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    What is Kempo?

    Some claim it goes back thousands of years. Some say it has roots to okinawan/japanese karate. Some say a little chinese kung fu was thrown into the mix. Some say hawaiian street fighters developed it further to combat local street thugs. Some say it was designed to combat western...
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    Speed and Power

    I think you should re-read the post and reconsider. I quite clearly stated what effects speed, accuracy, target choice and penetration have on power. I am sorry if you failed to comprehend it but it was stated. To be blunt power is the effect you have on a person upon impact. Thats what we...
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    Speed and Power

    To really shake things up ... speed is power. Power is also relative to the target you are hitting accurately. Its gotta be common knowledge to most of us here a straight punch to the nose is not the same as to the chin is not the same as to the sternum is not the same as to pectorals. Yet...
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    The Last Person.....

    Ya know if the ... ah forget it!
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    mma as self defense

    What does MMA give you? Well first and foremost a well conditioned athlete if its an MMA gym of any quality. Which is huge if anything goes down when your out and about in real life. It is also a quality I have seen in a few TMA schools as well. I feel that is the very most important thing...
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    Too old?

    Im 36 going on 37 and been working mma for about a year. Reflexes are right on par with the younger guys, have found that Im a lot stronger then the younger guys when the need arises. Fighting high quality mma competitions I dream about just like the younger guys, strive to push for getting...
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    BJJ vs. JJJ

    BJJ for the most part will start you on the ground and keep you there. As you put time in and become part of the club you can begin to gravitate towards the different groups that develop in a gym. Some go MMA for competition. Some go MMA for training and health. Some go strict grappling for...
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    Fight or Flight?

    Back in 1997 my wife and I were down in our basement watching TV on New Years Eve and our 1yr old was sleeping upstairs on our 2nd floor. Out of the blue someone started to kick in our front door which put them between me and my baby. I will never forget my wife looking at me in horror and...
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    true crime

    5 very important things that can be done. 1. Get in shape. Athletic shape. It will help with the physical requirements as well as the mental toughness training. 2. Harden your home, make sure door and window locks work, lightbulbs are on, sliding doors have pole locks behind the doors not just...
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    Devastating Jab counter

    There is no debat on the merits of testability... you either do it or you dont. You say that you do which is great! You will fight how you train to the point of panic. Panic coming at the instant when you realise that the training you have been doing is worthless (I am not saying you sir, I am...
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    Devastating Jab counter

    Drilling against a compliant opponent this is very possible. Even more so if the hands are slowed down do to lack of intent and heavy training gloves. However under athletic conditions and surprise real life self-defense situations it is virtually impossible. I understand where you are...
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    Devastating Jab counter

    The hand will not break as easily as some may be saying. Most of the time a glancing blow will occur and it will slip off deflecting outside your center line or inside/across your center line. Yes still causing pain and possibly second thoughts of throwing that shot full power at you again. In...
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    Devastating Jab counter

    It is a limb destruction that works like a charm. However be aware that if you are using boxing gloves, training or competition sets, that it does make it seem like you catch the fist a lot more then you actually would. If you can, try tapping your hands up like a boxer/MMA fighter and use...
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    Steve Arsenault Kenpo Clips

    Technique demonstration would be much better if the actual attacker... attacked the demonstrator, instead of throw punches feet away from actual contact. How can you demonstrate a technique or concept of the technique when all you need to really do is stand there and not be hit becuase the...
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    Help! (Can't find list of Parker 7th Dans.)

    John McSweeney isn't on the list? Any reason why not?
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    Help! (Can't find list of Parker 7th Dans.)

    John McSweeney (Deceased)
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    No schools close, what about videos?

    Same calibre player? Does the team get to practice together like the one being coached? Are they veteran football players or are they all newbe's? Is the video instruction by the same coach coaching the team live? I would love to see this experiment I think it would be great!
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    No schools close, what about videos?

    The only thing stopping the human mind from learning from any type of input is the person learning it. Now having said that mimicking is not learning and you have not truely learned anything unless you can apply that knowledge in the real world. So... unless you have felt the speed and...
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    So...Who's Teaching The Correct System?

    Why is it that many Kenpoist feel that staying true to a segment of one mans journey (Ed Parker's) feel it is the true "Method" of Kenpo and in the same breath rip apart another man's journey in Kenpo to shreads when he continues on with the journey? It should be the exact opposite. Those who...
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    L.A. Sheriff Memo Circulating

    Eye gouges, throat strikes, repeated blows to vital targets/organs, cycling hammer fist strikes to the jaw hinge, temple, jaw hinge, bridge of nose, etc... ALL get good LEO's out of a bad situation, they also get them sued, fired, disciplined, fined, suspended. Its one advantage a citizen...
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    Delayed Sword Gone Bad?

    Yeah ^^^^ Rooting. I said nothing about chi LOL!!! Root yourself to the spot. Also contains a lot of pummeling in order for it to work effectively. Which translates well to hooks and elbows as you swim for inside control. Wide kneel in the EPAK stance curriculum emulates a close idea of it...
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    Delayed Sword Gone Bad?

    Sprawling is a very high percentage way of staying on your feet against a shoot. As well as allowing you to get on top and over your opponent when done correctly. Also it is not the only way to stop a shoot. Strength, size, natural ability come into play. Not many will agree with me but...
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    Tony Cecchine teaching Catch (16 mins)

    He doesn't actively teach at a school or club. If you are in Chicago or you know when you will maybe PM and I can get a get together set up. Tony is a very good friend of mine and I have known him close to ten years. Although I am a Kenpo man, my ground game comes from him on the various...
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    Keith Hackney on the Comeback?

    Your talking 12 years ago when those fights happened. Kieth has been running a MMA school in Roselle, IL. I am sure he has been working the ground game. I know he has a few fighters that enter the "Iron Crowns" out of Indiana (I think). Joe Son tapped from an "Eagle's Talon" (pincer choke) to...
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    Study On Street Fights?

    Martial Arts that train for the street? Start with a broad brush that covers the majority of situations you may find yourself in. 1. Learn awareness. 2. Learn to run. 3. Learn to hit hard. 4. Learn to hit hard while being hit hard. From there you can go into weapon defense, multiman...
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    What does your Neutral Bow look like?

    For the record imho everything is a horse stance. Its the subtle variations and moments captured in time for a reference point that create all the other stances. Its those moments in time when coupled with "other" things that generate movement, power, torque, etc...
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    What does your Neutral Bow look like?

    Hand wraps were illegal in the bareknuckle boxing days of old. They were used during training however. More so because laborers were the mainstay of the boxing community and needed to work to put food on the table and a roof overhead. There is some truth in gloves coming along with the rule...
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    3 fights to showcase MMA

    Thats funny about the Royce vs. Kimo fight. Its the first fight that came to mind. 1 - for the same reason that you said 2 - for the exact opposite also. You could be the best fighter in the ring and still be the one going to the hospital. That fight goes to show what a street fighter can do to...
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    Ultimate Fighter 3

    Read the entire thread next time and comprehend. I also was dissapointed there was no fight as I stated earlier. How are they going to have a fight when Noah quit? Are they going to shorten the season by a week? The person they bring back are they in the semis automatically? I know you...
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    Royce or Rickson?

    Your thinking muscle building for show and confusing it with functional strength training. Two very different beasts. Strength will over come technique and it has. Heart will over come strength and it has. Technique will over come heart and it has. Its all relevant and it all needs to be...