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    Karate and Shortened lifespan?

    When you consider Okinawa's people have the longest lifespans in the world, and consider the hardships of WWII had much to do contributing to the deaths of many aged instructors and the effects on survivors all such stories are suspect. There are karate-ka who do sanchin and died younger. There...
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    does your style of karate teach weapons? if so which ones?

    Yes, Isshinryu's Bo, Sai and Tonfa, from Kyan, and Taira. Bando staff and stick and solely for our instructors kama and Tanto (Sutrisno family)
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    Van Damme Teaching Karate

    Another Damme teaching machine, I say cynically.
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    Injuries, Illness, Disability and Aging
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    Motobu Choiiki Self Defense\ ving.html
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    Training the Senses

    My latest blog post respectfully submitted,
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    Bushi No Te Developmental Studies

    Bushi No Te Developmental Studies ... ental.html
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    Kids these days... Question for instructors.

    Well, I've been trainiing youth continiously since 1978. While my standards are unchanged (it takes about 7-9 uears) to make black belt (adult) as I don't let them train full time, and I keep adding material - 15 kata at that point. The average time they train is 2 or 3 years. We just use...
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    1934 Itoman Seijin (Morinobus) book Toudi-jutsu ... ou-if.html I was fortunate to assist McKenna Sensei with the review process for this workand found myself affected greatly by this text. or The Study of the Techniquesof Toudi (China hand). A description of the Okinawan art before karate,according to...
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    How Many Kata are necessary?

    I've been at this 40 years and I hear too much short term thinking. Aplication need power behind them to make them work. I some Shaolin systems, Unless you are an instructor, your study moves from one form to the next and each builds on earlier skills. And they may have hundreds of foms, but...
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    How Many Kata are necessary?

    How many kata is a continual discussion topic. IMVHO, The real issue is how does a system of training use what they have. Ive trained with great martial artists who use few kata, and Ive trained with great martial artist who have many times many kata studies in their system. I really isnt...
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    The Complete Isshinryu Armbar

    Actually it is an older post, saved for my students use. I hope you find it useful.
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    The Complete Isshinryu Armbar

    An inquiry into Okinwaan grappling potential.
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    Food for the Sole

    Bill, Primarily these are notes for my students I'm sharing. This is an exterior line of defense were they step to the left and then use their left foot to sweep in cutting out the attackers leg. Hope this helps,
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    Food for the Sole

    Black Belt Kicking techniques
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    Minimum age for BB?

    In Isshinryu a black belt was defined by the instructor. Associations might have various standards, but they are not universal. I have never seen philosophical standards for a black belt in 38 years.
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    Minimum age for BB?

    Then the problem is with the public perception and that needs to be changed. Too young for black belt training, next too old for black belt training. Or only for men? Perhaps the issue is to dumb for black belt training? It's good enough for Okinawa....should be good enough for anywhere.
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    Minimum age for BB?

    When Funakoshi first use the black belt he awarded it with one years training, as I remember it. The standards for black belt are varied. The only test that matters is how effectively the individual is training 10 or 15 years after receiving their black belt. Many of the things that have been...
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    Master Choki Motobu, 'A Real Fighter' By Graham Noble

    This video is even better to understand Motobu. A really great presentation of the Motobu Choki Drills by his son.
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    Key Kata

    Essentially every kata I study is a key kata. But if push comes go shove and I have to take you out, my choice is Sanchin. O' I only perform it full speed and normal breathing... and nobody likes to work with me when I start on it's applications. For me why should Uechi ryu have all the fun...
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    Bando training

    Great Bando video's by Bob Maxwell. Bando Elbow Training 1 2 3 4 Bando Basic Combat Stick Training Bando hand 2 hand Bando Kukru Field Training
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    Isshinryu and Chinkuchi

    I've pulled Charles Murray's recollections of his Chinkuchi training on Okinawa together with the video of his SunNuSu kata on my blog. Charles was the instructor who completed my training for sho-dan.
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    Megami or Mizugami?

    Bill, I understand the Religious issues but they're not really my point. I'm more there are much more important things behind my Isshinryu than the patch name, the patch type or the patch meaning. I will always respect each tradition, but in the end in my dojo I only care about performance.
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    Megami or Mizugami?

    Words. Originally when I bought a patch (of the Steve Armstrong line) from my instructor I'm not sure the patch was named, but if it was it was mizugami. All of the 70's and early 80's magazine articles used the term. Shimabuku Sensei was gone and didn't leave any documentation on the issue...
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    Why Do We Train in Bare Feet?

    In the state of Massachusetts it is illegal to strike someone with the shod foot, I've seen reports where that charge is added to other charges in an altercation. Billy Jack was just showing the way.
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    Why Do We Train in Bare Feet?

    The use of the term 'Toe Rip Kick' for that motion in the Isshinryu SunNuSu (Sunsu) Kata is not a universal descriptive term but does explain part of it's possible usage. It is not necessarily unique to Isshinryu Hiagonna Morio shows a similar kick at 1:50 in his 'bunkai' for Sesan kata...
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    The Why of Bunkai: A Guide for Beginners by Charles Goodin

    Makalakumu the struggle never ends. What is the right thing to teach and when. The reality in my +30 years as an instructor I've never had a student need their training. I'm very familiar with what it takes to build skill in my program, where students can only train 2 days a week with me. You...
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    The Why of Bunkai: A Guide for Beginners by Charles Goodin

    Makalakumu asks " How much did modern karate bleed into Isshinryu" I would suggest little and a lot. Shimabuku Tatsuo was primarily a student of Kyan, and the core of Isshinryu is Kyan's karate, including focusing on the vertical strike which Kyan felt was superior. He also included studies...
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    about Funakochi

    Karate is really just karate, it's not self defense, sport or health practices, which might be an aspect of the whole. Funakoshi Ginchin was a major contributor of the export of Karate in the first export wave. Following his background in education and his instructor Itosu's lead that karate...
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    need a video

    Furthermore in Shotokan Chinto Kata is called Gankaku Kata. In the original Itosu lineage Chinto had it's name changed by Funakoshi Ginchin to a more recognizable one for the Japanese. Gankanku meaning 'Crane on a Rock'. Here is one YouTube example