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  1. thesensei

    What knife do you carry?

    I always carry my Kabar TDI on my support side, setup for crossdraw, or support hand reverse draw. It's a 2.3" drop point fixed blade. I also carry a 3.5" folder - S&W SWAT. Depending on how I am dressed, where I am going, what I am doing, etc., I may also be carrying my 4" Gerber Profile...
  2. thesensei

    The new Steve Spry Thread!

    The first time I saw his picture, he vaguely reminded me of Steve Martin... ;)
  3. thesensei

    Bear country revolver

    Well, I've never lived in bear country, but I'd say a .44 would be decent to carry. Although the .454 would certainly be a better choice - the bigger the better! I know someone who carries a .357 hunting in Alaska, and says he'd trust it against a bear, but I don't think I'd be comfortable...
  4. thesensei

    Christianity and Self-Defense article

    Well, I'm not sure what article you're looking for, but here are a few that may help. [Note that I do not necessarily endorse these authors, or even what they have written; I simply present it as research material.]
  5. thesensei

    Starting a school as secondary income

    Well, it's been a while since I've posted, and I've never been a very prolific poster anyway; I just enjoy reading what others have to say occasionally! My story in brief, followed by my questions: I am the pastor of a small church in a small Oklahoma town. My church pays me a salary which is...
  6. thesensei

    The easy lawnmower

    Oh, my lawn was definitely big enough...and although it was an oblong rectangular shape, two well-placed posts would have covered most of it, and the missed corners would have been a piece of cake!
  7. thesensei

    Typing Test

    600K with speed of about 40 wpm.
  8. thesensei

    The easy lawnmower

    LOL...that's great. I wish I had thought of this when I was a kid and had 2 acres to mow each week...
  9. thesensei

    Those little sayings that hit home

    "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." -- Salvor Hardin "Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six." "He who hesitates meditates in the horizontal position." -- Ed Parker "There is no try. You must do!" -- Yoda See signature
  10. thesensei

    New Kenpo Karate Website!

    Great site...I really like the layout! Keep up the good work... Salute
  11. thesensei

    Nerd Test

    Hehe.... Your Score Summary Overall, you scored as follows: 1% scored higher (more nerdy), 0% scored the same, and 99% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!! That's EXACTLY what my wife tries to...
  12. thesensei

    One drop of water added to an Ocean

    Well, I must admit I know nothing of Ninjutsu, and next to nothing of JKD, but I'm a Kenpo guy in Dublin, and always interested in new training partners! So, if this is the part of the East Bay you're in, give me a holler. Salute
  13. thesensei

    How do you find time to train?

    Maybe somebody mentioned it and I missed it in the thread, but at least spend some time training! You're better off training 30-60 minutes/5 days a week than not using it because you don't have the 3-5 hour block that you want at one time! A little each day is better than none, or even better...
  14. thesensei

    Kenpo DVDs

    Use the search function; this has been discussed countless times. Bottom line, and I think the majority of MTers will agree, is that there are many training videos that are great for reference purposes, but are not the best way to learn a system. So, get a good hands-on instructor and some...
  15. thesensei

    Instructors molesting students...

    I've seen some great responses here - exactly what I hoped to see. Just to clarify, I do not have children at the school, I was personally working out there. I meant that IF I had children enrolled, I would withdraw them, therefore, I did not feel that it was wise to continue attending myself...
  16. thesensei

    Instructors molesting students...

    Well, it's sad that this topic has to come up. It seems that in the past few years, the problem of instructors molesting students is happening more and more. Last week, at a school that I was involved with, the owner/head instructor was arrested for molesting 2 of his teenage/female students...
  17. thesensei

    Richard Lee and Bok Fu

    Thank you sir! That is precisely the type of information I was looking for. If it's so similar to Tracy's, why the name change? What I've seen so far of it - well, it looks like Kenpo to me! Salute, JB
  18. thesensei

    Richard Lee and Bok Fu

    Well, I thought about checking tracy's right after I posted - and he is! One of three - Al Tracy, Ray Arquilla, and Richard Lee...interesting - I'd never heard of him before! Yes, from what I gather, it seems to be Tracy derived, but the fellow i'm working with claims quite exotic Chinese...
  19. thesensei

    Richard Lee and Bok Fu

    Recently I have been training with a Kenpoist who does Bok Fu from Richard Lee. I haven't been able to find much on it, and I'm just wondering what you all know about it? From what I can tell, Richard Lee is a 10th? degree under Al Tracy, and has formulated "Bok Fu" from Kenpo/CMA/TKD/...
  20. thesensei

    Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    Good stuff..hehe
  21. thesensei

    AAU National

    Ahh...wish I could go. I'm from Knoxville, so I'd love to visit the home front again. But I was just there on business a couple months ago, so that'll have to suffice. I used to train with Tom Booker of Knoxville Family Karate, and I'm pretty sure they have a couple students in the tourney...
  22. thesensei

    A Test....

    Wlel, I've nveer seen tihs paaiuictllr msgseae uesd in tihs fsoaihn. It's qitue fcnsiiaantg to say the laset! Gerat agonlay, Mr. Hiwnkas! Flul knpeo slatue!
  23. thesensei

    Now I've Seen Everything.

    Hehe...well, when the Shaolin grandmaster awarded Mattera and DeMasco "grandmaster" status...let's just say that my opinion of the Shaolin monks dropped (it wasn't very high to begin with...)! That's what's wrong with America - REALITY SHOWS! :whip:
  24. thesensei

    Trying to cancel that AOL Account? Think again!

    I saw that program on NBC last night. Pretty funny. Actually, I've been there several times. As a matter of fact, There was one time that I got the AOL 30 days free, and ended up getting 6 months free because every month, I would call to cancel, and they would tell me about a new feature that...
  25. thesensei

    Which Is More Essential: Public Health Care Or Public Schools?

    Well, IMHO, neither! Of course, I may be slightly biased, as I am a private school administrator, but I do not believe that the government is responsible for education - I firmly believe that education is the parents' responsibility. Therefore, they should find some way to educate their...
  26. thesensei

    concept of void

    My instructor taught me these concepts, but more as fighting classifications than as philosophy. I don't use them specifically in my teaching much, although I occasionally allude to them. The basic idea: In other words, I define the void as the complete fighter, who can adapt his style to...
  27. thesensei

    How tall are you?

  28. thesensei

    kenpo in sparring

    That's not surprising! Kenpo sparring - punches, kicks, etc.! Depending on your instructor/school/etc., you will probably also include takedowns (not normal in a typical "sport" TKD dojang), light groin shots, light elbows, knees, etc. One of the goals of kenpo sparring is to get to the point...
  29. thesensei

    my belt

    Well, if you have moved on to different schools and especially different arts, you're probably going to have to start from the beginning anyway. So from that perspective it doesn't really matter. If you have the skills, it doesn't matter what color your belt is! And, if your instructor was...
  30. thesensei

    Beside the martial arts? Do you have other hobbies that you enjoy?

    I have many... I'm into herpetology - snakes. I have 2 right no, and have had more at other times. I'm also into ham radio - K6BQ. Some people listen to music and talk radio while they're driving to work - I talk to Japan! I'm also into music, I love playing whatever instruments i...