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    lack of serious martial artists

    I do see sometimes, but it doesn't happen all the time. We have one particular student, she's in her 50s. She's kinda a bad apple. When she goes to class, we have to slow and dumb things down for her, even though she's been practising for more than 10 years. Like I said though, it doesn't happen...
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    One punch and knock your opponent out

    "If I had to guess, the landing percentage is higher on the streets, mainly because most untrained fighters are horrible at defence" Yeah, that's a valid point.
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    Iaido Training: iaito vs. boken

    Oh there is plenty of difference. For example and a very obvious one, the handle of sword iaito (or even a katana) feels totally different. It's not as smooth as a boken, which one can hold more comfortably. I decided to train with both. So I would understand both.
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    Striking art strategy

    Nice! Good strategy.
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    One punch and knock your opponent out

    Man as much as one would LOVE to do so, train to be able to have many punches. There was some research done on top boxers like Manny Pacquiao. On an average bout, about 30% of punches actually connect and land. Of those punches that landed only a few can actually be can be considered a knock out...
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    Are the same techniques part of all Aikido styles?

    I've done Tomiki, Iwama Aikido, and Aikikai and yes the difference is quite obvious. The grip alone is a BIG difference. In Iwama Aikido, the grip is full power, it's like a Vice Grip. Tomiki Aikido is very sport-oriented, where randori is present at the end of all classes. Aikikai is more...
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    aikido, always aikido

    Oh I see. I didn't even realise that. Next time I'll check the activity date. Thank you for letting me know.
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    aikido, always aikido

    I hope you kept on going. All Aikido Masters were white belts too. :)
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    aikido, always aikido

    Nice. I hear you. I love Aikido too. I used to be a Karate guy, until I saw the movie Nico. From there I kept on going til I found the right Sensei and right school.