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  1. MarkBarlow

    I apologize if I offend but I have to ask.Is it just me?

    My primary complaint with just about any discussion board is that the anonymity allows posters to be rude, petty or just plain obnoxious with no fear of repercussions. It's much easier to take potshots from the shadows. I appreciate MTs efforts to prevent, for want of a better word, bullying.
  2. MarkBarlow

    Cross Ranking....In A System You Never Trained In.

    Over the years, I've had a handful of instructors attend one of our seminars and expect to receive rank at the end of the day. I'm not talking about a certificate of participation but a black belt for 6 to 12 hours of training. Invariably, these are the guys with Nascar dogi and who offer...
  3. MarkBarlow

    Threat Indicators!

    Great video. Thanks for sharing it, Brian. If you get a chance, watch some of the tapes of LEOs being assaulted during traffic stops. In almost every case, the driver will exhibit most if not all of the warning signals and, for whatever reason, the officer remains oblivious. I know it's all...
  4. MarkBarlow

    What was your original motivation?

    As a teenager, I visited a Judo class and was fascinated by the instructor. He was in his 60s, around 5'3" and very soft spoken. The way he tossed everyone around and his willingness to randori students 40 years younger, a foot taller and 100lbs heavier just amazed me. I ended up studying...
  5. MarkBarlow

    were would you be without MA in your life ?

    Other than family, it's been the only constant in my life for almost 35 years. I can't conceive of not having the structure and discipline I associate with my training. On the other hand, I'd probably have a lot fewer scars and my knees wouldn't hurt all the time.
  6. MarkBarlow

    Making Money in the Martial Arts...

    For most folks, the best way to end up with a small fortune from Martial Arts is to start with a large fortune.:) There are a lot of instructors who have earned comfortable livings from teaching, writing, or some other use of their training but most of us are happy just not to go in the hole.
  7. MarkBarlow

    Prejudice World-Wide

    That's why I decided to quit responding. When you go looking for offense, you'll usually find it. Besides, it's easy and fashionable to look down on the ignorant and tunnel-visioned Americans. No point arguing, especially since, in my mind at least, there was never a conflict or disagreement.
  8. MarkBarlow

    Creating New Martial Arts

    Does the founder of a new system have a truly unique approach or perhaps a new and more practical way of teaching an old style? If not, I think it's often more about ego than innovation. Sadly, there are fewer and fewer team players out there.
  9. MarkBarlow

    Prejudice World-Wide

    No sarcasm intended. It's obvious that you saw my posts in a certain way and choose to proceed with that assumption. I apologized if anything I said struck you as trite or offensive. That wasn't sufficient for you. I thanked you for your input and made a conscious decision to not continue...
  10. MarkBarlow

    Prejudice World-Wide

    Thanks for the feedback.
  11. MarkBarlow

    Prejudice World-Wide

    If I came across as trite, I apologize. I realize that Greeks, Armenians, Koreans, Chinese, Native Americans, Finns and countless other groups/nationalities/etc. have legitimate complaints against other groups/nationalities/etc. But it all supports my line of thought, prejudice is the nature...
  12. MarkBarlow

    Prejudice World-Wide

    Like I said, everyone can give a reason for their prejudice. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't. Regardless, it's a prejudice. No one alive is without some sort of prejudice, large or small. I'm not defending it, just stating what I see as a fact.
  13. MarkBarlow

    Prejudice World-Wide

    Prejudice is as old as mankind and will last just as long. That doesn't make it right but one group's prejudice is seen as thoughtful self protection by another group. For the vast majority of our existence, if you were not of my village, you had no rights and were barely a person. Even...
  14. MarkBarlow

    different styles of jujitsu

    While I have a problem with instructors inventing a history or lineage for the martial art they teach, if they are honest about their background, I don't care if it's koryu, gendai, traditional-based, hybrid, etc., as long as it is effective and the students benefit from the training they...
  15. MarkBarlow

    Is formal MA training necessary?

