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  1. Ray

    Uh, no

    There is a fine line between fertilizer and crap, too.
  2. Ray

    Hesse bans burkas for state workers

    It would suck to have enough commitment to your beliefs to reorder your life to conform with them.
  3. Ray

    Why Ann Coulter is great.

    Of the 2 Coulter books I've read, I enjoyed one and didn't care for the other. As a conservative, I'm pretty happy with the way she can think quickly and speak well. There are times when she certainly goes overboard. Equating taxes with alms is mixed up. Taxes should be to support the common...
  4. Ray

    Ok,... I will ask a stupid question

    When I started EPAK in 1985 I was taught falls and rolls.
  5. Ray

    Muslim woman teacher sues U.S. school after being denied three weeks unpaid leave to make

    What is the vacation accrual and usage policy? If she can accrue the time and take it off in one chunk (assuming it fits the existing policy) then she should get. If the policy doesn't allow that much vacation accruing, or it doesn't allow someone to take it off in that big of a chunk, then...
  6. Ray

    Massachusetts BS!

    Darn it, as a conservative I'm against socialized medicine. Then as a conservative I'm POed that a conservative republican governor signed the bill that put socialized medicine in Mass. Then again, as a conservative I'm happy to see the issues arise. I'm also sad that it causes people...
  7. Ray

    Pentagon Papers, Watergate and Wikileaks. Is there a difference?

    Courts upheld that the admin could have arrested and tried Ellsworth (of course the court couldn't decide his guilt/non-guilt unless an actual trial took place). The Nixon admin decline to prosecute. I say we need whistle-blowers to an extent. I believe that Wilileaks proprietor should be...
  8. Ray

    Christmas thread, now that its december.

    I told my kids all kinds of harmless lies to make their lives more tolerable like: I love you; You can become anything you want if you study and apply yourself--even president of the US.
  9. Ray

    B.C. court to weigh polygamy laws

    What did the US do before the mid-nineteenth century, before polygamy was outlawed? It was practiced by several groups.
  10. Ray

    B.C. court to weigh polygamy laws

    Thanks, I appreciate that. Normally, I'm not sensitive to mormon jokes, or the joking stereotypes that we all probably use at one time or another. I was just still not over my conversation with the guy at the japanese restaurant who said he greeted the mormons with his shotgun...he smiled as...
  11. Ray

    B.C. court to weigh polygamy laws

    How about disorganized religion or other beliefs that others may have? Is it natural for us to minimize them as well?
  12. Ray

    B.C. court to weigh polygamy laws

    I don't make any assumptions about you. Just your "joke," it wasn't funny, sound stereotypically prejudice and based in ignorance. I suppose that it makes it easier if you "mock all religions."
  13. Ray

    B.C. court to weigh polygamy laws

    I doubt that half of Utah's population is polygamous...Even if they were, I doubt all of the polygamists would move. Comment strikes me like one I heard in a Japanese restaurant the other night. 2 couples were sitting at the other end of the grill and they were talking about telephone...
  14. Ray


    Don't confuse wealth with income. Property is taxed, so if you have property it can be taxed regardless of income. If you have wealth without having taxable property and without (current) income then you don't pay income tax. If you a mortgage, then that's property that can be taxed however...
  15. Ray

    So I just watched dancing with the stars and....

    Aw Shucks, I thought I was gonna make a wisecrack...then I figured it would either offend someone or make me look like a bigger idiot... so what have we learned so far?...
  16. Ray

    So I just watched dancing with the stars and....

    **************** never mind *******.
  17. Ray

    Alabama Schools Paddle Kids With No Way For Parents To Opt-Out

    The US used to be #1 at putting out HS grads. Now we're number 12. We have a generation of people who feel "entitled." Kids know they don't have to follow the rules, they don't have any consequences for bad behavior. My son told the principal of one of my grandchildren that he didn't think...
  18. Ray

    Did oj do it poll?

    Ok, so it's about OJ? I believe that he did it. One of my sons had wanted to be a lawyer...he watched the OJ trial (as we all did as we could find the time)...after the verdict was announced he decided he didn't want to be a lawyer. One day in Twin Falls, ID after the trial I was in a...
  19. Ray

    I guess the Left are just a Bunch of Gay Hating Homophobes.

    *****, I'm getting old, I don't even know what that
  20. Ray

    Family did not pay $75 annual fee, firefighters watch house burn

    I personally believe that gov'ts exist for a reason, that the rules that are in place should be followed or changed if they don't work. That any gov't that collects taxes for a service should render that service to the citizens under the gov't (city dwellers pay the tax, they get the...
  21. Ray

    Family did not pay $75 annual fee, firefighters watch house burn

    According to what I read: The policy is: if you live outside the city limits, then the city's fire service is available to you if you pay the $75 annual fee. The policy has been in place approx 20 years. If the city has a policy and they don't enforce it then they don't have a policy. If the...
  22. Ray

    Americans woefully ignorant about religion, study says

    While I also agree that wars are not good, I am forced to consider that it is an opinion based on my cultural upbringing and totally is nothing more than an opinion.
  23. Ray

    Why Obama can't shut down Guantanamo and needs to lock people up forever without trial

    I agree that Obama never had a chance. I ascribe the reason to the fact that he is inadequate and not to "the job is too big." If the job were too big, he should have interviewed for one that fit him better.
  24. Ray

    NY Town wants Muslim bodies removed from cemetery

    It's not easy/if not impossible in a lot of cases to determine religion by looking at did you determine he was a Muslim?
  25. Ray

    Why Obama can't shut down Guantanamo and needs to lock people up forever without trial

    Most of Obama's campaign promises are unfulfilled...
  26. Ray

    Girl Killed, Police Blamed.

    I agree with your assessment. I also noticed that when I go for a walk, the only thing that protects me on the sidewalk is the willing compliance of drivers...
  27. Ray

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    When I wear a cross around my neck, I refer to it as a "plus sign." The church I belong to doens't revere the cross.
  28. Ray

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    No, you misunderstand...I'm referring to US Supreme Court cases with regard to Cross-Burning. So far as I can find the was one (2002ish) and it had to do with a Virginia law, and a cross-burning that took place in a black neighbor's back yard. And yes, the court-ruled it was legal to have such...
  29. Ray

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    To say "simply because it's intimidating..." seems to be intentionally misleading. If you read the decision, I think you'll find that it is illegal when it is intentionally intimidating. And although the statutes may read "insulting" obviously just because something is "insulting" it cannot...
  30. Ray

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    Recently, I watched a Sunday morning news program. I cannot remember the players, nor the program name. I listened as a Muslim (who's role I believe was that of a leader, whether a "terroristic" or other group I cannot recall the name), he was specifically asked about the innocent lives lost...