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    warm ups for lunges

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    I got my black belt!!!!!

    Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate it! I see the orthopaedic surgeon again on tuesday. Hell probably chew me out but hey it will be worth it!
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    I got my black belt!!!!!

    I took my test anyway even though I am injured and I passed! I wrapped my leg real good and I was even able to run. 10:00 until 4 :00. It was so strenuous but invigorating. I have big bruising already from wrestling but I don/t care. I am so happy. I was determined to test even with an iinjury...
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    No Black Belt test for me this year

    I did a front heel kick into the heavy bag and my calf just exploded. I was training hard. I was focused. Just feeling it you know and I dont know what happened. At the time I felt pain and I stopped for a minute then my calf felt like it was on fire. I figured ok I can do kicks with the other...
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    No Black Belt test for me this year

    I was supposed to test for Black Belt in June but I injured myself almost 2 weeks ago. I thought it would be healed by now but its not.My orthopedic surgeon says no way can I test. I go to class anyway and sit against the wall and watch. What is the worst injury you have suffered training and...
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    Black Belt Test Tips

    Thank you, everyone for your help! Tess, it seems like a short time to me too but I have classes 4 days a week plus I teach one adult class a week. And I go to the Dojo on Sat and Sun when I get out of work from my regular job to work on forms,etc either alone or with anyone I can get from class...
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    Black Belt Test Tips

    Hi. I am going for my black belt in June and I need all the advice I can get. The test in our school is usually 6-8 hours long. How do I keep my endurance up for strenuous testing like that? They expect us to go full throttle for that length of time. I know 4 miles of running up and down hills...
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    leg injury

    Thank you! :)
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    leg injury

    I got kicked in the calf in sparring and it must have hit the nerve. I have shooting pain up the front and back of my leg below the knee. Do I apply heat or ice? Thanks. I try to limber it up but it makes the pain worse.
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    class size

    In your opinion what is a good class size for 1 instructor? Adults and kids classes. How many people are in your class? Instructors input welcome. Thanks. Rachel
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    I can"t believe this

    Thank you everyone for your input. I agree that she should be allowed to wear arm guards if she likes but we're talking about the 8 basic blocks performed on each other and 1 bruise. I'm far from unfeeling. This is a friend who constantly critisizes our instructor behind his back saying that she...
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    I can"t believe this

    One of the women in my school, actually one of my best friends is going to talk to our instructor when he comes back from vacation to tell him we should be wearing arm guards when we practice our 8 basic blocks. She got a bruise on her arm the size of a quarter and she's a little upset. I told...
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    Target Training Equipment? Help.......

    One night at class I was really beating the crap out of the heavy bag. My back fists were so hard my hands were bright red. My teacher is like "great power, Rachel! Someone is inspired" and I said "I gave the bag a name". You don't need politicians to paste on. How about child molesters and...
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    Postal worker. I also work the desk at my dojo.
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    Training kids to prevent abduction

    On the video it almost looked like he showed her a concealed weapon. I saw a show on tv a couple of years ago and it said that if the attacker has a weapon and tries to take you somewhere that it means he will more than likely kill you. He wants to get you away from other people to do whatever...
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    portable dvd players

    I want to get my daughter a portable dvd player for her birthday in 2 weeks. What is a good brand to get? Consumer reports hasn't done any research on them and doesn't plan anything near term. Can I get some input on your experiences and what you all recommend ? Thanks.:)
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    Would you "just die" without martial arts?

    If you had told me a year and a half ago that I'd be doing martial arts, I would have told you you were insane. It is so far into my blood now that not only do I train 4 nights a week(we only have 4 classes for my rank a week) but I help my instructor teach 4-5 kids classes a week and I work...
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    Teaching your own children

    I help teach some of the childrens classes at my school. My daughter is in one of the classes.She will be 10 next month. When she does her forms and techniques at home if I try to help her she gets very defensive. I haven't had to work one on one with her in the dojo yet and I hope when the time...
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    need help finding a book

    I called the number you gave and they told me the book is out of print. I tried looking on e bay and no luck. Oh well. I appreciate the info you gave though. Did you talk your wife into letting you get the videos?I hope so.:)
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    need help finding a book

    Thank you very much. I'll let you know what happens.:)
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    need help finding a book

    Hi. Does anyone know where i can get a copy of Master Paul Fiorini Viele book called Brazilian Jujitsu the ultimate martial art? Has anyone heard of him. He supposedly has a big training center in New York somewhere.It's really important. Thank you!:)
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    x in a square puzzle?

    Has anyone ever done the puzzle where you draw a square with an x in it without lifting your pen off the paper or retracing your lines? How do you do it? We were trying it last night and no one remembered. Thanks.:)
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    Judge Removed

    I applaud this man for what he's done. Separation of church and state is one thing but come on. Why does God have to be pushed under the rug because of non believers? If they don't like the ten commandments where they are then don't look at them. Look somewhere else. This man is not denying God...
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    Your Christmas List

    For christmas I'd like a better memory to help me with my karate. A cure for all types of cancer would be nice. The number one thing I'd like for christmas I'll never get so there's no use in saying it.
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    tardiness of students

    Thanks for all your comments.:)
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    tardiness of students

    I'd like to hear how your school handles tardiness. Adult classes and especially childrens classes. Do you have a cut off time where they will not be allowed in or do you let them wander in 10-15 minutes late? Are parents required to stay on the premises while their children attend classes or do...
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    black belt grading in 1 hour

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    wake for instructors grandmother

    Adoni, I've already made up my mind to go. I have to help Cara with the 4:30 and 5:05 classes and then I'm going to ET's to change. We'll probably be there around 6 or so.
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    wake for instructors grandmother

    I have a question. My instructors grandmother died and the wake is tomorrow. Should I attend? I didn't know his grandmother but I know his mom (whose mother it is that died)from her coming to the Dojo and talking with her,etc. I'm friends with 2 of his sisters, our children are friends also. And...