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    Muay Thai tattoo [Sak Yant ink]

    Thai Dragon tattoo Thai tattoo symbols and meanings
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    Flinching Problems

    A simple conditioning against flinching: when taking a shower face your showerhead with your eyes wide open and let the water drops hit your eyes without closing them. This way you will desensitize your eyes to rapid movements in front of them.
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    A list of Dutch Kickboxing combinations

    I don't question the influence of Kyokushin K. on Dutch-style and I understand that Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam was founded by Japanese. However, a legendary Rob Kaman, who is an icon of Dutch kickboxing and later on trained in Mejiro's was a multiple Kickboxing and Muay Thai champion, not a...
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    A list of Dutch Kickboxing combinations

    It saves a lot of time to include URL instead of writing it down every single time. I wrote it once why would I repeat myself all over again? :-] Dutch Kickboxing is a distinctive style heavily influenced by Muay Thai nevertheless. And in my opinion, it has much more in common with Thai...
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    A list of Dutch Kickboxing combinations

    Not exactly. American kickboxing is based on Karate. Dutch style traces it's origins to Muay Thai Muay Thai vs kickboxing: which style is more effective in a fight?
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    A list of Dutch Kickboxing combinations

    Nope, I'm not from Netherlands. Dutch Style kickboxing is popular everywhere in Europe.
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    A list of Dutch Kickboxing combinations

    Hello So I've made this list of Dutch combos that I hope you'll enjoy: A list of Dutch kickboxing combinations
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    13 Coins Gym Bangkok Review

    I wrote a review of the best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok in 2018. Take a look if you're planning to visit Bangkok and looking for a local gym. 7 best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok
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    Which gym to choose in Bangkok?

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    Muay Thai tattoo [Sak Yant ink]

    Yes, I am training in Thailand right now. It's easier to get one on your back but it's possible to get smaller Eight Directions tattoo on your arm with the same level of details
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    Muay Thai tattoo [Sak Yant ink]

    So I've got my first Thai Sak Yant tattoo "Eight Directions" on my left arm and I've decided to write a post about yantra tattooing. Sak Yant is more than just a tattoo. It has over 2000 yo traditions and it is deeply rooted in the Buddhist religion. All Sak Yant patterns are also aesthetically...
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    Practice Muay Thai on my own.

    "Would this be enough to have a steady increase in skill, power and speed? My goal is to be able to hold my own and win a couple interclub fights but thats it. Ill probably end up getting a heavy bag and speed bag so I can put more work in at home but funds are a little tight. Thanks in...
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    Muay Thai combinations

    A thread to share your favorite and most effective Muay Thai combos I'll start with my favorite 4-count combos: (Left) kick to the body + cross + jab + (right) kick to the body Jab + cross + (Left) hook + (right) leg kick Cross + (left) elbow + (right) short hook + (right) elbow Muay Thai...
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    Muay Thai combinations

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    Muay Thai combinations

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    "Train hard, fight easy" http://www.effectivemuaythai.coml

    "Train hard, fight easy" http://www.effectivemuaythai.coml
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    Muay Thai website???

    Effective Muay Thai fighting and sparring techniques
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    Kickboxing combinations (list)

    I've noticed that there is a lack of sites with Kickboxing combinations on the internet. And Kickboxing is like a younger brother to Muay Thai so I had to do something about it. I wrote this post with a brief list of simple and more advanced Kickboxing combinations. I'm thinking about writing...
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    Another Muay Thai legend has retired

    should be: "has stopped him from fighting" :joyful: Sorry, my brain was on holiday when I wrote this
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    Another Muay Thai legend has retired

    You've probably heard already that Yod Fairtex has retired from pro fighting at the age of 31. I really liked his style and I was surprised that he has retired so soon. He is like 4 years younger than Buakaw but he had a painful knee injury that enabled him to fight at a pro level. No matter...
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    Effectiveness of Multiple Kicks

    It works as long as you maintain a high level of fitness Muay Thai combos
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    Videos with great knockouts

    Share a video or a list of videos with the most spectacular knockouts (any martial art) I'll start with my favorite martial art: Muay Thai KO's
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    Training in Thailand

    Why not? :-)
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    Training in Thailand

    Have you ever considered training in Thailand? Or maybe you are planning a to visit Bangkok? I wrote a post with some tips and advice about living and training in Bangkok: Muay Thai in Thailand
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    Have you got any books on Martial Arts/Calisthenics that you would reccomend?

    Sure. I like "Solitary Fitness" and "Tools of Titans". I wrote about them in this post
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    The more, the better? - Non Weight Excercise

    Bodyweight workouts are great when you've got no access to a gym and you want to stay fit. I often do them when I travel and I've got no training equipment with me
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    Krav Maga training effectiveness

    Yes, the problem with krav maga is that you can't really train some of the most extreme techniques with a sparring partner which makes the whole training not very effective.
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    punching bag

    Standing bags are usually more expensive than hanging bags. They have also a bit different purpose than hanging bags How to buy a proper punching bag
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    How would you fight your younger/ more inexperienced self

    Well, I would dominate my 10 or even 5 years younger self with my superior strength and confidence :-D
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    Is Karate a martial art? (please read full post)

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Obviously, I am bit biased as a Muay Thai practitioner. I will take into account your opinion next time when I edit this webpage.