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  1. rutherford

    "Human Target" fight choreography

    The scene in this week's episode between Chance and Baptiste was terrible. Although it seemed like most of the mistakes were made in the editing room.
  2. rutherford

    Changes to the Downward Elbow Rule

    Taken from the article here
  3. rutherford

    Chris Leben fails drug test,suspended for 9 months

    I thought the same thing. He did look a lot better, and I'm very surprised and sad to hear that he was using steroids to achieve that look. I would have expected it much earlier in his career, but apparently instead of going clean he just replaced one addictive, self-destructive mentality with...
  4. rutherford

    Boston Corbett

    If you recognize the name, it's probably because there was a Boston Corbett who killed Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Or maybe because you're a fan of boxers, it ran in his family and Boston was undefeated in his appearances. Local people may remember hearing his voice on WVNR...
  5. rutherford

    Unusual (?) names for pets

    My daughter named the cat Meatball.
  6. rutherford

    If I could get some insights

    I believe he's referring to Larry Turner. Marty Dunsky is one of the owners and instructors at the Dayton Bujinkan Dojo. I haven't met any of these gentlemen and so cannot advise you other than to encourage you to check them out for yourself.
  7. rutherford

    Janessa M. Rivera

    I did not know her, but I am so sorry that she has passed. My heart goes out to Jorge Rivera, his whole family, and the loved ones Janessa leaves behind. Fly well, lady. :asian:
  8. rutherford

    The Blood Brothers

    I found 15 movies on IMDB called Blood Brothers, the one I saw on Monday is also listed by the HK titles Tian tang kou It was pretty good, but doesn't sound like the movie you're describing.
  9. rutherford

    Women in head scarves banned from Obama photo op

    Oh, hey, nice spin. :drinky: The photo below is from another event, also Monday, at Wayne County Community College in Michigan.
  10. rutherford

    EliteXC is in the books

    She paid a 12.5% penalty to the other fighter out of her purse.
  11. rutherford

    UFC and ninjitsu

    Why? Members of the Bujinkan have and continue to engage in sport martial arts. I'll give you that it is not an application considered often or a frequent part of training. And for any real success, a practitioner has to be dedicated to their sport and seek outside conditioning, training, and...
  12. rutherford

    Shinden Fudo Ryu - Daken Tai Jutsu

    Well, you don't often see this in credits: Antonios Mitrou Menkyo Kaiden
  13. rutherford


    I'm first aid, CPR, and AED certified by the American Red Cross. I carry a face shield for use in CPR. In my opinion, instructors should be certified in first aid and schools that can afford it should have an AED - and keep it well maintained. If you just leave it in a closet for years...
  14. rutherford

    OK, who do I trust???

    As an FYI, there is some controversy around Ninjutsu: History and Tradition. The basic gist of it is that it was written by Hayes and my have some inaccuracies. When an English language version of Kacem Zoughari's book is released, I look forward to reading it.
  15. rutherford

    Take That, Big Oil!

    We had a windfall profit taxes against the oil companies through most of Reagan's administration. This is not a new idea. Personally, I think an end to corporate welfare for all but startup businesses, removal of corporate health care costs, and progressive taxation would lead to a much more...
  16. rutherford

    Obama for president?

    I think that there's deserved criticism of socialist economic and political models. I fully support private ownership of resources. I'm more of a social democrat, although that's still a drastic oversimplification.
  17. rutherford

    Obama for president?

    So, it's called The Blueprint for Change. As you might expect from the title, it's all "this is how i will do this" and it's very detailed.
  18. rutherford

    Obama for president?

    There's two basic types of power. Hard Power would be such things as the use of military action or economic incentives. Soft Power is when you persuade others to share your vision and want what you want. Obama's entire campaign is a specific example of his amazing abilities in this area...
  19. rutherford

    Obama for president?

    I'm an Obama supporter. While I am considerably more liberal in my own political views, I've always been behind his candidacy. I think he has exactly the kind of leadership this country needs right now.
  20. rutherford

    MMA fighter Samuel Vasquez dies from injuries.

    Cause of death has been determined by the ME.
  21. rutherford

    Bock Lesner vs. Frank Mir?

    Brock Lesnar: $250,000 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: $200,000 Tim Sylvia: $100,000 Frank Mir: $80,000 Nate Marquardt: $52,000 Ricardo Almeida: $40,000 Tyson Griffin: $36,000 Jeremy Horn: $25,000 Chris Lytle: $24,000 Rob Emerson: $16,000 Marvin Eastman: $14,000 Tim Boetsch: $12,000 Terry Martin...
  22. rutherford

    Innocent man stays in jail for 26 years because of client/attorney privilege

    I think the only good thing about our justice system is that it's better than anything we've come up with before now.
  23. rutherford

    PJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson Fight!

    To continue the tangent, does anybody have a link to the content and decision of the appeal? I know they upheld his fine and reduced his suspension to six months, but I couldn't find any more information.
  24. rutherford

    The Meaning of Ninja

    It's interesting how time changes one's opinions, and how one would respond to certain situations.
  25. rutherford

    Deus Ex Conspiracy for ps 2

    It's as good as people say. Highly recommended. The sequel, not so much and was developed by a different team.
  26. rutherford

    Friends Sparring

    Why are their hands so low?
  27. rutherford

    What Do You Consider Pushups?

    Shoulder position is something I often see wrong as well. If your shoulders are up by your ears, you're doing it wrong. They need to be tightly down in the socket.
  28. rutherford

    UFC 80 Picks

    B.J. Penn v Joe Stevenson Gabriel Gonzaga v Fabricio Werdum Jorge Rivera v Kendall Grove
  29. rutherford

    Big Jon McCarthy to retire

    Weighs about 240, Gracie Black Belt, LAPD officer and trainer. Yeah, Big John would have done alright on the other side of the ring. I'm hoping to see him do widely recognizable stuff in the future. Thanks for the 14 years, John. Awesome job.