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    Learning the art of Japanese sword fighting

    Let me first say i'm a very big admirer of the art of Japanese sword fighting and I've always wanted to learn but sadly I've had little luck finding a sword fighting Sensei so my question to all you sword enthusiasts what is the best distance learning videos on Japanese sword fighting (i don't...
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    black taoist

    Thanks, my friend has gone out to train with him a few times, paying quite a pretty penny on this training too and being the good friend I am wanted to make sure he wasn't being taken advantage of. I don't do Kung Fu so I don't know what good Kung Fu looks like
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    Full Contact Karate!

    I just started Kyokushin a little while ago and am going to be supplementing it with Goju-Ryu and Judo but I love full contact sparring, haven't done too much of it mainly Osu training so far, but I plan to compete in atleast one full contact karate tournament before I die
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    Why Traditional Karate Is Not Effective for Self-Defense

    I say it's not so black and white as "karate is or isn't effective" because I've seen and trained in both ends of the spectrum, I've had traditional matial arts instuctors that claimed they were deadly weapons but had never been in real fights and I've had soft spoken teachers that I would never...
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    black taoist

    I'm wondering if anyone has any info on novell bell my friend is obsessed with him and I wanna make sure he's legitimate
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    Most Efficient Way to Build Functional Leg Strength?

    one kick training thing we do is go through each of our kicks, rechambering each time but with out putting our kicking foot on the ground.
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    Any Seen Black Belt the Movie?

    -Are there any other karate movies out there? And I mean real karate, as in karate plays a part, and hes not a guy that dresses like a trucker who has to fight for money and who messes up his lines like, "hes too strong to be jail". - I would check out "Fighter in the Wind"
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    Jiujitsu vs Wrestling, which to recomend to whom

    just out of curiousity what is the difference between Jiujitsu, sambo and the wrestling styles, I've never trained wrestling and haven't seen enough of it to be able to spot out the key differences
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    why so many seem to dislike MMA

    I think many people are against MMA for a few reasons. I think the first is that people are judgeing MMA soley by what some people in the UFC and other federations are doing, these people are highly paid athletes and it sad that the sport gets blamed for the mistakes they make. (no one blames...
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    How much is too much to pay

    this may seem like an odd question but in the area I am there a a Aikido dojo that is very very expensive, now I know sometimes what you pay for is what you get but when I was stationed in Japan I trained under a 7th degree black belt in aikido who only charged 1000 yen a month so what I am...
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    Any Seen Black Belt the Movie?

    I watched just a few days ago andI liked it, sure it wasn't high-flying or anything like that but it reminded me of what real karate is supposed to look like, to many times have i seen people just abandon there style when they get into a fight. I hope it will have a simmilar effect on other...
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    Jiujitsu vs Wrestling, which to recomend to whom

    A friend of mine was asking me about which grappling style would be best for him (I suggested Judo or jiujitsu because I do those) while another person suggested Freestyle wrestling, I personally don't know much about the different kinds of wrestling so I was wondering what kind of people would...
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    Kyokushin in Utah

    I found a Kyokushin practictioner in utah, he teaches jiujitsu and Muay thai mainly but I am sure if enough people want to he'll start Kyokushin classess
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    MMA as self defense

    I have heard countless times that training MMA is conterproductive to good self defense, has anyone else ever heard this or have any studies to back it up, it personally doesn't make sense to me. I have always believed that if you can hit a trained fighter who is ready for you to hit him you...
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    well a great many styles of karate, Kempo and Kung Fu it seems as though you find more bad schools then you do good ones, but I have hardly ever seen a bad judo program (I say program because most judo in my area is clubs not actual Dojo's)
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    Gi questions?

    one thing to look into is a Judo Gi, sometimes they are a little cheaper and a judo gi is almost the same if not the same a jitsu gi
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    I have found that of many older martial arts Judo still seems to be very respected and effective, are there any theories as to why Judo has been able to last decades and other have not?
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    Looking for a sparring partner

    I am a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do living in Ogden Utah, and while I am training in other styles I don't want to lose my Tae Kwon Do but I don't have the money to pay for expensive classes, so if any Tae Kwon Do practitioners are looking for a sparring or training partner in the ogden...
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    Kyokushin in Utah

    I am sure i'm not the first person to ask this and i'm pretty sure i won't be the last, but I am a big admirer of Kyokushin Karate and would love to train it if i could find a dojo that taught it, does anyone know of any kyokushin schools in Utah, or a style of karate derived from kyokushin.