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    Pressure point attack

    Not really. More of a case of 'Hit 'em in the gut, high up' as against 'Hit 'em in the gut low down'. I also use a couple of pressure point grabs to augment my standing grappling. An example is pushing into the wrist tendons with your thumb while grabbing the wrist as a little 'extra' while...
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    Pressure point attack

    Hitting in the sternum is not really pressure point hitting. The solar plexus below the sternum might be considered a pressure point. When you strike the solar plexus - assuming you hit it - the reaction varies depending on whether the person is breathing in or out at the time, whether they...
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    so you got knocked over, now what?

    Ubermint. On point a, I don't believe you've refuted my point. Do you believe that the whole point of buttscooting/open guard is to threaten the guard and/or sweeps and or kicks. If so, what use is this strategy when facing more than one opponent. Sure it beats turning turtle. Sure the skills...
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    kung fu and weakspots

    Agreed. In kung fu they teach you stance first, not biting and gouging. Same in ground fighting - stance first. First try to avoid getting taken down. This takes practice. It takes a good low stance - check out Royler Gracie's submission grappling stance - it looks very like your...
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    My style

    Like he said (very well) test those theories. I use stuff like this in boxing all the time. If the guy looks tired but guarded I step back and drop my shoulders and face like I'm taking a breather and then lunge in with a stiff jab followed by a combo whe nthe opponent relaxes. It works...
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    so you got knocked over, now what?

    I would suggest that buttscooting/open guard, although good, is not the be all and end all to self defence floor fighting where the fighters are separated. It works well where: a: You are fighting one on one and can face your single opponent b: No stomping on the ground rule applies, as...
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    Sparring with your significant other.

    My girlfriend doesn't train. If she did judo I could spar with her, but I refuse to spar women or kids in boxing. Except for Jack who is 15 and hits like a hammer. I don't feel comfortable hitting full grown men in the face (though I can bring myself to do it), so women or kids?....No.
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    Are you a player baby?

    The term is probably an extension of 'Judo Player'. When you are in competition in Judo you are a player, not a fighter. I refer to the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu guys as 'BJJ players'. I don't know if this is an accurate term, but they understand since it is such a widely used term in the jacketed...
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    Warrior or Soldier

    One of my grandfathers did not fight in the war. He wanted to, but he was an agriculturalist and they were not allowed to go. He says he is glad they didn't let him go now, which makes me believe he really did want to go. Anyhow he worked long and hard without profit to supply England with...
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    Gatka (?)

    I have seen the art represented at a martial arts expo (SENI '04 in Birmingham). I missed the demonstration, but the kit looked pretty impressive - big blue turbans and amazing weapons with multiple blades and so on. Sikhism is probably the only major religion that has truly integrated the...
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    Well the Uk scrapped the King around the time of the Civil War. Cut his head off. Goodbye Charles 1. Then Cromwell (Lord Protector of everyone except the King) banned dancing, singing, football, drinking and fun. Pretty soon after that we were saying hello to Charles 2. The 'Merry...
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    Bullet Proof Shields

    In England the shield would make sense as you could use it to protect yourself from an unexpected downpour.
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    here we go again, read this

    Yeah, next week we'll find out that he turned down a pass one of the mothers made at him, or that he refused to give some kid a black belt on demand, and that it was all rumour mongering. Still he'll probably get beat up anyway. People who have been denounced usually get treated that way...
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    Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings

    I think Victor Harris translates it Yin-Yang or In-Yo stepping and has a footnote. His footnote on 'Holding down a pillow' was enlightening, as it mentioned the fact that japanese pillows of the time were blocks of wood with a carving for the neck, which changes the interpretation of 'holding...
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    Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings

    Absolutely. Victor Harris, Oriental Curator of the British Museum and high level Kendoist did a good one. It's entitled A Book of Five Rings: A Classic Guide to Strategy. I lent my copy out and onw only have an electronic copy. Thomas Cleary's is not bad, it is published by Shambala...
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    Almost an incident yesterday!

    This illustrates the universal rule that bad people tend to attack people who are outside the law. Once you get perceived as inside the law this sort of thing just fizzles out.
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    Praticing self defence techniques at home?

    Thinks through (i.e. imagine as strongly as you can) the correct stimulus for each move, as you perform the action. I've found this works brilliantly for my block hit or two or three punch combinations in boxing. For instance when practising my left jab - left hook combo, I imagine my...
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    Almost an incident yesterday!

    I absolutely agree with SgtMac here. Report the incident to the police. Next time he aproaches you in this way, you will be legally entitled to a pre-emptive strike. This is because if you reasonably believe that someone is about to strike you then you may take action under the UK self...
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    Should I speak up?

    Good point MJ. Also, you may find that after his black belt he will quit. Many do. Perhaps that is what your instructor is hoping for FightBack. Failing that, go down when he hits you in the head. Then get up and say, 'Don't worry I'm OK'. Then fall down again. :)
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    Fed up with training now!!!!

    Keep play fighting with your mates. It is clearly the sparring you are missing. I've been training MA for around 10 years in total, and playfighting with my mate and brother always advances me, even though I box and have done 3 years judo. They always get one in, because the unitiated but...
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    Forms and Imaginary Opponents

    Don't forget a half turn could simulate a throw against an opponent still facing the same way.
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    Martial Arts Orgins, Where did they come from????

    If all martial arts come from God is it impossible for a bad person to create their own system? Does creating your own system demonstrate approval from God?
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    Boxing : Your Opinions

    Yep, amateur boxing gyms tend to be cheap. But don't be put off by the fact that you will tend to get very little attention at first. Especially if they don't see you as a 'prospect'. Also be aware what parts of amateur boxing do not translate directly to self defence. This includes many of...
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    Is this a weapon-the credit card?

    This man thinks on a whole different level to me.
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    Sokeship Council, Grandmaster or NOT????

    What is the point in rank again? The point of belts in Judo was to allow people from different clubs to compete and train without injury. You go easy on the lower belt. A higher belt means 'throw me harder'. You can only attain a higher rank (up to 5th) by beating people of the same rank...
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    4 Attackers

    Yeah, I got caught years ago with a Kabutan believing in the 'intended only' myth. Got away with a warning. Sad thing is I never intended to use it. It had got attached to my keys and stopped them falling through the hole in my pocket, so I actually used it as a keychain and a keychain only...
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    Martial Arts Orgins, Where did they come from????

    Is the nuclear bomb a gift from God? I don't know anyone smart enough to make one all by themselves. Since no-one can pass on the knowledge of the nuclear bomb without it being corrupted I guess it must have come from Africa or something. Or Aliens. Lev Tolstoy - War and Peace, Chapter 356
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    4 Attackers

    Not true. If you carry a Kubotan at all in a public place (except when not 'to hand') you are breaking the law under the 'manufactured' clause.
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    What is a black belt test in your art like?

    Show that you know the two dozen or so required techniques. Show that you know the referees calls (all Japanese). Show that you know the forbidden competition moves. Fight other black belt wannabees. If you win enough times you get your black belt. Luckily points accumulate if you...
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    Horse Style Kung Fu?

    Check out for five meanings of 'ma'. It's kind of fascinating.