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  1. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    mmm sushi...
  2. Jai

    Soundtracks for Sparring? Suggestions, Please.

    This one may have been beaten to death. But I had an old TKD instructor that LOVED to use the mortal kombat theme song. I'd give you two more but that's the only one he ever played...
  3. Jai

    Tornado claims the lives of 4 Boy Scouts in Iowa

    When I was younger I went to this same camp three or four times a year. It is a beautiful place and I hope they rebuild. Here is to the memory of the four scouts killed by the storms. :asian: Boy Scouts who survived the deadly tornado that killed four and injured 48 described the...
  4. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    I am however looking forward to tonight. We are breaking out the mats and doing some "hard" street defense. Lotsa throws, chokes, locks, and grappling. Should be brutal and alot of fun :D
  5. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    Stressed. Trying to play catch up at work and things are just not going our way today as it is. Glad this is a short week.
  6. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    Thanks for showing me some love. I needed it.
  7. Jai

    At Wits End Need Advise

    So I wasn't sure where else to post this, but I am in need of some good moral support and advise. I have been gone for the last week again. My brother got himself into some trouble and needed someone to pick him up again. Now the back story of this is... My brother(who is two years old) and...
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    Welcome :)
  9. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    morning everyone. I'm back. Anyone miss me?
  10. Jai

    2008 Beijing Olympics

    I'm watching for sure. DVR is my best friend as well. I think this year should be really good and there should be some awsome match ups(I hope)
  11. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    Well "normal" as in It's day 1 of the long week at work, and I'm doing things for everyone else but me so far. Weather here is still pretty bad, we are due for some very nasty storms this afternoon. They are already calling off activities around here for tonight.
  12. Jai


    Hello and Welcome to Martial Talk :)
  13. Jai

    Water on the Training Floor

    We do not allow water on the floor period. If we need it, we have to ask to be excused from training, and then wait to be bowed back into class. People have abused the water in the past and this is why we have to do it this way.
  14. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    Morning everyone, 1600 posts to go through this morning! I love power outages.
  15. Jai

    Puzzle Mats & Wave masters

    I have used puzzle mats before as well with no trouble what so ever. They hold up pretty good as long as you take care fo them.
  16. Jai

    What is Your Real Age?

    I am 29.3 years old and my real age is 22.6! With all the abuse I have put my body through there is no way that could be right. 52 sounds more like it lol.
  17. Jai

    Big Buck Bunny

    awwwwwww :D
  18. Jai

    Segal's Newest Movie Preview MUST SEE!

    lol my wife said you are NOT getting this movie. Makes me want to pick it up even more.
  19. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    morning all. Humid and 65 here today. Gonna be this way all week. Makes biking a terror, good thing I'm going it in the early AM. Got my only class tonight. Hope I get a good workout in. Need to finish my app today sometime too.
  20. Jai

    SD curriculum for TKD

    The TKD schools I have been involved in put very little focus on SD which is why I picked up other arts during my time in TKD.
  21. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    and I'm giving my wife directions on how best to rescue the baby rabbit that fell into our basement windowsill area. Got the student aid done, apps almost done, need to kill a tree so I can print my resume and get that sent off, then call the college. I need a drink and it's barely 10am
  22. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    Well I can sit here on my butt on hold with student aid, post whore, and get my app filled out. Man I'm good!
  23. Jai

    I'm back

    Welcome back to MT :)
  24. Jai

    Exiled: A new Reality Show from MTV

    Show could go either way, but I like the idea. Hell let's make it a year for the little princesses.
  25. Jai

    Question: Kukkiwon?

    Yeah what Terry said. Kinda what I put up, but in not so many words :) You go Terry.
  26. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    I should get off my butt. Gotta call the FASA people about my app, get my entrance exam scheduled and that app in for the job lead. And now the MRS wants to go shopping today since she isn't going to her sisters.
  27. Jai

    What is Your Real Age?

    wow long test. Waiting for my results.
  28. Jai

    Place of Sanchin

    We do not teach it as part of our system, and I really wish we did. There has been talk of allowing our black belts to study it as a "bonus" kata of sorts.
  29. Jai

    The Last Person.....

    Well I coooooooooooooooould, but then I wouldn't be me.