    Did your ex-friend ever pit his theory against the reality of a formally trained martial artist? I often have guys in their teens and early twentys (not picking on that age group, just stating a fact) who drop by the dojo and tell me they're self-trained or have been training in the backyard...
  16. MarkBarlow

    Alaska on Manhunt for 70 yr. old for feeding Bears

    I live on the Gulf Coast and we have a large alligator population. As a rule, it's not a problem. Alligators are by nature reclusive and wary of humans. The problem arises from tourists and a handful of block-headed locals who insist on feeding the alligators. Now you have a 6 to 12 foot...
  17. MarkBarlow

    The meaning of "ous"

    I've never heard it used in Aikido, Judo or Jujutsu classes except by visitors. As a matter of fact, we had a high ranking Japanese Aikido sensei at one of our Camps and he went ballistic when a karateka Os'd him rather than reply with "Hai!" According to the sensei, the phrase is primarily...
  18. MarkBarlow

    Who are the top JKD instructors in the world ?

    What about Lamar Davis? While we've never trained together, I've known him for a lot of years. I know he has sought out a lot of the original students and devotes a great deal of time and energy to JKD.
  19. MarkBarlow

    Kindle Anyone?

    I'm a bit of a technophobe but I've already put a Kindle on my must-have list. The convenience seems like a no-brainer as much as I'm on the road.
  20. MarkBarlow

    Self Defense Self Incrimination

    Please read my initial post. I spoke specifically about chest beating and tough talk, not about discussing martial arts in general. For whatever reason, you've decided to take this personal. I choose not to play. Again, good luck in your training.
  21. MarkBarlow

    Self Defense Self Incrimination

    I'm sure we'll never agree on this and that's not a problem for me. You say that because there is such a slim chance that it will ever be a problem, trash talk on the internet is O.K. I believe that the mere possibility, however slim, that it might come back to haunt you is reason enough to...
  22. MarkBarlow

    Self Defense Self Incrimination

    Call me a forward thinking paranoid if you like. I'm perfectly content with you not seeing it as plausible. Share what you want and say whatever you feel. No harm, no foul...probably. I choose to be more circumspect.
  23. MarkBarlow

    Self Defense Self Incrimination

    I think I've mentioned the unlikelihood of it ever being an issue. Is that a reason to not proceed with caution? Again, if you feel differently, more power to you. I see avoiding some types of discussion as prudent.
  24. MarkBarlow

    Self Defense Self Incrimination

    Obviously, I disagree but that's the beauty of these discussion rooms, lots of ideas, lots of opinions. To me, it's just an extension of preparedness. We train for combat that few will ever see. I avoid making statements that might be used against me. All part of the same mindset.
  25. MarkBarlow

    Self Defense Self Incrimination

    Much in the same way that most LEOs go their entire careers without having to fire their guns in the line of duty, the vast majority of martial artists will never need to use their training to deal with a violent attack. On the other hand, should the need arise and we do inflict harm on someone...
  26. MarkBarlow

    Researching schools

    I agree about the importance of experiencing a class when choosing a school but sometimes, if it looks like a duck... And as for always trusting your gut, there are a lot of folks with bad tattoos and/or ex-spouses who would disagree with you.
  27. MarkBarlow

    Researching schools

    Jeet Kendo Jeet Kendo is a sword system utilizing the Japanese Katana (samurai sword). This system teaches the use of both the Daito (long sword) and the Wakizashi (short sword). Is this a joke? Jeet Kendo? Is it supposed to be Bruce Lee's kenjutsu system? I assume Gary Dill has some...
  28. MarkBarlow

    Traditional Samurai Martial Arts Pants?

    For really new traditional samurai wear, at the next Xtreme tournament stick with spandex, fishnet and black eyeliner. All the cool bushi are wearing 'em and it would be just as historically accurate as those abominations.
  29. MarkBarlow

    Martial arts when your stressed out

    Martial arts are the primary reason I've stayed as relatively sane as I have. Physical, emotional and spiritual pain gets left in the dressing room and as soon as my foot hits the tatami my focus and energy is increased and improved.
  30. MarkBarlow

    May I be the first to say sorry to the British

    I wasn't concerned with the presents as much as the return of the Churchill bust and the apparent slighting of Brown over the visit. Also, it seems Obama is determined to not have a close relation with the UK. When friends and supporters are dwindling, you don't give the cold shoulder to the...