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  1. wade

    Black Belt Test Fees

    1st Dan, $300. 2nd Dan, $400, ect. skip dans are doable up to 4th. Must pay for all ranks skipped and rank applying for. :) If, IF, and this is a biggie, you pass the test and your thesis is good. You come to me or you pay me to come to you. There are no free rides, you have to actually earn the...
  2. wade

    OH Hyeon-Deuk - new Kukkiwon president

    He is a 5th Dan, I am an 8th. So.....................
  3. wade

    American TKD Grandmasters List

    Question, why does your interpretation of a grand master start at 9th Dan when the Kukkiwon starts "high dan" at 8th Dan. Also, if you look in some old TKD books, like the one written by Choi Tae Hong of Portland Oregon he states that grandmaster starts at 7th dan.
  4. wade

    Zachary last weekend fight at the AAU qualifier

    OK, first, Zack has improved a lot, no argument there. But, one, why were the rings so small? Two, is red out of bounds or is the floor? It was really confusing, thanks.
  5. wade

    Pictures from the US World Open TKD tournament

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.
  6. wade

    Black Belts certification.

    Because for some, whether American, Korean or what ever, it is all about the money. Unless you take them to small claims court they don't have to order the certificate. Is is fair, no. Will it continue to happen, yes. So, buyer beware. This is why I, and a lot of others are here, to help those...
  7. wade

    Question about the Electronic Hogu

    Terry, Lajust "is" recognized by the WTF and as the USAT is hosting the US Open I have no doubt that we will be using Lajust there. Fisk, thank you, that is the power sheets used in San Jose this year. I got into running class and forgot all about bringing them home to post.
  8. wade

    The 6th World Poomsae Championships Vladivostok, Russia

    So, for me, the question is, IMO, our poomsae players look awesome, this being said, why aren't we winning at the international level?
  9. wade

    Question about the Electronic Hogu

    armortkd: I don't have the paper work in front of me but as I recall: and these numbers were different from Orlando last year so by next year they might be changed again. but up to 8/9, the power was set at 38 lbs. We had no 10/11 so I don't know those numbers. 12/13 was set at 40 lbs. 14/17...
  10. wade

    Question about the Electronic Hogu

    Terry, this in my opinion only: The USAT also has a contract with Lajust and it will probably continue to use it at the state level and above. I hope so. I really hate it when a leg or arm kick wins a match just because it sounded awesome. There are even some local tournaments out here, PTC and...
  11. wade

    LEO reaction to a lawful gun carrier

    Awesome, thanks for sharing.
  12. wade

    My Daughter

    ATC, keep trying on the KOM. Aug 09 in Austin, Kara Marsh is one of my players and she made it. The kids feel so awesome when they get that award and then when the USAT puts them on youtube it's priceless. Good luck and we will probably see you at the US Open.
  13. wade

    Question about the Electronic Hogu

    WTF, no. USAT, YES.
  14. wade

    My Daughter

    Chyenne fights in the 14/17 yo and senior divisions. She won gold in JR's, gold in Seniors at the Nationals and then gold at the Team Trails in COS. She was one of my players, Stephanie's, 2nd match, and we forfited the match in the 2nd round after my player got slamed with an awesome body shot...
  15. wade

    Two Taekwondo contestants have altercation before contest

    I was sitting in ring one, about 30 feet away and also watched it go down. What poomsae guys says is correct and the news paper is wrong. The kid was just sitting there when the other walked slowly by and then all of a sudden kicked him in the face. The local reported was standing beside me...
  16. wade

    Mister (Miss), Master...what's in the term SBN?

    Too much Saki and too many readings of the crap y'all are coming up with. Good for a late night boredom but OMG! I gotta ask, are y'all really for real?
  17. wade

    2010 US Open Hanmadang

    Where is it being held and is there a schedule of events posted yet?
  18. wade

    I am taking TKD to a new level

    Manny, you have kind of lost me here. Are you trying to make your own TKD better or are you trying to change your school and instructor to match, using techniques you have learned from the INTERNET and Kenpo, to what you think is real and proper Taekwondo?
  19. wade

    Here we go again....1, 2, 3...YOU ARE AWESOME!

    I have some brand new 5th Dans I am thinking of sending, where can I find a schedule of these courses? Thanks.
  20. wade

    West Coast TaeKwonDoist?

    St. Helens
  21. wade

    The USAT vs AAU war has reached a boiling point.

    So, trying to get back on topic, I am curious, Terry and all of you others that compete in both the AAU and the USAT, have you decided what you are going to do about this. Have you thought about who you will go with? Will you still try to compete in both organizations or bow to the threat of...
  22. wade


    omar, what is a reverse round kick?
  23. wade

    Determining Seniority....

    once again
  24. wade

    Determining Seniority....

    Bob, cancelled.
  25. wade

    Determining Seniority....

    Should not have got involved, sorry.
  26. wade

    Should I agree to taking my own class?

    IMO, NO, don't do it. If you don't feel that you have the necessary skills to teach someone else then you probably don't. Nothing worse than someone who thinks they know what they are doing and going out and teaching someone else who damn well won't know what they are doing. I know this is a...
  27. wade

    State Championships this weekend!

    Videos, neh? Good luck.
  28. wade

    Anyone know this song?

    That was awesome. :)
  29. wade

    Kata videos from my school's invitational tournament in November '09

    Sta3cy, thanks for sharing, that was enjoyable to watch. Good luck in your future tournaments.
  30. wade

    New school down the street...

    Master Wright, to be honest, knowing how Bill Wallace operates, the guy in Ontario really could have a Master's Degree in TKD from him. No disrespect intended, I first met and worked with Master Wallace, then Bill, in Nt. Carolina at the Battle of the Champions in in 1975. He was amazing then...