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  1. SonnyPuzikas

    "SINNERS AND SAINTS" promo reel... This is a NON official promo reel, that somehow got ripped and is all over the net. So I am posting a link. It will not be up for long as official reel should be coming very soon. This movie will ROCK.
  2. SonnyPuzikas

    On changing AK magazines...

    Video narration of portion on magazine changes from chapter 8 "Click..." from upcoming "Beyond the Firearm-II".
  3. SonnyPuzikas

    Never keep a weapon near your bed

    Strongly, even violently disagree... If you rather be a victim- think for a minute... Because 99% chance is, that after the BG makes you a victim (50% of it is by your choice, btw), he WILL victimize ALL others in the house. Use your imagination HOW he (them) can do it... ANY weapon meant to...
  4. SonnyPuzikas

    Systema - Just cannot understand it

    Understanding... That is to say "having knowledge" or being able to explain. All academics, that have nothing to do with skill for true chaos of what violence is... That is useless. And waste of time. IMO
  5. SonnyPuzikas

    Short video from the class...Systema Dallas

    Turn up the volume and enjoy... 2 new DVD's on both topics in the video (conditioning and handgun retention) are in production... Regards, Sonny Puzikas
  6. SonnyPuzikas

    quick bleed-out

    Definitive care or not- the most likely reason was complete or partial tear of major blood vessel in the thoracic cavity. Likely aorta. Within few seconds internal blood loss will bring forth decompensated shock, and seconds after that- death. Regardless of emergency/surgical skill level and...
  7. SonnyPuzikas

    Systema for Law Enforcement Officers?

    Short answer is yes. And then some... Reasons: -Systema allows for seamless transition from soft work, needed to handle subjects that are not activelly resisting, to very efficient and final work, when faced with immediate threat of grave bodily harm or death. More importantly- all the work...
  8. SonnyPuzikas

    Swiss Review Of Vadim Starov

    Chuck- IMO this is a case of mistaken identity. Mr. Smith is not a troll. In some cases the facts about the issues, that may be fairly appearant to some, need to be presented to inform others, less involved. "Turn the other cheek" was not an option in this case, IMO. Vadim Starov is a con artist...
  9. SonnyPuzikas

    Swiss Review Of Vadim Starov

    Greg Smith... I stated to you and Starov before- don't start the fight you are not willing to finish. Out of respect to MT staff I did not copied and pasted ALL of the drivel you had posted elsewhere- it would very clearly show the facts about yours and Starovs obsession with discrediting...
  10. SonnyPuzikas

    Some explanations are due...

    Greg Smith- if by a chance I will be in San Diego area during that seminar of yours in LA (assuming it will be held...), I will gladly visit with you and Starov. And no $1750 from me... Let me translate the words of Mr. Medennikov (person who trained both Vladimir Vasiliev- target of your...
  11. SonnyPuzikas

    Some explanations are due...

    In light of recent few threads and the obvious conflicting attitudes, I thought some explanations are due. Before hand, let me state that this is not about Ryabko/Vasiliev Systema vs. Kadochnikov system. When M. Powell and his organization K-Sys were OFFICIALLY representing Kadochnikov system...
  12. SonnyPuzikas

    Kadochnikov's Systema?

    And? Number of MA schools around the world has at some point or another conducted some training for LE/military personel. Does posting pictures of such is a measure of such schools competency? Not necessary. Vadim teaches in Tver. Tver (not very large city near Moscow) has it's police force...
  13. SonnyPuzikas

    Kadochnikov's Systema?

    Mr. Smith... So GOOD to hear from you. You have blamed Vasiliev, myself and number of others for posting porn before... No? I'm sure you have undeniable proof of it? While an argument could be made that official Kadochnikov forum could be managed better (incoming spam amount is incredible on any...
  14. SonnyPuzikas

    Kadochnikov's Systema?

    AR- the website you refering to is NOT an official Kadochnikov website. Official website is at . The videos you mentioned are by Vadim Starov, with footage of Kadochnikov (for which BTW A.A. Kadochnikov is not getting any compensation). He played mainly admin role in...
  15. SonnyPuzikas

    i haven't seen a person move like scott sonnon does

    IMO we should clear some things up. What Scott Sonnon does is called Rmax- not ROSS. Scott is no longer associated with that organization. Rmax is not a Russian martial art in Sonnons own words. While many would argue and say that large percentage of what Scott does is clearly methods...
  16. SonnyPuzikas

    Systema with V. Vasiliev Sarasota, FL Nov. 18-20

    Hotel rooms are going fast- number of people decided to make a small vacation out of this. Reserve yours by October 18th.- as end of November here is not a good time to be looking for a hotel room in the last minute. After the Novemeber 19-20, 2005 Vladimir will not be back in FL until 2007...
  17. SonnyPuzikas

    Systema in motion...

