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  1. Steel Tiger

    The Blood Brothers

    Sorry about not getting back before now. The Blood Brothers was made by Shaw Brothers Studio in 1973. It was released in the US as Dynasty of Blood. Hope that helps.
  2. Steel Tiger

    is this a historic chinese weapon?

    It is most definitely an historic Chinese weapon, but it is not a sophisticated one. It is a weapon of cheap and nasty manufacture (nothing wrong with that, so were the sten and PPsH 41 smgs) and is generally associated with levy or militia troops. The dadao came to greater prominence during...
  3. Steel Tiger

    Falling Crime Rates in Australia

    I saw an interesting piece on television the other day. A study has just been completed that demonstrates a general down turn in crime over the last ten years in Australia. On average it is about 15%, but in some categories it is as high as 28%. However, the same report found that violent...
  4. Steel Tiger

    The Blood Brothers

    During the last rest day of the Tour de France I was treated to a late night (early morning) Shaw brothers film - The Blood Brothers. This film is special for a number of reasons. First is the fact that most of the scenes are on top of hills so that anyone injured or killed can roll and...
  5. Steel Tiger

    Report: 'Batman' accused of assaulting mom, sister

    Heard something about this this morning. Apparently Bale was not arrested but surrendered to police. The incident does not appear, at the moment, to involve any physical violence and may be a case of verbal assault (a punishable offence in the UK and down here in Oz). The intereting thing...
  6. Steel Tiger

    question about forms

    Now my experience is mainly in Chinese martial arts where the forms tend to be quite long, so it is always a bit of a shock to me when I hear of styles with 50 or more forms, and those with numbers approaching 100 I find incredible. Of course it is very likely that the forms involved are much...
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    Jack the Ripper

    This is a very interesting case. There are so many strange things about it (and I'm not talking about the conspiracy stuff about Prince Albert). There are only five murders that are officially attributed to the ripper, but there are another nine or ten that are similar and contemporary...
  8. Steel Tiger

    The Relevance of the British Monarchy

    It must be remembered that the Monarchy is not just the royal house of Britain. All those Commonwealth countries with a Governor General also have Queen Elizabeth as their sovereign. Guess who their armed forces swear oaths too. The Monarchy and its representatives hold an important place...
  9. Steel Tiger

    Commonwealth quetion - what are the powers of the Governor General?

    Australia's situation in this regard is pretty strange. We have, in fact, a Governor for each state and a Governor General. All are supposedly appointed by the Queen but in reality they are suggested by the Federal or State governments and the Queen rubber stamps them. The Governor General...
  10. Steel Tiger

    The Crystal skulls

    At the time when the crystal skulls were being "discovered" authentication usually took the form of asking an expert their opinion. What do you do if the expert is the one presenting the object? You have to accept it as real because they have a reputation and you don't. Its all very annoying...
  11. Steel Tiger

    Signaller Sean McCarthy

    SAS Signaller Sean McCarthy was killed by an IED in Afghanistan yesterday. He is the sixth Australian soldier killed in that country.
  12. Steel Tiger

    The Myths and Truths of Female Martialists

    Good old sexual dimorphism, often the only appeal sexist bullies make to science. But take a close look at sexually dimorphic species. You tend to find fighting is not a cross gender activity - males fight males and females fight females. Its not that the females are not evolved to fight, but...
  13. Steel Tiger

    Instant replay

    Well, Terry, I'll give you my opinion (for what its worth), but I would also like to know how you feel about this sort of thing. In those sports where instant replay is used for adjuducation its not instant. It takes from ten seconds to a couple of minutes to come up with a decision. Is...
  14. Steel Tiger

    Hard decision

    Exactly!! You know I have been expecting something like this for a while given some of the conversations we have had. I honestly think that some of the seeming misgivings you have had regarding taiji of late have stemmed from your desire to do more with xingyi. And now you have a chance...
  15. Steel Tiger

    Movie based opinions

    I have to say I have not based an opinion of anyone on movies, but I have often wondered if the people making movies really give any thought to what sort of image they are presenting. I think that the most notable genre for this is the WWII genre. During the war films were made that were...
  16. Steel Tiger

    How Chinese is sanshou/sanda?

    As Xue pointed out the essential elements of sanda are very much those of all gongfu. This type of MA has been around in China for a very long time, possibly as long as 1500 years. Nowadays it may look like boxing or kickboxing, but that is only because that is a very efficient way to...
  17. Steel Tiger

    Fossilised Feces and American Archaeology

    The general speculation is that there have been three possible waves of migration into North America. The first is old and these new discoveries may relate to that migration. The second is the Paleoindian migration. This is the one that has some links to the Clovis culture, but does not...
  18. Steel Tiger

    Fossilised Feces and American Archaeology

    Yeah, the numbers coming out of South America are really old, maybe 20000 bp+. The problem is that there have been no comparable dates from the north. Of course, now most archaeologists accept that some form of migration from the Pacific occured in South America. The big thing about tis...
  19. Steel Tiger

    Strange Goings On At Stonehenge

    An interesting new piece of information. ARCHAEOLOGY: Early Stonehenge Pilgrims Came From Afar, With Cattle in Tow Michael Balter Isotopic studies of teeth from six cattle found at a nearby earthen henge, coming on the heels of new dates for human remains at Stonehenge, are fueling...
  20. Steel Tiger

    Fossilised Feces and American Archaeology

    From Science: ARCHAEOLOGY: DNA From Fossil Feces Breaks Clovis Barrier Michael Balter An international team reports online in Science this week what some experts consider the strongest evidence yet for an earlier peopling of the Americas: 14,000-year-old ancient DNA from fossilized human...
  21. Steel Tiger

    What did original Shaolin kung fu look like?

    My first teacher, a man named Wal Missingham, went to Shaolin in the early 1980s. While there he met three very old monks, the last men to have learned proper Chan buddhism at the temple (they had been forbidden to teach anyone else). They had also learned martial arts. Wal made a video of...
  22. Steel Tiger

    "Hulk" review

    I think that Norton looks more like what we all expect Banner to look like too. This is a great film in which Marvel acknowlegdes that their universe has more than one superhero and one supervillian. We comic fans have been having to put up with that nonsense for much too long. Bring on the...
  23. Steel Tiger

    UFO's Are Back!

    Bizarrely enough the quote actually originates in the movie The Thing From Another World. Quite appropriate given the subject matter at hand. You know, given that the Earth is in the outer end of one of our galaxy's spiral arms, it might be viewed as wilderness or frontier by others. A...
  24. Steel Tiger

    UFO's Are Back!

    It would be interesting to know if abductions were a modern phenomena or if there were related incidents from pre-industrial times. It is also very interesting to see how differently reports are treated when the source (primary or secondary) is of an official nature.
  25. Steel Tiger

    UFO's Are Back!

    You know that there is a very strong correlation between the observation of angels in days of yore and UFO sightings these days. Interesting isn't it? UFOs have leaped back into public consciousness in Australia too. All this week there have been news pieces on UFOs and one of those...
  26. Steel Tiger

    Is kata and bunkai a waste of time?

    I would like to ask - what do you consider the differentiating features of the two?
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    Hello and welcome to MT.
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    Hello and Osu!

    Hello and welcome to MT.
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    Greetings from Hopeful Tomorrow!

    Hi Lee and welcome to MT. Good luck with your charity.
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    Is kata and bunkai a waste of time?

    As Ex and JK have pointed out we all need balance in our training. Extremism is the death of good skills. Take a look at modern Wushu. These people are often considered masters of forms, but application has fallen completely by the wayside. What about sport martial arts? No kata/forms here...