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  1. Jdokan

    Bag training at home

    oops meant that to be "lesser" not letter... see what I mean about hand damage...:-)
  2. Jdokan

    Bag training at home

    Seriously, I think you need to find what fits your needs. Size of area, etc.. As far as wrapping...A lot of good info here already...again determine "your" use/desire. do what works for you. As an aging guitar player I don't like to damage my hands so my bag work is letter than most here on...
  3. Jdokan

    Bag training at home

    You all have it wrong...don't buy anything use nature....:-)
  4. Jdokan

    Where is GM Cal Carrozzi?

    Julia I was a long time friend of your Dad's we worked out together at Cals' for years. - My deepest sympathies for your loss of him. I do think of him often. Probably the best way to see him is at a seminar at Paul's' school in Waltham - he does conduct them periodically. After Cal shut down...
  5. Jdokan

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    "it is difficult to grow within the art" I think to define this can be 2 ways...obtaining rank or gaining knowledge. I have given up on the rank issue. I just work out. I know kinda simplistic but I think that is why most of are here. As stated in my earlier post. Rather than trying to...
  6. Jdokan

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    I'm focusing on less material. I work on the kata's 1,3, 5. Combinations: I focus on 1 - 20. I've infused a lot of Silat concepts. I do not consider me "creating" anything though.
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    East Coast Workout Anyone?

    I can fit about 10 in my Barn....If the weather is good I can easily fit 100+ in a field.... I'm 20+ miles north of Boston....
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    Hello...interested in your FMA....whom do you train with? I study here...

    Hello...interested in your FMA....whom do you train with? I study here:
  9. Jdokan

    SKK Pinan 1& Kata 1

    funny how leaving out one word changes everything.....24 inches of snow has left me a little groggy..."sorry 'bout that chief"
  10. Jdokan

    SKK Pinan 1& Kata 1

    If a form was designed to do that...then I guess it matters...if the intent was to teach consistency in footwork...My point is that I no longer focus on getting my footwork to be long as the stance is correct...BUT then that's me and why I'm a free agent and part of a team...:)
  11. Jdokan

    How far would you travel to train......

    Recently I travelled to Colorado to train with one of my "Uncles" (William DeThouras) as we call him...It was for a private weekend adventure where 10 of us went out to train...2 of my instructors are now in the Phillipines to train for a 3+ week period....Can't wait for their return....
  12. Jdokan

    The Last Resort

    for me it is to maintain/improve my health...however it is used....
  13. Jdokan

    Words you live by

    mine are simple...............
  14. Jdokan

    Bootable CD

    it was a zip file downloaded from the MS extracted but wouldn't could run the setup ok...kinda useless like that...I most likely messed up somehow.... I found Nero very useful in creating a bootable.....the MagicISO wouldn't do anything over 300mg...totally useless as...
  15. Jdokan

    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Microsoft's Windows Server 2003..... Are there really fictional books're kiddin' me!! never heard of them....:uhyeah:
  16. Jdokan

    Training After Black Belt

    Is there an option NOT to train???? :)
  17. Jdokan

    Bootable CD

    Help me see the forest thru the tree's Please.... I want to make a BOOTABLE cd from my non-bootable XP cd....I have tried a variety of s/w: NERO, MagicISO...and each of them indicate to point to the area containing the ISO image....My dilema...If I had an ISO I would be all set....I'm playing...
  18. Jdokan

    It doesn't matter. (???)

    I think it only matters to the individual involved...By saying that I don't mean each student should be doing his own thing. I believe that there should be some conformity to a basic concept. As long as the form can be interpreted from form to combat situation and it works I think that is...
  19. Jdokan

    Any Hp Proliant 350 G4 gurus out there?

    One of my servers after physically moving it no longer boots...It sat for about a year before I moved it so I don't remember what software was/is on it...Upon boot up the fan goes into high speed (normal) after 30+ seconds it will/would typically slow down the the POST begins....I found an...
  20. Jdokan

    What can a 10th dan do that a 5th dan can't?

    I think a second question has to be considered: Is the 10th degree 60+ years old or 35...If view would revolve more around time in the art versus rank in the pointed out above about some lower ranks can exceed higher ranks skill sets...for a multitude of...
  21. Jdokan

    Vmware 3.0 login issue

    Installed ESX 3.0 on server; pc is .10...have the vmclient installed FROM the server...can ping it... Have set the password (ESX local root passowrd) to vmware...can login locally to the server yet when I try to connect using the client and the pc administrator account I get a...
  22. Jdokan

    SKK Combos and Various Attacks

    I also wrap the r/arm encirles their leg while my left hand presses into it...causing more pain to that nerve area...the intent is to cause them to respond to that pain (and not try and fight me while I turn them over).....After the wrap I drop my r/knee into femoral artery of their...
  23. Jdokan

    SKK Combos and Various Attacks

    TO deal with a potentially still 'live" opponent we used to heel kick the groin in a upwards scooping action then deliver a downward stomp kick as they reacted to the groin kick....then end with the straddle....I do have mixed emotions about straddling the guy as well but I think depending on...
  24. Jdokan

    SKK Pinan 1& Kata 1

    I move around so much when I do my forms I could NEVER end up in the same spot....
  25. Jdokan

    SKK Combos and Various Attacks

    My instructor's version of #4 is more linear. The opening is still left palm to right hand but as the right rediects the punch it isn't as violent, it gets passed off to your left side. As that happens the left hand does a downwards rake followed by 2 more..a right and left. Just as the...
  26. Jdokan

    FSRM - server 2003 R2

    just found my answer......never mind.........silly me...
  27. Jdokan

    FSRM - server 2003 R2

    I have a server that it appears never had this installed...Anybody know/have done, etc adding it after the fact? This is an existing server & I don't want any issues with files, etc..disspearing...I looked through Manage your server and didn't see where to add to the existing role....
  28. Jdokan

    Coming back from injury

    Select your school discuss your situation and see what the instruct tells you...You know quickly if he has your best intentions in the forfront or his pocketbook... I think most of here have done what you've described at one point...I'm currently altering my training due to a broke toe...Some...
  29. Jdokan

    Police Brutality??

    I don't the see the "brutality" here...Each situation is different and can always erupt without warning...Even the language doesn't bother me...I did/do think that though videoing is ok and legal I thought taping audio was not...not without the consent of the individual....I thought that was...