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  1. Paul B

    When is someone "Too young" for MA or for a BB for that matter?

    Well since I have yet to get into this particular brand-o-hash Ill give it a go. Too young is not potty trained. After that whatever age they can lift their feet up to step on the mat. BB are almost literally a dime a dozen nowadays so if they put the work in and know the material does it...
  2. Paul B

    How is your Hapkido ground game?

    Heh...ground game in Hapkido is better translated as "last ditch". To echo what has already been said, you're better off supplementing with another art to get that specific skillset. I will say that I am lucky enough my Hapkido teacher was friends with the Sensei of a chicago LEO judo and...
  3. Paul B

    Whats up MT I'm old..err back..ish

    Heya all. Stopping back by from my little hiatus in the real world. Two kids later. Oof. :whip1: I think I will go lurk in the Hapkido forum now and think devious thoughts.:-popcorn: Ahh...just like the good 'ol days.
  4. Paul B

    GM Mac

    Just to jump in here. I have met the man a couple times and he is..pretty darn cool. Definitely knows his stuff and is a good teacher. Just be ready for a heck of a workout if he's the one teaching.
  5. Paul B

    Am I missing something

    Oh wow. If you honestly believe someone is going to spend an eternity "paying" for what they have done in eighty or so years here one earth, do you really think there's a need to add your own 2 cents to it? You handled it a lot better than I would have. Self-righteous people like that push...
  6. Paul B

    MA vs. Non MA in the civil service fields

    I have never brought it up on any job apps..probably because I never filled out an app for my first stint at "working the door." My friend's Dad owns the bar..she knew I was looking for a part-time job and there you go. I think it's probably not the best idea to put it out there unless it's...
  7. Paul B

    Nice Hapkido vid

    This is one GM Seo's sons. I've had the pleasure of being his partner a few times and man...does he put a hurtin' on you. This is mainly turning leaves,four corner throw..with a few slick variations of four corner from bow and arrow. He also throws an s-lock trap and inside cutting arm bar...
  8. Paul B


    Fun in the Hapkido forum? I don't know.... Now I find that an interesting concept. The way I see it,what you specifically practice I consider "classical" Hapkido..right from the horse's mouth as it were. What Hapkido some others might study would either be Kwan-specific or "style-specific."...
  9. Paul B


    I hear you. It would (I think) be a none-issue to agree that Hapkido began with Choi Dojunim. I think some people might get hung up on a few points mainly being: 1. The actual process of "naming" of the art. 2. How many people tow the rhetorical line. 3. How far one can be removed from that...
  10. Paul B

    Stay the same or change

    I would definitely stay the same. I think my training experience prior to my present art was all about the journey. I don't know that I would have recognized where I "fit" unless I had gone through it, Ya know? That and crosstraining is good and good for you.:p
  11. Paul B


    Good points all around..Drac..It takes a Ninja to find a Ninja,ya know.:rofl: Kevin..I think we've all been down that same dreary path many times and found the same dead horse. For the record I personally happen to agree with your Kwan's take on things. Caveat..the other guys have some legit...
  12. Paul B


    Whoa! That's enough of that right there! There'll be no making nice with those "Combat" Hapkido people! *looks over shoulder to see Drac coming* Bwahaahaaa!!! I'm out!:CTF: Honestly..I really have given a great deal of thought about all the "technical" discussion. While it can be...
  13. Paul B

    Fight Quest Hapkido

    "Not bad,not bad." To be honest it looked exactly like my first few attempts at a spin kick...I almost did a faceplant,and I'm really not that much better now. LOL He seemed to "find his flow" with the low spinning heel,though.
  14. Paul B

    Fight Quest Hapkido

    Bwaahaaa..Terry..this is the best quote ever..story of my life,man. Back to the issue at hand..yes..the show was good and bad and hilarious at times.(spin kicks anyone?) However...Did the end "fight" give an accurate representation of how a Hapkidoin would fight? Hmmm..I think it looked like...
  15. Paul B

    Fight Quest Hapkido

    Well...I wouldn't feel right if I just slid on by this one, now would I? My take? Meh. It coulddawuddashudda been better if (insert gripe here). Bottom line..ya gotta respect the Masters and the KHF for putting their students out there like that..especially when all my fellow Hapkidoin know...
  16. Paul B

    cONGRATS Are Well Deserved

    Ah well..What's the saying? "A day late and a dollar short"? So add a week or two. Congrats,man. Well done.:cheers:
  17. Paul B

    Woo Hoo

    Nice work,Matt! :high5: I am definitely gonna have to come for a visit one of these days.
  18. Paul B

    Next Poster Game

    Man..did I just mess all of you up. :redcapturBwaahaaahaaa!!! Terry?
  19. Paul B

    I know it is not festivus, but

    Meh. Hapkido is always gonna have this stuff,guys. Some people love train wrecks. Good clean technical discussion? Forget about it..I wanna know that I train in the best Hapkido lineage. So what if I can't actually use wallpaper is fancier than yours.:rolleyes: So umm..yeah..for...
  20. Paul B

    Is Hapkido a good style for a doorman?

    Good stuff Drac! It actually brought a smile to my face,having been on the receiving end of some nicely manicured nails myself. Yes..(insert art here) would work in that situation. The real question is if the instructor you eventually pick get you there if you put in the time and effort...
  21. Paul B

    Another Ji Han Jae vid. Enjoy

    Nice one,Matt! Looks like that guy with the sword went home with a sore elbow. Ouch. :cool:
  22. Paul B

    Families during Seminars

    That's about where I am,Buzzy. The wife has attended a couple seminars with me, she knows what I'm in for when I go. Lot's of hard training followed by many adult beverages..When's my next seminar again?:drinky:
  23. Paul B

    Need some Advice

    Hey Hybrid, I would suggest taking a sec and figuring out what the number one most important thing the Art(s) you're considering can give to you. Go from there. For the other stuff..... You will find yourself picking up things without being taught if you're a good student in any Art. For...
  24. Paul B

    Ji Han Jae..Old School Video.

    Ya Skip, and no prob.
  25. Paul B

    The Term 'Aikidoka'.

    Well..I would say're just a dumb Deshi until your Sensei say's that you're an Aikidoka...until then,(and that day may never come) work on your Ukemi. I'm just feeling extra helpful today,Arny. :boing2: Honestly,though.. My Aikido Sensei always referred to Aikido practitioners as...
  26. Paul B

    MartialTalk Announces Major Expansion Project

    KMA Talk! Really? are the kewlest/most bravest (LOL) man alive. :angel: Oh yeah..the other sites are cool,too.
  27. Paul B

    Favorite Korean Foods

    Oohh..Gal Bi! Gal Bi! What..noone for Kimchi? I actually like it. We had a Korean couple in class with their kids..made us a sort of Kimchi and octopus salad. I know,I know..sounds a bit gross..but it was good eatin.:D What else..Bul something Gi..I think. MMmm
  28. Paul B

    Ji Han Jae..Old School Video.

    I figured some a ya's would enjoy this. :) Watch your ears..the music's a tad much.
  29. Paul B

    Hapkido Times - 1st issue

    Good stuff,Jay! Thanks.:ultracool
  30. Paul B

    Hapkido Terminology

    Hiya Skip, While Dusty has pointed out that great resource..I doubt that you'll find what you're looking for specifically. Korean terminolgy,as I understand it, is usually codified according to method..not so much according to the individual technique contained within the method. What I...