    Mr. Elmer. While you may take it as personal- it is not. Regardless- I will say what I feel. You don't know Systema. That is a cold fact. All the references to your age, years (decades) in the arts and not so subtle pokes at other posters- implying their immaturity in arts as compared to your...
  18. SonnyPuzikas

    LEarning to take strikes article

    Paul posts link to his article about some aspects of developing ability to deal with the strikes. While the subject is very wast and can't possibly be exhausted in one article, Pauls writing is a good primer. Then an individual with Kenpo background makes a sweeping statement, without...
  19. SonnyPuzikas

    Are Their Any Throws in Systema?

    Jerry- since your expertise in Systema work and training methodologies is so deep and your "semantics" are so elaborate- why don't you just get to the core of what you want to say? And you have not contributed much of substance to the conversation... IMO
  20. SonnyPuzikas

    Systema with V. Vasiliev Sarasota, FL Nov. 18-20

    RUSSIAN COMBAT ACADEMY PRESENTS ESSENCE OF THE SYSTEM SEMINAR WITH VLADIMIR VASILIEV November 19-20, 2005. Sarasota, FL Russian Combat Academy in Sarasota, FL will be hosting its third annual seminar with Chief Instructor of Russian System outside of Russia VLADIMIR VASILIEV...
  21. SonnyPuzikas

    the system?

    ALL of us have much to improve about the way we are. Most instructors and practitioners in Systema do it by working- practicing what is being preached. Few are more focused on preaching alone.
  22. SonnyPuzikas


    Comrade- thanks for sharing the good work and the clip.
  23. SonnyPuzikas

    the system?

    Errr... Are you a wanna-be fight choreographer for C rate wanna-be amateur super action movie outfit? Or you're just so damn good? Kicked "one of the top Systema instructors" ***, as a bonus kicked other ones too... And 2 instructors in the videos (that could be Vladimir and Mikhail, I'm...
  24. SonnyPuzikas

    Internal training in systema

    I don't think anybody is throwing any authority "weight" around here, Jerry. Simple fact is that Dima has been directly training under Vladimir for years and has been Systema instructor before your instructor attended his first Systema seminar... Comments made by others are true to some degree-...
  25. SonnyPuzikas

    "I Like How You Call It 'Start To Work' When You Actually Mean 'Lay the Smackdown'"

    Jerry... Did I ever say Dave and Rick attached such nicknames themselves? There was bunch of guys from Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Palm Beach playing once and those nicknames- along with some others for different people- became a little inside joke since then... Relax your silat a bit... And look...
  26. SonnyPuzikas

    "I Like How You Call It 'Start To Work' When You Actually Mean 'Lay the Smackdown'"

    Just so you know... Merrell bros are known as THA KILLAH and GRAVEDIGGAH... Da-veed (killah) is very sneaky indeed... and don't let Rick to EVER get a hold of your fingers... if you like having them in present numbers and configuration, that is... We'll be sippin' some adult beverages this...
  27. SonnyPuzikas


    Good luck to all looking for solid and unbiased info on evolution of RMA's from early 1900's to 1970's or so... While few names (Spiridonov one of them) are most often associated with birth and evolution of Soviet combat methods, there were others, practically unknown, but not less influential...
  28. SonnyPuzikas

    Systema seminar with V.Vasiliev and M.Ryabko in NYC

    More than a few from Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Palm Beach crews will be there...
  29. SonnyPuzikas

    Systema instructer murdered

    Guessing... such a fun activity. There is time and place for everything. :drinkbeer :bomb:
  30. SonnyPuzikas

    2 days of Systema with E-diddy...

    Russian Combat Academy in Sarasota, FL will be hosting 2 day Systema seminar with Emmanuel Manolakakis (aka E-diddy) on February 26-27, 2005. Emmanuel is veteran Systema practitioner and Instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev. After 10 years of learning and later- teaching at "club Vlad" he now...