very much
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    My Jhong Law Horn / Mi Zong Luo Han

    I have been looking for video clips of this style all over the place and have found none, I searched yahoo video and youtube. Seems like its not used much.
  4. wowzer77

    Jujutsu Michigan

    hmm anywhere near detroit, monroe, ann arbor, toledo, ect..
  5. wowzer77

    Jujutsu Michigan

    Ok, I've been through a few school locators and havent found a thing so far, so does anyone know of a Japanese Jujutsu school in southeastern Michigan or around Toledo maybe? Note that I'm not looking for Judo, but if the school teaches both thats cool too...
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    TV Show

    Thank you much
  7. wowzer77

    TV Show

    My brother told me that he saw an advertisement on National Geographic for a show that was going to be about the mechanics and strengths/weaknesses of martial arts techniques or something, however I havent found anything on the net about it and I'm wondering if he was mistaken. Anyone know...
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    Favorite Movie By MA Actor

    Ong Bak -- Tony Jaa House of Flying Daggers -- Ziyi Zhang Anything Bruce Lee
  9. wowzer77

    Favorite Blade

    Kukri or Naginata..The latter isn't a sword I know, but there is no section for polearms.
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    Ling Lom

    I always thought Ling Lom was from Laos, but anyways thanks
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    Kung Fu?

    I'd like to say that this thread has helped me quite a deal..oh and about what dragon_palm said about qi (however u wanna spell), I still do not understand it. Everything about qi is a mystery to me and I don't understand the first thing about using it, but of course that is because the first...
  12. wowzer77

    Final Fu

    I despise this show completely. It makes Martial Arts look like a joke.
  13. wowzer77

    Teach me SILAT!! PLZ!!

    Isn't kempo a term for japanese martial arts? Correct me if I'm wrong..oh and I think you'll have better luck ordering some videos from the internet to learn silat. Google it I'm sure you'll get something...
  14. wowzer77

    Ling Lom

    Does anyone know if Ling Lom is taught in the U.S.? I'm not sure if it is a widespread martial art or not and was wondering.
  15. wowzer77

    Kung Fu?

    That is a good point, don't fix it if it ain't broke...I don't plan to improve any style however, what I meant is that in a real life scenario, I might find that a kick from one style would work better than a kick from the first style I in the end, I don't plan on having anything...
  16. wowzer77

    first move in a REAL fight

    In a fight where around where I live and with the people I'm around, the first thing your opponent would do is push you with both arms and look mean. As he was about to push, I'd either kick him in the face or in the kneecap. In your situation, I'd wait for him to do something and counter it...
  17. wowzer77

    Korean Styles List

    A lot of this is very true. I achieved black belt in Choi Kwang Do...after about 3000 dollars. The belts are white, yellow, gold, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown, then black..but there is a senior belt for every color, so after having a yellow belt you still have to test to get a...
  18. wowzer77

    100% use of power to punch?

    I heard if you punch with your elbow close to the center of your body and don't put any hip or leg momentum into your punch, just extend your arm quickly from next to your face into a downward arc and then into the target, it will be more effective. First because it is faster, also, whatever...
  19. wowzer77

    Kung Fu?

    First of all brother john, of course I know that there are a great many kung fu styles, and I know wing chun is one. And I will be devoting myself to only one style for a long time untill I learn most/all of it..but I will also be practicing the things I've learned in other martial arts as well...
  20. wowzer77

    Kung Fu?

    When I said I didn't want to take formal classes, I meant I didn't want to take formal JKD classes, just incase that was a mixup. Also, I don't want to end up with the same results as bruce lee. Bruce's JKD was his interperatation of his art, I guess you could say. I actually expect to end up...
  21. wowzer77

    Information on Martial Arts, Please.

    Well the name you said you thought it might be reminded me of 'Tae Kwon Do', but that is of course very widespread around the world. It could be about anything. If I were you, I'd probably just find a school in your area that teaches hapkido or hwa rang do and go with it. Good luck by the way.
  22. wowzer77

    Kung Fu?

    Hi, I'm new to these forums and seeking some advice. My ultimate goal as a martial artist is to become a Jeet Kune Do expert. But I don't want to take a formal class for it. Instead, I want to study a variety of other martial arts and combine all their best aspects to create my own...
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    Hello everyone, I am new to this site and hope to have a good time here learning new things. Hope I can also answer some questions as well.