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  1. beau_safken

    Favorite MA Video Game

    Soul Caliber !!!! Can't believe nobody said anything about that :D Oh yea, Super Smash Brothers is a good MA game... Well it could be :D
  2. beau_safken

    Good and Bad MA spirit

    I don't think its anything to do with a MA spirit, I'm gonna agree with the cultural thing. Right now I am trying really hard to crack the shell of a native Japanese girl. They just have a very different method of operations when it comes to strangers getting personal. So just chalk it up to...
  3. beau_safken

    This can't be good - unless you are a CEO that is

    I think its great. The only thing I hope is in the future to have that kind of wealth without the exposure those guys get. Last thing I want is some family member crawling out from someplace with a magazine asking me for money.
  4. beau_safken

    Can some weapon arts/weapons actually be considered martial arts anymore?

    How many ways can you cut a cake? How many divisions of martial arts/sports/ido's/jutsu/etc until we arrive at any agreement? Kama's... useless Nunchaku's... useless Katana... useless Tanto/6"< knife... Useful Stick... Useful 3 sectional staff... Useless Sai... Huh? Gun...
  5. beau_safken

    is political correctness killing martial arts?

    Depends on your school and teacher...Well that pretty much sums it up. Mcdojo's are more PC because they are daycare centers Real schools...not so much...
  6. beau_safken

    Can some weapon arts/weapons actually be considered martial arts anymore?

    May I present the following evidence in the usage of Wikipedia for anything regarding subjective matter: Talk about rezzing a thread from the dead. I think you are confusing a sport with a martial art. It's a matter of practical application, not the art itself. The example martial...
  7. beau_safken

    Can participation in Internet Forums help someone grow as a Martial Artist?

    Im gonna say yes...and no.... Yes: Because you get to think of new ideas and new methods but its all in your head. No: Only thing you can do is be a armchair samurai unless you actually do what you type.
  8. beau_safken

    Worthless certifications

    I dont know.....Pretty much everything is worthless unless it means something to you. Who knows? An athletic ability award or a best form award could be the best thing you have done with your life till its all relative.
  9. beau_safken

    Favorite MA-ist to watch & why

    Jet Li all the way for me... I really like the wong fei hong series, just amazing fight scenes and man o' man the fight scenes. Obviously the story is just a way to allow more fight scenes to happen in a lot of these movies but that is ok.
  10. beau_safken

    So it's now 3 days since my first Pencak-Silat class.........

    Welcome to the Silat family bud. Don't worry about learning or absorbing everything at once...because you wont. I really loved Silat when I was taking it... So pragmatic and all the moves actually were for a reason. I think if that after a couple months you will get used to the idea of...
  11. beau_safken

    What's your Dragon Color

    RED Your Inner Dragon is the classic example of dragon evil. Remember Smaug? Yep, Red Dragon. Oh, my friend you're in good company. Red dragons are the most vile and crafty of all the dragons. They are also the most dangerous of all dragons. As such they are the Fire Elemental dragons. Reds...
  12. beau_safken

    NH Martial Arts Legislation = Consumer Protection or something else?

    Great...another place where the government believes they are helping. Some of the best people hold no rank and could give a damn if they ever held some certification. What are you gonna do, McDojo's are destroying the martial arts slowly....this is probably a sign of things to come.
  13. beau_safken

    Favorite Martial Arts Memory

    Was at a TKD point fighting tourny. Basically got all the way thru the whole thing to the finals. It was me versus one of my classmates. Score: Me 2 Him 1 This classmate thought it would be a great idea to kick low and decided to knee me in the groin. Granted I was wearing my gear but...
  14. beau_safken

    Is there a way to attached a name to Reputation remarks?

    I like to give good rep for good comments but it would be nice to have my username or like a Rep signature option. Sometimes I'll be typing too quick to remember to put down my name and you really can't edit it to correct the error. Just an idea.
  15. beau_safken

    You would not believe me if you did not see it with your own eyes

    That really is a good idea. Learn another language and work out. Don't look at the message they are saying, just getting pronunciation and tone correct is REALLY hard for native japanese speakers. Using it in conjection with working out is actually perfect. It will focus the learning...
  16. beau_safken

    I earned my First Degree Black Belt 6-16-06

    Well I would buy you a beer, but why would I want to go to Rhode Island ;) Gratz man, have fun and enjoy the feeling of never having to wash a belt again. Nothing hides dried blood better than a black belt.
  17. beau_safken

    What do you wear? Street wise?

    I usually will wear whatever for a top but almost always cargo pants. However I do carry a couple things for a martial reason. Surefire Flashlight L4 Kershaw Scallion blade Medical supplies in my bag. Food bars Water Juice Space blanket (Silver one) zip ties etc When I walk to work...
  18. beau_safken

    Crisis in America, can we help as martial artists?

    Lets get back to the topic of discussion: What makes me or any member of the martial arts better than the non-MA? Do you know the definition of the word Hero? A hero is someone that gets others killed.... Sorry was watching Serenity tonight and when I watch Firefly I forget to stop thinking...
  19. beau_safken

    Titles In The Arts

    Just a show of respect is in order as those people are giving a part of their lives to help you keep yours. Guru, or Sir always worked for us. The most respected title of Uncle was used all the time for our founder.
  20. beau_safken

    Mosquito Ringtone Adults can't hear

    I hear that REAL loud... damn how annoying but interesting.... :D
  21. beau_safken

    So I am finally here in San francisco. Just moved in

    The cable car runs right in front of my house, but I dont take it as I am trying to see if it is faster or as fast for me to walk compared to spending the money for a pass. 45 bucks by 12 months = 540 a year in savings...ill take that. Plus no gym fee's ;)
  22. beau_safken

    So I am finally here in San francisco. Just moved in

    Oh no, she decided to live in another part of town and flaked out. This guy that I am rooming with now is just a guy that isn't home a lot, and brews his own beer as a hobby. She got a chance to get a place that she wanted and I found one that I liked it all worked out. But in some...
  23. beau_safken

    So I am finally here in San francisco. Just moved in

    Oh yea I guess I did forget a little something about this place. Its 1.5 miles from my doorstep to my work. Of course the way to work is all downhill...but the way home is all uphill. Talk about a workout... I get home and I am just drenched. But I think after a couple weeks I will be...
  24. beau_safken

    Say something good...

    Streetfighter is the best game in the world, and only the best of person's play it like Matt.M
  25. beau_safken

    OK Turn Over Your Papers... And Begin!

    Thanks Jenna, that was interesting o_O :D By the way, we don't have pelicans...I am using small glass capsules filled with the green goo and putting them in pigeons. So when one gets can have its revenge on the driver..and other around that driver. STICKY FEET!!!! :D...
  26. beau_safken

    OK Turn Over Your Papers... And Begin!

    Question 1: E Question 2: E Question 3: D
  27. beau_safken

    Your avatar: What is the story behind it?

    Mine was a combo of Being at a swanky 70's bar and a couple mai tai's.
  28. beau_safken

    Celeb Face Recognition

    Oh screw that... 70% match for Minnie Driver 70% Grace Kelly 68% Amanda Peet 67% Patrick Swazie I know I kinda have some female tendencies at times..but talk about a slap in the face.
  29. beau_safken

    HAD TO SHARE THIS! Like WOW man!

    Suggestion...turn headphones/speakers off.... Cool thou