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  1. Marvin

    Michigan Tourney, Champion's Challenge

    Hi Emilio, my club went down and competed in BJJ a few years ago, it was your basic tourny, gi/ no gi with the standard bjj scoring point system.
  2. Marvin

    Glocks nowhere to be found

    I work in the industry and any and all handguns are moving like crazy. No matter what the make.
  3. Marvin

    Fedor vs Sylvia

    any links to the fight?
  4. Marvin

    Seeking Karl Carlysle Jeet Kune DO in Flint, MI

    Karl do you have a breakdown of what Mr Inosanto will be teaching per day of the seminar? Thanks, Marvin
  5. Marvin

    Eddie Bravo - Jiu Jitsu Unleashed

    I think that gi and no gi are both part of the whole bjj game, and will help you gert a deeper understanding of the art. As to not fighting with the gi, if something happens, the individuals will probably have some form of clothing on. I don't relish the idea of fighting with a nekked man :)...
  6. Marvin

    Casting for Captain America

    I thought Dolf Lundgrin was the punisher?
  7. Marvin

    Grappling Question

    So what's yer question? :)
  8. Marvin

    Seeking Karl Carlysle Jeet Kune DO in Flint, MI

    Hi Karl, nice to hear from you!
  9. Marvin

    Kimbo Slice responds to Dana White and Chuck Liddell

  10. Marvin


    I think it's Mike Swain not Swan.
  11. Marvin

    Americas Number One Judo Player!

  12. Marvin

    Bjj Belt Progression

    That's cool that you are trying to change up your teaching method Joe. IMO, isolation with progressive resistance is the best way to go for every body type.
  13. Marvin

    Bjj Belt Progression

    Hey Joe, sorry I didn't respond earlier, didn't see the post. I'm not frustrated, just don't have time for a lot of BS. I'm not big into mud slinging so I'll refrain from talking about particular individuals. The difference is in training methods. But I will tell you what I don't like as far...
  14. Marvin

    Relson Gracie

    I think Relson is retired.
  15. Marvin

    BJJ brown belt in 1 year

    I think there are some great schools in the states and you don't have to go to Rio to get good a good club. BJJ like most things in life should be about the trip, not the destination. So enjoy the ride and good luck!
  16. Marvin

    10th Planet Jiu jitsu

    Do you mean train at his club or train no-gi?
  17. Marvin

    talk of allow taser carry in Michigan for cpl holders

    Like the other posts said, there are some places you can't carry, plus if I were to shoot, it is not to kill, but to save my own/loved ones life. If I can stop the threat and not kill someone would that not be a good idea?
  18. Marvin

    Any real knife episodes?

    Yeah, I had forgot about the dogs, that was a rough one. Ah good times... NOT!
  19. Marvin

    talk of allow taser carry in Michigan for cpl holders
  20. Marvin

    Ever Notice the Whole Marketing Scheme....

    Check these out, gimme a frickin' break!:rolleyes:
  21. Marvin

    Brazilian Jiujitsu Footlock Defense!

    Brian, were those Rorion's boys?
  22. Marvin

    Kimbo Slice?

    Tank vs Kimbo
  23. Marvin

    Bjj Belt Progression

    So true Brian. I remember going to a seminar and the bjj instructor when he walked around asked everyone did they pay their seminar fee. I know of 1 or 2 people who probably shouldent be the belt they are, but bjj has a wonderful way of showing this. It's called rolling. Any lacking of skill...
  24. Marvin

    Fight Quest and BJJ in Rio, Brazil!

    Really? You think bjj rep is going downhill? I thought that bjj did a pretty good showing in UFC81? (IMO)
  25. Marvin

    Old, fat, out of shape guys needs advice.

    As I am at the end of my 30's, I have learned a few things. That it is imperative to warm up correctly (full body) and then stretch before working out. Pre-hab is so much easer than rehab the older one gets. Know when to tap and know your training partners. If you are afraid of gettin hurt...
  26. Marvin

    PDF of Edged weapons injuries

    Thanks for that. It should make everyone do a reality check in their knife training / defence
  27. Marvin

    Judo paper would be a good place to start.