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  1. modarnis

    The Passing of Bob Quinn

    Terrible news to start the week. I met Bob more than 35 years ago. I was about 8. We were both begining our training under Lee Lowery. After a long stretch of time, Bob and I reconnected by chance. I travelled over to train with Professor Presas in Georgia and I find Bob as one of the...
  2. modarnis

    Looking Ahead to 2010

    I certainly don't post here as often as I should. I also don't travel around to train much anymore either. Despite those facts, Modern Arnis is an integral part of my life. I had the good fortune of dining at my friend's diner today. Aside from being a great chef, he is an acccomplished...
  3. modarnis

    Merry Christmas 2009!

    Merry Christmas
  4. modarnis

    8 Year Anniversary

    Tomorrow is the 8th anniversary of Professor Presas' death. For those of us who were close to him, this journey in Modern Arnis in his absence is often tumultuous. Here are a few random thoughts that help to keep things in perspective for me. (A disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions and...
  5. modarnis

    Anyo Isa De Cadena De Mano

    My understanding as well. Stick anyos came from a single form taught to the Professor by his Grandfather. Empty Hand anyos developed through his early shotokan practice and as part of the academic curriculum of arnis
  6. modarnis

    What can the police do to get respect back?

    I'm coming into this debate rather late. You hit the nail on the head though. I work as a prosecutor in a medium sized city with some outlying burbs. The reaction by citizens is the same. They are often outraged about quality of life complaints and voice their opinions until it is their...
  7. modarnis

    Modern Arnis essentials

    I think Sheldon, Frank, and Chris summed it all up nicely. Professor Presas always stressed basics to me privately, although he rarely taught absolute basics in a seminar setting. Working slowly, repetition, and more repetition were always in order. Often whe I had the chance to work...
  8. modarnis

    Movin' On

    Brian, All the best to you and yours. I guess I won't be seeing you in Michigan in June? You should touch base with Brian Z. He's been up to Toronto area several times for seminars. Sounds like a pretty nice group up there. I met a couple of the guys a few years back in Houston. Be...
  9. modarnis

    Find Registered Sex Offenders near you.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I know a bit, since prosecuting criminals is what I do for work. I deal with far more drug and gun cases, but I have dealt with enough of these to give reasonable answers to some questions. With respect to your neighbor specifically, all I can glean from...
  10. modarnis

    Find Registered Sex Offenders near you.

    You are not correct in your read of that law. There are seperate sub sections of risk of injury here in CT. under (1) non sexual, no registration, covers a wide range of possibilities. Under (2) sexual contact with a minor registration required Reference CGS 53-21...
  11. modarnis

    Tapi-Tapi Clips

    Very nice clips Dieter. Great clip of Professor with Larry Rocha
  12. modarnis

    What To Do With The Prison Population

    Big assuption that drug users are non violent. While they may not be murderers or rapists, large percentages of them fund their habits through burglary, larceny, prostitution, forgery and a variety of other things that might not be violent, but are clearly intrusive and violate average hard...
  13. modarnis

    Kel-Tec PF-9

    There customer service department is supposed to be very easy to deal with. One of my cop friends had the little 32 for off duty shorts and t-shirt pocket carry. He put tons of rounds through it, shot the slide to failure, and they replaced it no questions asked. He was very happy with them...
  14. modarnis

    What an amazing night!

    Sounds like a great time. The getting together and sharing of food and ideas is an important, yet often overlooked part of martial arts training
  15. modarnis

    Your dream rifle.

    It would have to be a Steyr Scout in .308
  16. modarnis

    Performing The Anyos

    With a significant focus on applications. Professor always had a concern that people were too hyperfocused on who did the anyos correctly instead of who could use them to solo train application. In my discussions with him he indicated that there were 4 additional empty hand anyos which he...
  17. modarnis

    Online Flaming to be outlawed?

    Despite beliefs to the contrary, free speech here in the USA is not limitless. Here is a link to some First Amendment Law basics: Most new speech laws, like most new gun laws are "feel good" legislation that are unenforceable...
  18. modarnis

    Discussion concerning Presas Family Styles

    It is always great to see written history of Modern Arnis.
  19. modarnis

    The criminal justice system.

  20. modarnis

    Shotgun Sights

    Nice article. While I agree that stattionary targets are very different than wingshooting, the mechanics of a shotgun are decidedly different than rifle or pistol. With a shotgun, regardless of the target, consistent gun mount is critically important, otherise it is like movine the rear sight...
  21. modarnis

    The criminal justice system.

    Not the way it works in this part of the US. Here in Connecticut, Juvenile system is 98-99% rehab for a variety of valid reasons. The adult system, in this state and many others has a wide range of rehabilitative options. Here in Connecticut, I would put it at 60% rehab 40% punitive for...
  22. modarnis

    Abanico Corto Techniques

    I think Mark and Rich are correct. Off a slice block, the technique is initiated by your arm blade passing the opponents arm/weapon accross their center and your stick firing an abanico to the temple. The follow up techniques are the mirror image as those from palis palis on the same strike...
  23. modarnis

    Shotgun Sights

    I still like a simple bead myself. I have tried ghost rings and red dot scopes on my turkey hunting setup before. I still fing a good gun fit and a simple bead, both eyes open gives me the best results on flying or stationary targets. I am a fan of a mid rib bead, because it allows you to...
  24. modarnis

    Cheap Sticks This is a Sticky in the FMA area. It has some of the suppliers of raw rattan listed. Making sticks is labor intensive and not particulary profitable. Most of us who craft them from raw rattan do it for personal use to control size and...
  25. modarnis

    Shooting Glasses Preference?

    I wear the Randolph Engineering Sporter glasses (looks like a Ranger XL, but built for prescription lens wearers) with prescription clears and clip on sun/color lenses. I use a light orange lens for skeet, yellow or clear for bird hunting depending on the sun, and just the clears for pistol...
  26. modarnis

    What is the difference between Modern Arnis and Tapi Tapi?

    This has been discussed here before years ago. Dan and Deiter sum it up pretty well. I personally view it more like Dieter, a series of drills that were individually called something else many years ago when I first saw them. Put together into the Modern "Tapi-Tapi", they serve as a learning...
  27. modarnis

    wing chun and hock's cqc

    If self defense is a primary goal, Hocks CQC material is excellent. I try to train with Hock when he is in my area. I have known him about 10 years now. Hock is a street smart cop who blended lots of martial arts experience with his street saavy. His system is well organized. His empty...
  28. modarnis

    Dogs as Fashion Accessories

    The flip side is, dogs are pack animals and need social interation to be happy and well adjusted. These spoiled little lap dogs do get a great deal of attention and socialization. They obviously need exercise too. My two go with me everywhere I can take them, but they don't fit in bags or like...
  29. modarnis

    PG Espera Video Clips

    Agreed. I miss living in New Orleans where we could play outside in public and not get bothered.
  30. modarnis

    Is OJ Simpson bragging now?

    Too many people will buy it for the curiosity factor though